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In this guided project, you will get hands-on experience working with a relational database using MySQL Workbench from Oracle. The basic knowledge you learn will allow you to work with any other relational database. At the end of this project, you will be able to create a billing report and a club member roster....

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28 mai 2020

What a great introduction to SQL. I didn't even know what it was before I started, and now I understand how to use it, at a basic level, and am ready to apply it a bit and learn more as I use it.


13 août 2020

i like to study this course, but the screen very small so the character also very small, difficult to write the SQL code

I study about select, insert, delete, like, select with join 2 tables

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par Neha N

28 mai 2022


par 17-527 N N

25 mai 2020


par Celeste C

19 juil. 2022

My review is not about the instructor. I am halfway done with the Google data analytics cert and wanted to start working on projects to begin creating a portfolio. This project did not aid in that, this felt like practice. I do think it was helpful understanding and becoming more familiar with SQL, but not to build a portfolio.

par Leopoldo H

16 sept. 2020

Hmmm... everything was going great until you see joins. The professor teaches ways to join tables that aren't industry standard.


FROM table1, table2

WHERE table1.code = table2.code

These practice isn't used and it's preferred to use JOIN

SELECT * FROM table1


ON table1.code = table2.code

par Mark H

23 oct. 2021

Very little time in this introductory course is spent on explaining the functionality of queries that are used, the course is presented in more of a "copy what I do" method without much teaching. Also, the course introduces the JOIN concept using legacy syntax, which is not a good way to teach beginners.

par Kurt A

13 janv. 2021

Very basic SQL tools explained (select, insert, and delete) with easy to follow instructions. Could have used explanation of the table browser tool, more SQL commands, and additional explanation of joins for the price.

par Stephen R

3 mars 2022

This is not a beginner course. I was interested to learn SQL and the databases but this project just assumes you already have the knowledge to write and understand SQL.

par Utkarsha K

4 août 2020

Cloud desktop keep on hanging. The theory is not enough. The project is too easy even for beginner.

par Utsav P

5 juin 2020

Many technical glitches

par Samruddhi N

14 août 2020

interface is worst

par Hopefully

23 mai 2020

The course content is good, but the service is horrible. Coursera launched these Guided Courses during Covid, but there are many glitches and no support. 1) I bought this course during their 2.99 Campaign that was supposed to end on 05/09/2020. A few days after I bought this course, I saw it lalong with all the 2.99 courses advertised in 2 sections on Coursera but at different prices (2.99 and then 7.99). I finished this course on 05/19. I was going to take another SQL course that should have been 2.99 because of the campaign, but to my surprise it was 9.99. I purchased it at 9.99 on 05/19 and reached at to staff, but until today 05/23 no one has gotten back to me with a refund for the difference. 2) Another issue is that the desktop for you to do your exercises become expired before you even get a chance to do all of your exercises, so you are left learning by watching the videos . This time when I reached out to Coursera, they told me to reach out the Course, but when you post questions no one answers hahaha and at the bottom of the course it tells you to reach out to Coursera for help.... 3) Oh the Guided Courses changed to 4.99 the day after I reached out to Coursera to let them their prices changed again, but still no refund for the difference I overpaid and not help from the course nor Coursera. Coursera used to have live support and was a fun place to learn from, but now with Covid and the increase in the number of students, they are only interested in making money. Before Covid, they had live support and you could fill out a survey, but now support is unavailable and when they reply they answer vaguely because they are making a lot of money and they dont need to care anymore.

par Chandana S

5 août 2020

My course was not over! I did not finish watching the videos!!

Suddenly, the video I was watching stopped and disappeared. They are not showing up now.

Please provide the videos again, I wanted to finish my course.

par The I N

18 juil. 2020

This program sucks and I can't get a refund. The MYSQL keeps failing causing me to have to start over and now i can't type anything on the MYSQL. Would not recommend this project to anyone who wants to learn SQL.

par Bornil M

13 juin 2020

The Video is not good and it hangs all the time and it not a good thing to deal with because I know a few things about the database so I Complete the course but it didn't help. it is really disappointing .

par Rhonda M

27 avr. 2020

there was a problem from the start with the project. I was not able to connect with Rhyme and it looks like myc ompleted project will never be able to work correctly because of this

par 吴芃

11 juin 2020

There was a windows error during lab test, and it is cannot be fixed, even the cloudplatform cannot be reached any more


28 juil. 2020

Third party tool wasn’t working , it didn’t even connected. I was still charged full price.

par Sayoni D

11 juil. 2020

The cloud desktop did not work, so was not able to complete my task

par Anton O

27 juin 2020

Very unprofessional videos, a lot of mistakes and typos.

par T.

20 mai 2020

No even an introduction more like short intro

par Link M

18 janv. 2021

Way too basic for the money that you pay.

par Chai C N

3 mai 2020

didn't learn anything new

par Gelu R

3 juin 2020

Useless. Waste of time!

par Abubakar Y O

3 oct. 2020


par Vaclav R

29 mai 2020

Doesn't work