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This course will introduce students to the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, and processing effort. The course will use SQLite3 as its database. We will also build web crawlers and multi-step data gathering and visualization processes. We will use the D3.js library to do basic data visualization. This course will cover Chapters 14-15 of the book “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-13 of the textbook and the first three courses in this specialization. This course covers Python 3....
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Mar 13, 2018

The course is great... You can definitely learn many things... Was kind of hard for me and i went many times back and forth through most of the lectures... However i think i learn many new things....


Jan 14, 2018

It's an excellent course. Thanks for the oportunity to learn. Thanks to Coursera, to the University of Michigan and of course to Dr. Chuck, a very good an enthusiastic teacher! All the best for you!

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par Bryan B

Jan 16, 2016

lectures are good. hw assignments are just a tad too easy. i believe diligent students could handle slight;y more difficult assignments

par William D

May 11, 2016

Short, but jam packed with stuff you need to know in order to get working with Databases. The ending lesson was a little disappointing as we weren't tested on how to do some of the suggested projects that the teacher was talking about and instead only had to download and run a program on our computer. However, this class equips you with the knowledge to get a start in Data Science and Database engineering, as well as good practice and better understanding of how to use Python.

par Anton B

Dec 29, 2016

Maybe, it will be useful to add more theory about 3 normal forms?

Thank for awesome database introduction. I've had lack of practice with 3 normal forms, but you fixed it.

par Mandy

Apr 02, 2016

Great course, really helpful lectures on the intregration of SQL / relational databases in Python.

par Deepanshu L

May 07, 2016

good for beginners

par Danielle S

Feb 10, 2016

Very nice and very good intstructor. Clear examples. Clear presentation. However, some assignments are a bit too easy, even for beginners. Learnt a lot!

par Howard W P J

Jan 08, 2016

Generally an outstanding course, however I was a bit concerned that the video lectures, programming assignments, and quizzes didn't exactly follow the book.

par Ali H

Sep 23, 2016

Excellent introduction to databases. The tests need to be a bit challenging!

par Aife

Oct 09, 2016

good, fundamental, useful

par Amar K J

Jul 11, 2017

nice course, in particular for a beginner .

par Ida-Maria S

Feb 05, 2016

I liked this course, but I think the assignments could have been slightly more challenging.

par Hippolyte-Fayol T

Feb 01, 2016

great course!

par michael s

Nov 13, 2017

The google API changes made one of the exams unclear. This would be something worth clarifying.

par Malcolm H

Feb 05, 2017

Great course! Dr. Severance really put a lot of thought and effort into his videos and assignments.

This course took a big leap, in terms of program complexity, from the prior courses in the series. This course could have been twice as long, and dug deeper into the details.


Sep 18, 2016

Learned a lot

par Julie D

Apr 14, 2018

Learned a lot, thanks!

par Ankit G

May 01, 2017

great course

par Sarah M

Feb 06, 2016

+ I appreciated the visual nature of the course

+ I appreciated the background info on databases

+ I liked learning SQL and using the SQLite browser.

- update to python3, I'm running python3 and found it difficult to correct the issues with urllibs in the ifnal assignmet.

par Subha M G

Mar 03, 2018

Having done other courses in the specialization, I found that the lectures of Week 4 and Week 5 involved very less modification to the existing code, thereby reducing the ability to try out coding on one's own.

par Paul H

Feb 17, 2016

Great to learn how easy the SQL and Python integrate. Very straightforward examples and tests. Well explained and exactly what was needed.

par Luis D B O

Apr 29, 2016

The course is good but the Content can be improved and enriched. It shall be deeper 'cause databases are a very important t

par Lav T

Feb 12, 2016

cool course

par Jonpaul W

Mar 02, 2016

Good initial overview to the topic. Most code is actually provided to the student, preventing deeper learning via trial & error. However, it is a tradeoff of making the course accessible to a large number of students versus being too challenging and preventing newcomers from enjoying the subject. Dr. Severance is excellent -- entertaining and clearly very knowledgable. For any novice programmers looking to understand how Python interacts with databases, this is the best place to start.

par 赵越

Feb 16, 2016


par Abd E R A

Jul 14, 2016

Nice course, but it needs stronger assignments.