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Explore the world of spatial analysis and cartography with geographic information systems (GIS). In this class you will learn the basics of the industry’s leading software tool, ArcGIS, during four week-long modules: Week 1: Learn how GIS grew from paper maps to the globally integrated electronic software packages of today. You will install ArcGIS on your computer and learn how to use online help to answer technical questions. Week 2: Open up ArcGIS and explore data using ArcMap. Learn the foundational concepts of GIS, how to analyze data, and make your first map. Week 3: Make your own maps! Symbolize data and create an eye-catching final product. Week 4: Share your data and maps and learn to store and organize your data. Take Fundamentals of GIS as a standalone course or as part of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization. By completing the first class in the Specialization you will gain the skills needed to succeed in the full program. Students who need an ArcGIS license will receive a non-commercial, 1 year student license for participation in this course and specialization....

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Dec 28, 2018

the content is awesome. i would recommend it to those who need to have some basic knowledge of GIS. it's very easy to learn the ArcGIS because of the instructions and demos given by the instructor.


Feb 21, 2019

I learned a lot from this course. The emphasis is on learning how to use the software so you can start working quickly. I highly recommend doing all the optional assignments in the textbook.

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Nov 12, 2018

This course is very useful for the beginners in Gis

par Marcus B

Aug 08, 2016

Well constructed, excellent course. Learned a lot.

par Prasanga K

Nov 02, 2018

For a beginner like me the course helped a lot

par Shresthanjan N

Sep 26, 2017

more assignments and help materials required

par Erik S

Aug 15, 2016

Great introduction to GIS using ArcGIS

par Fernando N R

Jun 04, 2018

Good way to start learning about GIS

par Varun S

Dec 23, 2019

Nice, very good knowledge to gain!!

par Mohammad A

Aug 22, 2017

thank you for this wonderful course

par Lungu C

Sep 27, 2016

Great course for the beginners !

par Shikha C

Nov 22, 2018

Very nie course for beginners

par Veera H

Jul 10, 2018

Clear and easy to follow.

par İsmail S

May 16, 2017

Good introduction to GIS.

par Areck J

Jul 13, 2018

Exaclty what i needed

par Saikat T

Apr 16, 2017

Great course

par Ahmed E A G

Jul 08, 2017


par Ageh S F

Oct 02, 2019


par Nway O K K

Mar 13, 2019

Its good!

par Assem M A E

Nov 04, 2018

good work

par Sanchita P

Feb 20, 2017


par Nikolas A

Nov 06, 2016


par Henry M M

Mar 01, 2017


par Akram A M E

Apr 10, 2016


par James S

Aug 06, 2016

Very well presented. Unfortunately I think the order was a bit strange. We focused on data analysis instead of basics of data generation. In an introductory course I would have liked to see a bit more what different data looks like. Vectors, rasters, etc.

Some of us live and work in countries that don't have a lot of data (I'm a South African and I work in Malaysia... California, the Karroo, and Borneo have different amounts of information available). We're not learning GIS to analyse data because we don't have much data available. We're building the data...

We spent too much time on rivers/watersheds. I get that hydrology is Nick's field but some us will work with cities, or population, or roads, planning farmlands - a bit of variety would be nice.

The data should not be available off the Coursera page - we should have to get it off the internet so we get familiar with public data resources. The websites should have the broadest data - good regardless of what country you're in.

par Acato A

Sep 06, 2017

The assignments are very easy to cheat in. The peer review even makes it easier, upload something crappy, download a better one from someone else, edit the name and upload on your account. The man i reviewed actually forgot to change the author of the map, he uploaded it as downloaded.

The certificate is too plain, it doesn't talk of the skills gained through the course or the weight of the certificate according to the student's performance. It makes the whole thing seem like a joke. First anyone can cheat their way through and secondly even if you work hard and get straight 100%s you are no different from the the average student.

par Pierre V

Apr 03, 2017

Quiet good introduction with clear objectives.

Some step by step explanations could be shortened because they seem too detailed.

A brief introduction to creating your own data could be great and will cover more steps

By hte way, thanks for this good introduction