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Les cours Stratégie d'affaires vous enseignent à modéliser la croissance et à prendre des décisions commerciales pertinentes pour atteindre des objectifs commerciaux à long terme. Ces cours s'adressent aux analystes commerciaux, aux professionnels du développement des affaires ou à toute personne intéressée par l'innovation commerciale.


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  • You've got a profitable idea for your business mission, a vision for how it will change the world, and a great, motivated team ready to go to work on making it a reality. It's a good start, but you still need a business strategy - the set of guiding principles for decision-making throughout your company. Think of it as the 'how' that puts the 'who' (your team) to work to effectively achieve the 'what' (your mission) for the 'why' (your vision). An effective strategy should align action across all of these elements. It gives your team a roadmap to make decisions and allocate resources in ways that will achieve your goals. Thus, you need to take each of these areas into consideration when developing your business strategy, including your organizational structure and personnel, your key objectives, and the values reflected in your company mission.