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Les cours Conception et produits vous enseignent à donner vie à un produit logiciel. Les principaux domaines d'étude incluent la définition et la conception d'un produit, la gestion des produits et la conception graphique ; les sous-thèmes incluent la conception UX, la conception Web, l'interaction personne-machine et le design thinking.

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  • Courses in design and product teach you how to create software products that effectively solve user problems or otherwise provide them value. Product managers start by working with their teams to ideate a vision for a solution to meet these user needs. This requires market research, competitor analysis, and lots of brainstorming to identify one or more product ideas.

    Next, product managers work with their design teams to build proof of concepts for these ideas, with a goal of quickly creating a prototype that can be tested and subsequently improved or pivoted away from. These design teams may include a number of distinct roles such as UX (user experience) designers, UI (user interface) designers, and graphic designers, or sometimes simply product designers responsible for a range of these tasks.

    A successful product launch from a business perspective requires more than just a great app, of course. As the vision for the product is refined, product managers must also work with product marketing managers and other executives and decision-makers to build the business case, marketing and promotions strategy, and go to market strategy.

    Once the business plan for the product is mapped out and agreed to within the organization, product managers work with the design team, software developers, and software engineers to make this vision a reality. That includes managing the product backlog, the daily scrum, sprint planning, and extensive product testing and quality assurance (QA) to ensure that the product design is ready for release.