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Semaine 1

4 heures pour terminer

Converging on a Common Definition for CX

4 heures pour terminer
11 vidéos (Total 61 min), 4 lectures, 1 quiz
11 vidéos
CX All Around Us: Public Transport2 min
CX and Branding Teams: Titles, Scope and Organizational ¨Fit¨2 min
The CX ¨Tower of Babel¨6 min
Towards a More Complete CX Definition4 min
Making Sense of Variations of CJMs3 min
Customer Journey Mapping from an Expert: Beatriz Macarrón, Strategy Director, Garaje de Ideas19 min
The Context of ¨Why¨: The Value of Contextual and Observational Research5 min
So Many Touchpoints...5 min
It's All About Alignment (Part 1)3 min
It's All About Alignment (Part 2)5 min
4 lectures
Required Reading: The CX Tower of Babel: What CX Descriptions Tell Us About Corporate CX Initiatives10 min
Required Reading: When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps10 min
Required Reading: Common Pitfalls of Customer Journey Mapping10 min
Recommended/Optional Readings/Resources10 min

Semaine 2

2 heures pour terminer

Customer Journeys as the Lens for Brand Experience

2 heures pour terminer
10 vidéos (Total 57 min), 4 lectures, 1 quiz
10 vidéos
Mapping Branding Activities in the Context of Customer Journeys2 min
Aligning Brand Strategy with an Expert: Luis Villa - Strategy Director at Fjord - Accenture Interactive14 min
Evaluating the Contribution of Branding to CX1 min
Brand Guidelines and Their Impact on CX From an Expert: Leslie Andrachuk - Co-Founder of Alpha Woman13 min
The Reality of Brand Guidelines4 min
Brand Guidelines: Getting Your Colleagues to Pay Attention4 min
Branding Strategy Orphans4 min
Why CX Metrics Projects Miss the Mark3 min
Why You Should Do CX Metrics Projects Anyways4 min
4 lectures
Required Reading: Packaging and Branding10 min
Required Reading: CX Measurement Strategies10 min
Required Readings: CX Dashboards10 min
Recommended/Optional Readings10 min
1 exercices pour s'entraîner
Quiz 2

Semaine 3

2 heures pour terminer

Aligning Brand and Customer Experience across all touch points

2 heures pour terminer
10 vidéos (Total 65 min), 6 lectures, 1 quiz
10 vidéos
Brand Messaging Confronts the Real World4 min
Death by 1000 CX Papercuts4 min
User Experience, Customer Experience, and the Relationship to Brand4 min
Why Product Teams Hate Branding Projects4 min
How Branding Projects Can Find Peace with Product Teams From an Expert: Julien Bouvet - Senior UX Designer, Axance13 min
Why Customer Service Gets Pulled in Different Directions4 min
Call Centers and Their Impact on Brand From an Expert: Ger Doyle - Global Head of Customer Operations, Roche Diabetes Care14 min
Don't Let the Chatbot Project be an IT Project5 min
What Behavioral Economics Tells Us About Where to Focus Our CX Efforts6 min
6 lectures
Required Reading: A Fine is a Price10 min
Required Reading: Customer Experience vs User Experience: Why the Difference Matters10 min
Required Reading: UX Research and Market Research10 min
Required Reading: Building a Brand Through Customer Support10 min
Required Reading: Building Brand Touchpoints10 min
Recommended/Optional Readings10 min
1 exercices pour s'entraîner
Week 3

Semaine 4

2 heures pour terminer

CX relationship with Employee Experience, Outsourcing and Ethics

2 heures pour terminer
10 vidéos (Total 46 min), 9 lectures, 1 quiz
10 vidéos
Using a Value Proposition Canvas to Increase Team Alignment5 min
What is Employee Experience and Why Does it Matter?5 min
Understanding Where Your Colleagues are Losing the Brand Message4 min
What Drives a Company to Outsource Customer Touchpoints?4 min
The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing Customer Research4 min
Outsourcing Continued: How to Mitigate the Risks6 min
Ethics Matters Part 1: Where is Your Ethical Line?6 min
Ethics Matters Part 2: Using Customer Data for CX6 min
Some Final Words From Michael1 min
9 lectures
Required Video: Value Proposition Canvas Explained by Alex Osterwalde10 min
Required Readings: Employee Journeys10 min
Required Video: RSA ANIMATE: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us10 min
Required Reading: How Business Partners Affect the CX with your Brand10 min
Required Reading: Top 10 Market Research Mistakes10 min
Required Reading: Common customer experience strategy mistakes—and how to avoid them10 min
Required Reading: The misuse of data10 min
Required Reading: Learn How Anecdotal Evidence Can Trick You!10 min
Recommended/Optional Readings10 min
1 exercices pour s'entraîner
Week 4



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À propos du Spécialisation Branding: The Creative Journey

This Specialization aims to make branding concepts accessible to every learner and to teach them to analyze and apply all the relevant concepts, using the broad and diverse toolkit of branding. It provides you with the necessary tools so that you are able to understand the brand behavior, understand the language of a brand and learn about the rational and emotional elements behind brands. It also attempts to make you understand the language of images. The amount of audiovisual content we receive today makes it hard for brands to break through that noise. It ends up teaching how to understand branding efforts in the context of customer experience. We must think in a strategic manner when creating brands. Branding is about co-creation and conversation between the audiences, customers and users. What is relevant is how people out there perceive and live the brand. Brands are the story, the personality and the culture of an organization; the intangible elements that form it....
Branding: The Creative Journey

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