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Spreadsheet tools like Excel are an essential tool for working with data - whether for data analytics, business, marketing, or research. This course is designed to give you a basic working knowledge of Excel and how to use it for analyzing data. This course is suitable for those who are interested in pursuing a career in data analysis or data science, as well as anyone looking to use Excel for data analysis in their own domain. No prior experience with spreadsheets or coding is required - all you need is a device with a modern web browser and the ability to create a Microsoft account to access Excel online at no cost. If you have a desktop version of Excel, you can also easily follow along with the course. Throughout this course, you'll gain valuable experience working with data sets and spreadsheets. We'll start by introducing you to spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, and show you how to load data from multiple formats. From there, you'll learn how to perform basic data wrangling and cleansing tasks using functions, and expand your knowledge of data analysis through the use of filtering, sorting, and pivot tables. There is a strong focus on practice and applied learning in this course. With each lab, you'll have the opportunity to manipulate data and gain hands-on experience using Excel. You'll learn how to clean and format your data efficiently, and convert it into a pivot table to make it more organized and readable. The final project will allow you to showcase your newly acquired data analysis skills by working with real data sets and spreadsheets. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid foundation in using Excel for data analysis. You'll have worked with multiple data sets and spreadsheets, and will have the skills and knowledge needed to effectively clean and analyze data without having to learn any code. So let's get started!...

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8 janv. 2022

it's amazing how the course was designed for beginner,. Modules were easy to follow and Labs were also very clear. I am very happy with the accomplishment but his is only the beginning of a new time.


24 mai 2022

Wow, the practical (Hands on ) part is a boom! How did the course disigner/ instructor and the rest of the team involved manage to do that?

Also the review well done and easy to follow!

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par siphamandla t

30 mai 2021

This course provides the best platform for an entry level candidate, who aspires to learn data cleaning tools, spreadsheet basics and the fundamental processes of data cleaning methods plus, an outlined theory of utilizing functions and formulas.

This course is a perfect elaborated, breakdown that defines all the tech_named Jargon and defines it in simple day to day language for anyone, even without technical background to relate to and understand

par Yusuf Z

29 nov. 2021

This course was really intuitive and needed less effort to get comfortable at. I love IBM courses because of their organized structure, brevity and problem centric nature of the labs and final assignment. I was a very great experience overall and that applies to all their courses I have taken so far.

I think the peer review sections after marking by the first reviewer should be cross-checked by at least one more reviewer.

par Shilpa K

5 juil. 2021

Dear IBM Instructors and Team,

I am thankful of IBM for this concise and focused course to understand basic as well as advance functions for Data Analyst. I am thankful to all instructors as I am feeling confident to apply knowledge I gained to ease my journey as a Data Analyst. It was very easy to understand.

I am very happy and will look forward to learn more from you.


par Roshani M J

5 déc. 2022

IBM Excel Basics for Data Analysis Course helped me a lot. It has quick short to the point videos which are easy to understand and brings your complete attention.

It has reviews section where industry experts share their reviews on a Data Analysis & how they use this tool in everyday life.

This Course is a must do.

Thanks IBM for bringing such content.

par Gabriel R Q

29 mai 2022

Its a pretty good curse for begginers, it teach you the basics, in my case i worked in an investment fund and before i used to clean the data completely manually , now i can use some new fuctions and use many diferent excel options that i did'nt know, basically what it used to take me 3 hours daily i just refresh the pivot table and is done.

par Rodrigo G

29 mars 2022

Absolutely, Coursera gives us only the best courses. I'm so impressed with that awesome platform. In this course “ Excel Basics for Data Analysis” the instructor provides a very clear explanation, you will get valuable and interesting things. It exceeded my expectations so far. I strongly recommend the course.

par Agbabiaka I

10 mars 2022

The course has been wonderful. Though interesting and challenging. I have learned a lot during the course and I appreciate all the instructors that took their time to attend to me during the training. I am so grateful for the knowledge I acquired during the training. It has been awesome. I love you all.

par Jason L

23 févr. 2022

¡Muy buen curso! Es excelente para comenzar de cero, ya que no solo hace un recorrido práctico por Excel, sino que también por aproximaciones "teóricas" relativas a la importancia de la confidencialidad, privacidad y calidad de los datos, complementadas por comentarios de Analistas de datos seri@s.


6 août 2022

Outstanding course, although I am using Microsoft Excel for a long time but have many deficiencies. This is a very useful course for me to learn some basic as well as advanced functions of Microsoft Excel. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and providing us an opportunity to learn this stuff.

par Ishtiaq H A

28 janv. 2022

If any ever asked me to recommend a course on Excel, then I would recommend them that the best course on the internet so far to learn Excel would be IBM"s Excel Basics for Data Analysis, and IBM"s Data Visualizations with Excel and Cognos which are both available on Coursera.

Great work!!!

par Tariq A G

7 avr. 2022

Wonderful course to learn Excel Basics for data analysis. i have learned alot in this course. from cleaning , filtering, using functions and formulas, conditional formating, custom formating and Pivote Tables. Content of this course was very simple and easy to understand.

par Christine M

5 oct. 2021

Great course which goes faster and is more fun than the first course because it has labs and students are able to actually work with excel. The slides and videos were more to the point and even outlined a little better than the first course so I gave this course 5 stars.

par Tried M

4 juin 2021

Wow! I am so excited. This course just opened a whole new page of Skills and opportunities for me. I love the simple yet profound model of instruction throughout the course. If you are considering getting a great deal of Excel Basics for Data Analysis, this is it.

par lcruz916

19 avr. 2022

Totally helpful course for those wanting to start a Career in Data Analysis, remember this is and will be one of the most demanded jobs now and future so adapt yourself. My other motivation was also for personal use, that way you will get to practice more often


23 févr. 2022

The content is very easy to grasp and understand, even for a beginer. The content is well structured and the practice sheets are the best because you actually get to work on some data making it easy to check if you actually can apply the work in practical.

par Daniela V

8 mars 2022

Para personas que nunca han manejado Excel, es un curso muy bueno, Yo lo realice como parte de un certificado profesional. La metodología, los laboratorios, el contenido son muy practicos, amigables y faciles de entender. Me encantan los cursos d coursera.

par Halim

1 mars 2022

All the professionals who created and helped to build this course have done it so excellently. It was very nice and extreemly helpful to learn in a way that is simplifying Excel. Best thing is that you will be learning and practicing at the same time!

par Yashar H K

16 avr. 2021

This course is a great course for learning Excel even if you don't know anything about it. Videos and instructions are clear and perfect, and there are many useful practices in each section too. I thank Coursera and IBM for this awesome experience.


28 juil. 2022

i would like to thank the management of Coursera for the chance that was given to me. i have actually realised that i didnt know excel and realised the importance of data analysis most expecielly while dealing with large data. DATA QUALITY MATTERS

par rasha r

29 oct. 2021

I haven't use excel functions before this course, The materials help you to establis basic understanding for most common functions that help clean your data.I just hope if there more updated material for how to use Excel online with Mac.

par Alia A

28 août 2022

This course utilise the use of Excel in data analysis. This course is beginner friendly and easy to understand as you will be taught to use simple feature in Excel including table and functions plus pivot table is not as hard as it seem.

par Carmen F

22 janv. 2022

Perfecto para los que como yo no tienen ni idea del tema porque lo explica todo desde cero, lo más básico. Son de agradecer también los subtítulos en español de los vídeos por si el inglés usado resulta demasiado técnico como es mi caso.

par Shurjendu D

18 oct. 2022

This was a very well done course, all of whose instructors were clear and engaging. While I would have hoped for some more supplementary material for optional, further study, and I realize that there are other courses for that. Thanks!

par Gonçalo M

20 juin 2021

Very good introduction to excel, leading the student step-by-step from basic to more advanced features, focused on data analysis functions and tasks.

The final project should have been tougher. Maybe a 3 step project instead of 2 step.

par Ante S V

12 juil. 2021

This is a wonderful course. I have learnt some really powerful excel features and I am determined to go further on my data analysis journey. Thanks to everyone who has put in their time, energy and resources into making this possible.