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This is the third course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will explore how to map out a project in the second phase of the project life cycle: the project planning phase. You will examine the key components of a project plan, how to make accurate time estimates, and how to set milestones. Next, you will learn how to build and manage a budget and how the procurement processes work. Then, you will discover tools that can help you identify and manage different types of risk and how to use a risk management plan to communicate and resolve risks. Finally, you will explore how to draft and manage a communication plan and how to organize project documentation. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on approaches for accomplishing these tasks while showing you the best project management tools and resources for the job at hand. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Describe the components of the project planning phase and their significance. - Explain why milestones are important and how to set them. - Make accurate time estimates and describe techniques for acquiring them from team members. - Identify tools and best practices to build a project plan and risk management plan. - Describe how to estimate, track, and maintain a budget. - Explain the procurement process and identify key procurement documentation. - Draft a communication plan and explain how to manage it. - Explain why milestones are important and how to set them. - Explain why a project plan is necessary and what components it contains. - Make accurate time estimates and describe techniques for acquiring them from team members....

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30 oct. 2022

I am greatful for this Course in particular. Very well structured and easy to understang . Special Thanks to the Instructor, Rowena and those who shared their experiences during this course. Thank You


18 janv. 2022

This is a perfectly prepared course. the videos and activities were simply perfect. I learnt a great deal from this.

i would recommend it to anyone wanting in-depth knowledge of Project management.

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par Asmaa A

20 juin 2021

Fantastic course and a great instructor The quizes, documentations and working sheets were on point and the Glossary terms to download at the end of the course is just what was needed to complement the course. I wish if all courses have the same.

par Swaroop S

3 juin 2021

I was able to learn a lot of new concepts related to Risk management and Project planning. Although we have all planned several projects in our lifetime, this course added an extra layer of conscience to my ability to plan all my future projects.

par David D I

13 déc. 2021

Love this course not only does it present knowledge that can be used to help further a career, but also gives you tools that you can use in your personal life to help create a concise and clear path for achieving any goal you set your sights on.

par Valentin D

5 sept. 2021

Best course I have ever taken (out of 20 or so). Filled with practical assignments and good examples. It is definitely a more time consuming course, but you will actually get your hands dirty with a lot of project management documents & skills.

par majed b

8 nov. 2021

Excellent , I like the way this course is organized and addressed to students like me. I like the type and the quantity of the information it also addressed to me.

I love everyone patriciate in preparing this type of course, I love you Google

par Nampetch C

9 juin 2021

This course is useful and gave me understanding the important of project plans which is not only a schedule or timline. lot of valueable details and techniques make me better understand how to do project planning the right way. Recommended.

par Francis N S

19 nov. 2022

The Google Course for Project Planning is fantastic. Very expert professionals who teaches you and demonstrate how to manage projects in the real world. Absolutely essencial for beginning professionals and even for senior PMs. Recommend.

par Dineo P

3 juin 2022

This one tested me... challenged me. But the way this course has been put together, all you need is a persevering spirit to keep at it. We really have all we need to grow in this field from this.

Thank you, Coursera and Google Teams!!

par Elochukwu l Q

25 janv. 2023

Risk is actually important in any project,even in business. Knowing how to identify risk is during the project phase is actually an eye opener. This course actually breaks down almost all we need to know to accomplish a good project.

par Matthew F

10 mai 2022

I am actually really happy with the way this course was laid out and I felt there was a lot of value in taking the time to do the optional resume and social media profile building in order to maximize the value of what I am learning.

par Katherina

5 avr. 2021

The course instructor (Sr. Program Manager), Rowena, is phenomenal. Google is on its way to revolutionizing what education should look like. The Coursera platform is beautiful and well-designed. Thank you so much for this experience.

par Houssam Z

29 oct. 2022

Such a great value in this course, risk management and communication plan might not sound attrative, but it is the real deal. without it, it could take up to a month for your team to under who to call, when and how often. Loved it!

par Yusrin

9 mars 2022

Great course! I enjoy the self-paced study and the assignment really paid off. It gives you a whole new perspcective on project planning. At the end of the course, we summarize all assignment so it helps when I want to learn again.

par Jiljo J

10 juil. 2021

Rowena explained the concepts very well and I could understand more about the planning phase of the project. With the Practical assignments it was a really nice experience to put it all together and achieve my goal of learning more.

par Yeni H D

7 oct. 2022

I really Enjoy and Love this class. Thank you for taking me to the next level to learn about Project Managemenet in Project Planning : Putting It All Together, Ive learned a lot. and These are very useful for me to my new career .

par Brian I A O

29 sept. 2022

This is an excellent course. The content through the facilitators has been well thought through and I would recommend it to early PMs and well as advanced PMs who may want to refresh their basic understanding of project management.

par Joanne S

25 sept. 2022

I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the Project Management role, but I was so wrong. I have learned so much with these first 3 courses.

All the instructors were equally engaging and the course material was plentiful.

Thank you

par Beth T

25 oct. 2022

I thought the excercises were fantastic - I really enjoyed how they built on each other and then were linked together in a sample project plan at the end. This course has been skillfully and thoughtfully put together. Thank you!

par Mohamad S

4 oct. 2022

I really learned a lot, I can’t believe such major and important topics that I was never thought that I will tackle one day, but it was presented in a very educative way and leading point to another.

thanks Google and Coursera

par Luke T

22 juin 2022

Eexcellent! This was by far the best course in the series so far. Very detail oriented, relevant, and on point. I came out feeling like I learned a lot and am much more equipped to pursue project management. Highly recommend. 

par Shreyansh J

14 avr. 2021

Hat's off, just amazing! It provides you with all the necessary tools to handle any project be it related to your family, life or business successfully. Thanks a million to all the team members who brought this course to life!

par Lopez M Y

23 mai 2022

This course started off really easy and then it kept on getting more complicated and more complex, but I really learned a lot, and enjoyed it. I hope to continue to learn as much as I can with the rest of the courses.

par Saul R

27 janv. 2023

I have a better idea in documents and tool to use during a project and get the entire team in the same level of work by a good plan of communication, also is very important to keep your resume according to your position.

par Christiane A S

31 juil. 2022

This course is extremely interesting! It provided me with a lot of tools & information and this in addition to valuable tips for applying for a new job. Moreover, the instructor is very professional. Thank you so much!

par Daniel M d S

29 janv. 2022

Very good course, well explained by the trainers and in fluent language that anyone, regardless of nationality, can understand. Good tools to work with. It really helps the real examples in each course. thank you so much