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Sous-titres : Anglais, Arabe

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Introduction / What is the Pie?

I've promised that this course will help you be a better, smarter, more strategic negotiator. To do that, we begin by laying a foundation for negotiation, a theory of the “pie.” Over the years, I’ve discovered even the most experienced negotiators tend to lack a framework that grounds their approach to negotiation. While some folks try to bully their way to a larger share, most people make arguments that sound fair to them. But what sounds fair to them often doesn’t sound fair to the other side. Their criteria for what's fair may be biased in their favor. The theory of the pie is useful because it doesn’t depend on which side you are taking. It provides principles that will change the way you approach negotiations—in this course and in life. It will allow you to make arguments that persuade others. That’s why I am teaching you about it first.

7 vidéos (Total 58 min), 9 lectures, 2 quiz
7 vidéos
What is the Pie?5 min
Airline Cost Sharing10 min
Limo Ride5 min
The Principle of the Divided Cloth (a historical context for how to divide the pie)4 min
Sea Corp11 min
The Shapley Value (solving the runway problem)15 min
9 lectures
Course Outline10 min
Requirements and Grading10 min
FAQ10 min
Recommended Books10 min
Pre-Course Survey10 min
Takeaway10 min
Looking Ahead10 min
Caution: Math Ahead10 min
Nucleolus (advanced and very much optional)10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Baltimore2 min
Detour2 min
3 heures pour terminer

Negotiation Caselets

You've got the theory. Now let's use it. I'll show how the pie framework applies to some mini cases, or caselets. The Merger Case considers how the synergy gains from a merger will be shared by the two parties. While this is still a stylized case, you'll see how it directly applies to some very real merger negotiations. "Start By Asking" shares a salary negotiation done by one of my students and provides a chance to introduce the idea of one's reservation value, or BATNA. You'll also learn why it's best to never say no. We end the week with our first interactive exercise—the Ultimatum Game. Here you have an opportunity to negotiate with your fellow classmates and with me. You also have the first mastery quiz for the course. I've tried to make it as much a learning opportunity as it is a test of your ability to apply the concepts presented.

7 vidéos (Total 52 min), 7 lectures, 2 quiz
7 vidéos
Things Go Better with Coke6 min
Rio Tinto–BHP2 min
BATNA7 min
Start by Asking9 min
Never Say No4 min
Ultimatum Game16 min
7 lectures
Planet–Gazette Case10 min
ZOPA10 min
More Examples of Never Say No10 min
Back and Forth Bargaining10 min
FAQ10 min
Preview of Mastery Quiz10 min
Congrats10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Adding a Second Buyer2 min
Mastery Quiz 1 – 228 min
5 heures pour terminer

Zincit Case

The Zincit case provides an opportunity to discuss a wide-ranging set of topics including how to prepare for a negotiation, making ultimatums, alternating removals, avoiding regret, expanding the pie, and dealing with someone who has a very different perspective on the world.

21 vidéos (Total 68 min), 7 lectures, 3 quiz
21 vidéos
Lights, Camera, Action1 min
Zincit Numbers5 min
Pareto Optimality7 min
Using Fairness to Choose Among Existing Options2 min
I Need to Make Copies1 min
About the Videos1 min
Beating by $1 / Failed Ultimatum3 min
Going Around in Circles5 min
Alternating Removals2 min
What Have You Given Me?1 min
Ultimatum5 min
Don't Fight Fire with Fire4 min
Creating New Options1 min
Beets versus Broccoli3 min
50/50 Then More Pie3 min
A Really Big Pie8 min
Post-Settlements / A Deal Better than C?4 min
Slow Down and Understand the Logic45s
Need to Make Both Happier45s
Lawyer Fee2 min
7 lectures
Zincit Case10 min
Negotiation Logistics (or how do I find a partner anyway?)10 min
How to Record Your Negotiation10 min
Report Your Results10 min
Unpacking Zincit10 min
Zincit FAQ10 min
Preview of Mastery Quiz10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Zincit Code2 min
Mastery Quiz 322 min
5 heures pour terminer

Outpsider Case

Our second case study is more difficult. Here each party has some hidden information to which the other is not privy. Much like real life, neither party has enough information to figure out a solution on his or her own. Sharing and revealing information thus becomes a critical part of the negotiation. What should each party share? What should they keep to themselves? This case provides an opportunity to discuss critical questions around revealing information, along with some negotiation tactics: who should make the first offer, what the first offer should look like, and how you should respond to threats.

31 vidéos (Total 78 min), 10 lectures, 3 quiz
31 vidéos
Step Zero: What Is Important to You?52s
Cade's BATNA2 min
Just Say No (Simpsons)57s
Anchoring8 min
Good Cop, Bad Cop2 min
Great Place to Start2 min
Too Low14s
Where Do I Sign?1 min
Out of Your Tree2 min
Losing Control7 min
Load of BS28s
Lying Eyes17s
Don't Lie2 min
Herb Cohen on the Pay Stub3 min
We Will Crush You4 min
Giving an Inch2 min
Herb Cohen on The Nibble4 min
Awkward Silence41s
Put out the Fire1 min
The Boat Trip Case1 min
What Goes Wrong?2 min
Mistakes Were Made4 min
What Are Your Plans?45s
White Lies?43s
Ads at Cost2 min
Expanding the Pie as a First Resort5 min
Discover What They Want2 min
Contingent Deal2 min
10 lectures
Outpsider Case: Instructions and Common Information10 min
Outpsider Case: Next Steps10 min
Outpsider Case: Confidential Information for Cade and Helen (Sellers)10 min
Report Your Results: Cade and Helen10 min
Outpsider Case: Confidential Information for Pat Bennett (Buyer)10 min
Report Your Results: Pat10 min
Commentary10 min
Lying Eyes: Commentary10 min
Outpsider FAQ10 min
Preview of Mastery Quiz10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Outpsider Code2 min
Mastery Quiz 420 min
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par MNJun 12th 2017

I have completed over 12 courses on Coursera and this one is the best presented of them all. You can learn a lot of un-intuitive things about negotiation that will serve you well in life and business.

par RCSep 8th 2015

A superb introduction to negotiation from game theory point of view, which itself is a fascinating subject and taught by Barry nelbuff, a brilliantly simple teacher. read his books and you'll know.



Barry Nalebuff

Milton Steinbach Professor
Yale School of Management

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