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Commencez dès maintenant et apprenez aux horaires qui vous conviennent.

Dates limites flexibles

Réinitialisez les dates limites selon votre disponibilité.

Niveau débutant

Approx. 5 heures pour terminer

Recommandé : 3 weeks of study, 1.5 hours/week...


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Welcome to Sit Less, Get Active 1

1 lecture
1 lecture
Welcome to the course!2 min
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Defining, measuring and getting started with physical activity

Welcome to the first week of the Sit Less, Get Active journey! Watch the exciting videos and learn the basics about physical activity and sedentariness; how much physical activity we should be doing; how to monitor your physical activity levels and set physical activity goals; and how to judge how credible the resources for physical activity are. Use the opportunity to engage with others by participating in discussion forums. Join the discussion on barriers and facilitators to physical activity, as we would love to learn more about what helps you or makes it difficult for you to be active daily. Also, share and discuss with us your favourite physical activity resources.Test your knowledge through practice or weekly quizzes and also practice monitoring your own physical activity and setting physical activity goals. Happy Learning! Sit Less, Get Active Team

7 vidéos (Total 28 min), 6 lectures, 7 quiz
7 vidéos
Practical ways to meet the guidelines3 min
Monitoring physical activity6 min
Physical Activity Goal Setting3 min
Case Study 1: Sabine's running goals1 min
Case Study 2: Melissa's running goals2 min
Physical Activity Resources3 min
6 lectures
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
Assignment: Practice monitoring your own physical activity10 min
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
7 exercices pour s'entraîner
Concepts and guidelines6 min
Vigorous, moderate, what do these mean?1 min
Monitoring activity1 min
Goal Setting1 min
Goal setting assignment1 min
Credible sources1 min
Week 1 Quiz15 min
2 heures pour terminer

Sit less, get active wherever you are!

We hope you enjoyed the videos and activities in Week 1. If you haven’t started your assignments, now is the great time to start with the week of monitoring your physical activity and goal setting. This week we will give you tips and suggestions on how to be more active in your neighbourhood, at work, home and school, and how to travel actively to destinations. Discuss with others about what helps you and what keeps you from being active in your neighbourhood or at work. Also, check out additional tips in the optional readings. We hope these videos, tasks and additional readings will help you to complete the practice quizzes and a weekly quiz successfully. As always, happy learning! Sit Less, Get Active Team.

5 vidéos (Total 25 min), 6 lectures, 6 quiz
5 vidéos
Video 2: What is active travel?4 min
Video 3: Sit less, get active at home5 min
Video 4: Sit less, get active at work5 min
Video 5: Sit less, get active in an educational environment3 min
6 lectures
Optional reading10 min
Assignment reminder1 min
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
Built and natural envronments1 min
What have we learnt about active travel?2 min
How can you be more active at home?1 min
Being active during work1 min
Educational environments1 min
Week 2 Quiz11 min
20 minutes pour terminer

Sit less, get active wherever you are!: Lesson Choices

Choice 1: If you measured step count, complete this assignment | Choice 2: If you used a diary, complete this assignment

2 quiz
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Step count10 min
Diary10 min
2 heures pour terminer

Making physical activity a lifelong habit for you and others

Week 3 is starting and bringing with itself new great videos and activities. If you have never heard about the pelvic floor, check out the video on physical activity in pregnancy. Guest speaker Elaine Miller, a physiotherapist and a stand-up comedian, will help you learn more about the pelvic floor and how to strengthen it. Other videos this week will tell you about what leisure centres have to offer, how dancing can help us be more active, how we can make physical activity a habit, and how we can inspire others to sit less and be more active. Remember to track your weekly steps and record them in the assignment. Also, have you set yourself some SMART goals? We encourage you to stay with us after these 3 weeks and get an additional dose of physical activity promotion. We will be sending you weekly physical activity promotional messages and monthly short inspirational videos for 6 months to help you stay active. You can also follow us on Twitter @GetActiveMOOC - Happy Learning! Sit Less, Get Active Team

10 vidéos (Total 29 min), 30 lectures, 6 quiz
10 vidéos
Sit less, get active during pregnancy8 min
Dance for health2 min
Make physical activity a habit3 min
Support others to sit less and get more active!1 min
Jamie Andrew, Scottish Mountaineer: "Set yourself goals."1 min
Frances Bain, Paths for All: “Walk for health”1 min
Michael Tornow, NHS: “Any level of activity is better than none”1 min
Ashleigh Corry, NHS Lothian: “Sit less and be more active at work”2 min
Amanda Jones, NHS Lothian: a bit on the use of exercise balls at work1 min
30 lectures
Optional reading10 min
Assignment reminder10 min
Optional reading10 min
Optional reading10 min
Physical activity makes people happier :-)1 min
Encourage others to be active1 min
Regular activity can reduce your risk of chronic diseases1 min
Go on a walk with friends, colleagues or family1 min
Set a physical activity goal and get going1 min
Every move is a good move1 min
Physical activity is a great opportunity for socialising1 min
It is never too late to start exercising1 min
Play sports you enjoy1 min
Go for a walk and sharpen your mind1 min
Active people can live longer1 min
Exercise is the best medicine1 min
Dance for health1 min
Try walking or standing meetings1 min
Go outside and enjoy your favourite outdoor activity1 min
Be active during pregnancy1 min
Be active at leisure centres1 min
Make physical activity a habit1 min
Watching TV? Be active during commercial breaks1 min
Be active at home1 min
Walk, cycle, skate or scoot to destinations1 min
Take the stairs for better health1 min
Physical activity can improve your academic performance1 min
Share physical activity resources or be someone's activity buddy1 min
Try a new activity to stay motivated1 min
Choose activity that suit your lifestyle1 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
Physical Activity in a Leisure Centre1 min
Physical activity in pregnancy1 min
Dancing and health1 min
Forming a habit1 min
Sit Less, Get Active for all!1 min
Week 3 Quiz15 min
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Principaux examens pour Sit Less, Get Active

par MMJul 25th 2016

This is a very useful and short course that covers all you need to get active, and is well seupported by a well chosen set of optional readings for anyone wanting to learn more. Highly recommended.

par DBDec 27th 2016

A must go through course.. minimal video time and max life changing learning.. awareness from this course will make your life much better in long (read 66 days) run.\n\nAll the best :)



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Centre for Population Health Sciences

Graham Baker

Chancellor's Fellow
Physical Activity for Health Research Centre

Andrew Murray

Sports Medicine Physician
Sport and Exercise, University of Edinburgh

Chris Oliver

Physical Activity for Health Research Centre

Helen Ryall

Healthy University Project Co-ordinator
Sport & Exercise, University of Edinburgh

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