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Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design is the first of a series of seven courses that will equip you with the skills needed to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience design. UX designers focus on the interactions that people have with products like websites, mobile apps, and physical objects. UX designers make those everyday interactions usable, enjoyable, and accessible. The role of an entry-level UX designer might include empathizing with users, defining their pain points, coming up with ideas for design solutions, creating wireframes, prototypes, and mockups, and testing designs to get feedback. Current UX designers and researchers at Google will serve as your instructors, and you will complete hands-on activities that simulate real-world UX design scenarios. Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define the field of UX and explain why it’s important for consumers and businesses. - Understand foundational concepts in UX design, such as user-centered design, the design process, accessibility, and equity-focused design. - Identify the factors that contribute to great user experience design. - Review common job responsibilities of entry-level UX designers and teams that they work with. - Explore job opportunities and career paths within the field of user experience. - Explain why design sprints are an important and useful part of a UX designer’s work. - Describe common UX research methods. - Identify and account for biases in UX research....

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17 juil. 2022

I just want to say a big thank you to Google for this opportunity. It is really worth it and i recommend every single person out there to step on this evolution of change created by Google. Thank you.


9 avr. 2022

This course inspired me, before taking this course I have been used some UX Design communities, I have worked in Adobe XD Design. This course explains the right way and UX process. I like this mentor.

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par Alisa A

28 janv. 2022

For someone who has a graphic design background but no UX experience, this course was amazing! I actually enjoyed learning and I love the fact that I could study at my own pace!

However, Week 4 lesson was something that I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t like the fact that I was assigned to find a mentor and had to create a website. I do think that mentioning  the topic of online portfolio, mentor, website, and networking is important to know—just don’t turn it into an assignment.

par Michael D

17 juil. 2022

I just want to say a big thank you to Google for this opportunity. It is really worth it and i recommend every single person out there to step on this evolution of change created by Google. Thank you.

par Wassim H

22 mars 2021

One word, Amazing! I am doing a career shift, so I started this course with many fears and doubts in mind, but after just one course, I went from doubtful to excited. Thanks Google.

par Md M U

4 mai 2021

Very goal-oriented course for the newcomer. This is the right track who are thinking to set up his/her career in UX Design sector. Highly appreciate to others. Just enjoy it.

par Samuel O

21 mars 2021

As an aspiring US Designer, this foundation course has impacted on me all I need to know starting up as a UX designer. All thanks to Google for this amazing project.

par Ganesh

20 mars 2021

Really It is made simple for anyone who is kicking off into the Ux Design, Thank You very much, Michael Deandrick for this amazing course.

par Mi P

26 avr. 2021

This is awesome! As an entry-level, I've got fundamental knowledge about this field, which is super important to my future career!

par Ibrahim G

12 mars 2021

This was really insightful and I'd definitely recommend to anyone starting out in design.

par Mohammed S

18 mai 2021

Excellent Course, Now I know a lot of things about UX Design.

par Judit O

27 juin 2022

The course is very interesting and well built-up and the optional links (to videos, blogs, articles etc) offer deeper insights on the subjects which is really helpful when someone wants to learn more than what's included in the course material

My 4 star rate doesn't relate to the content because that's brilliant, it's more relevant to the fact that sometimes I found hard to navigate in the menu, especially in the beginning of the course. I would also appreciate getting a note whenever someone comments on my post so that I can read their comment and reply - but maybe this feature already exists I just couldn't find it.

par Anastasiya V

5 mars 2022

Easy to understand and absorb the information, but some of the activities (practices quizes) are long and tiresome. The same is true for many of the readings--they restate too much information that's already been said in previous videos, and the font and print of them is not pleasant or easy to look at and concentrate on. This is a really well-put together course, overall!

par Luis P

28 mars 2021

The materials were really interesting, clear and helpful. I mostly enjoyed the part about design sprints, here i learned some new things that i am sure i will use in the future. I was a little disappointed to have so much lessons about building a portfolio and social presence. I think this is important, but it isn't something i wanted from a UX Design course

par Darren C

24 mars 2021

First half of the course is quite good but it get boring as soon as it gets into the building personal portfolio section. Suggest to shorten that part a bit or move to later of the certificate when I have something to put in the portfolio.

par Malek E

5 juil. 2021

Very informative and easy to understand even for people with zero knowledge about design. Highly recommend.

par Kristen G

4 avr. 2021

If you have a learning disability not user friendly. They make it sound plain and simple in videos and then give you readings that are completely different then ask the questions using both to basically confuse you. I wish they had written the questions following all of my notes. They are unclear and vague at times and having more than one correct answer but not telling you how many can be very confusing at times. Using other types of questions would help too like fill in the blank and word bank types. I also do not like that no one actually checks your assignments for feedback these would be useful.

par A

30 mai 2022

At the first stage of certification from Google, you will be told very simple information with a huge amount of superfluous and repeating the same thing several times. This course is aimed at complete beginners. Yes, there is important information in the course too, but it seems that this course needs to be revised and improved. In comparison, the course from the University of Michigan looks more full-bodied and informative.

par Scott Q

15 avr. 2021

This first half was very interesting but the second half about networking and personal branding was just too generic for the course and is often found in any career training.

par Измайлов И И

20 nov. 2021

Too much information about finding a job. I don't like it, I just want to learn UX Design

par Eleonora L

7 déc. 2021

more than ux foundations, it was a course about UX designer job

par C. R

22 juil. 2021

Better information can be found on YouTube for free from more engaging individuals.

par Adham E

12 juin 2022

The Course is great for absolute Beginners!

par Lubna R

11 oct. 2021

I had finished up my ocurse and was in the process to submit my last week quiz where I lost all my work and previously completed workdone on the cousea. Now it reset to start over again which make no sense to waste time and money for the repeated material and charging fee on my account. Useless and closing the account for no gain in any sense. Don not recommend to any one.

par AK C

18 août 2021

A​ll the 4 courses I enrolled in were ok!. I didn't find it great. The instructors were just reading out from the screen. I wanted to experience real teaching. Some assignments were fun, but overall it's time to change the teaching style. 

par Joey F

13 nov. 2021

I tried to cancel my free trial, but I received some errors from the server. Well, it left me with a charge for the first month and I'm not sure how to get reimbursed as to how I do not need this course.

par Tommy V

7 nov. 2021

Didn't really learn much of HOW to actually do anything. All that was taught was what things meant like "What does it mean to be a UX Designer".