Apprentissage automatique

Les cours Apprentissage automatique se concentrent sur la création de systèmes pour utiliser des ensembles de données volumineux et apprendre à partir de ces ensembles. Les thèmes d'étude incluent les algorithmes prédictifs, le traitement de langage naturel et la reconnaissance de formes statistiques.

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  • Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that seeks to build computer systems that can learn from data without human intervention. These powerful techniques rely on the creation of sophisticated analytical models that are “trained” to recognize patterns within a specific dataset before being unleashed to apply these patterns to more and more data, steadily improving performance without further guidance.

    For example, machine learning is making increasingly accurate image recognition algorithms possible. Human programmers provide a relatively small set of images that are labeled as “cars” or “not cars,” for instance, and then expose the algorithms to vastly larger numbers of images to learn from. While the iterative algorithms typically used in machine learning aren’t new, the power of today’s computing systems have enabled this method of data analysis to become more effective more rapidly than ever.