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Imagine if there were an organ in your body that weighed as much as your brain, that affected your health, your weight, and even your behavior. Wouldn’t you want to know more about it? There is such an organ — the collection of microbes in and on your body, your human microbiome....

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10 févr. 2017

Very informative! Everybody should take this course, to know more about their own microbiome...

The first lessons are not so exciting, but hang in there! The most interesting parts come later ;)


30 juin 2018

It was a good experience, and while I'm not too big on microbiology in general, I was intrigued in the role our microbiome plays in our lives. The summer I did this changed my life in a way. :)

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par David D

8 févr. 2016

I liked most everything about this course, even if it stretches one to understand / pronounce the biological terms. Still it is better to have a little more of the scientific component than too less. The videos were very well done, good to have the sub-titles because sometimes with Rob it was had to follow so it was nice to read too.

The extra material and reference were also well appreciated. In fact we would be very interested to follow-up if/when more results of the project are known. Hint - write another book!

par Amandi S

12 févr. 2021

I must admit, initially, I was not going to take this course because we all know there are bacteria in the gut and who really wants to spend 10 hours or so learning about gut bacteria? But this course teaches you so much more than "there is bacteria in the gut" and I am so glad I went through all the videos. Thank you so much for providing this course. I learnt a lot about bacteria and disease, how lifestyle and disease affect gut bacteria, the technology used to analyse the microbiome and more.

par Eric C

13 oct. 2016

Undoubtedly a thoughtful and engaging course. While the quizzes were hardly challenging, the lectures and various interviews more than made up for this by demanding active engagement with the material. Additionally, the larger project provided an interesting avenue through which to explore the material. Overall, Gut Check accomplishes what it sets out to do: educate students on this in vogue are of research in such a way as to encourage them to pursue microbiome research.

par Katya B H V

9 juin 2020

This course is more than I expected, it totally worth it. You will learn a lot about the relationship between the microbiota and human health and will also give you some insights about how to analyze the data in research. This course includes as well, several interviews with experts in the field and it is very enriching and interesting. I highly recommend this course to everyone interested in this field even if you are not an expert, like me. ;)

par Inge R

4 nov. 2015

An excellent course that gives a comprehensive insight into gut microbiome research, available open source data readings. I appreciated the broad sprectrum of speakers and interview partners from different universities, institutes and projects. Listening to different people's voices and having the speaker in close-up (camera settings), made it easy to follow and stay tuned. Thank you so much for this great work.

par Sidda S K

30 sept. 2020

GUT MICROBIOME is a very helpful course and is very informative. We get to know many interesting things about those microbes that we don't know and which play a very cruical role in our daily life . The assignments and quize are interesting which cannot be missed. I hope many take this course mainly to those who are curious to get acknowledge about new things as GUT MICROBIOME and I hope this helps you a lot.

par Shantelle M

24 août 2021

T​his course is thorough and very interesting. The people associated are highly motivated by their field of study, which shows in the teaching. There is much to be learnt in this field of study and it has huge impact on our future health as a species.

It would be great it they add in a new lecture on where the research is now - since it has been several years since this course was put together.

par Andrejs V

10 mars 2020

One of the best courses so far. Information and topics provided are helpful to get a sense of human health and microbiome and what is what. I got clear understanding of a lot of things are going on inside our body. External materials, like readings and some related shop are excellent. Would love to see recent updates or new courses like this explaining related thins.

par Matthias J

21 juin 2021

A​ perfect introduction into microbiome research, that makes you rethink what you are (>90% microbes and <10% "human") and how to improve the microbial side of you. All the things you need to take this course is curiosity, they will teach you the rest. This is a really remarkable course. I certainly would have missed out on a lot of information had I not taken it.

par Melanie W

27 sept. 2015

This is a great course. Some challenging but interesting coursework at the beginning, but all very useful. Interesting interviews with experts in the field so not the same person over and over again. Some creative ways to present data using soft toys! Really up-to-date research. Quizzes set at the right level. Overall I am really glad I chose to do this course.

par Guillermo A D

19 sept. 2017

This is a great course that really opens your eyes to the microbial world that is so important to everyone's lives. I particularly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the instructors as well as the peer-reviewed assignments. The course also develops a conscience for how lifestyle and environmental factors can affect your gut microbiota and thence your whole health!

par Pamela A

4 nov. 2015

The content was amazing, i can't be happier with what i learnt. Thanks for sharing all of that knowledge!

As an opportunity area, i would say it was hard to follow some of the speakers because they spoke monotonous, the content was very dense and perhaps in those cases some graphic content in the video could help.

Thank you, great course, great project!

par Karen W

23 mai 2021

The course was very informative and a great one to add to a busy schedule as there is plenty of time to complete the assignments. The course is comprehensive and it offers cutting edge information about the future of science in terms of studying gut bacteria and the positive implications it would have in the well being of humanity. I recommended it

par Claire C

15 oct. 2015

Really interesting. I knew a bit about the importance of the microbiome but this course has made me more aware of how I can influence my own. And it has helped me understand why it is that antibiotics are best avoided when possible. The course was well set up. I enjoyed all the lectures from the various speakers and the assignments made me think.

par Prajwal S S

8 nov. 2015

It helped me expand my horizon, I gradually learnt so much from the faculty and their valuable guest interviews. If not for their effort, it would have took few more years for me to realize that such things exist. I would recommend individuals to give the course a try after all you need to know what you have inside your own body. Thank you.

par Leslie K

30 mars 2018

Fantastic foundational course in the gut microbiome. I was impressed by the section on genetic sequencing and learned a lot. I would love a follow-on course in this subject to learn more about specific gut bacteria and impact on human health. For anyone interested in getting a solid base in gut biome science, I would start with this course.

par Arun K

30 août 2019

This course provides the overall understanding of our gut microbiota. Each module consist of lectures of famous scientist who have been working in this field of gut science. This Gut Check coursera course will make you aware of your gut microbiome and it's importance.Thanks to Rob Knight & his team for providing this wonderful course.

par Michael V

6 janv. 2020

What a great course on the gut microbiome. I am very happy I signed up. This is an upcoming and a growing field of interest, especially in the health and wellness industry. The experts and doctors who put this course together did an excellent job in providing informative and fascinating materials to us. Thank you!!!

par Delia L

24 oct. 2016

Excellent course, engaging, explaining the science and methods behind the famous graph plotting the microbiome of different body areas (and the evolution from infant to adult). Good review of factors connected to the microbiome (diet, antibiotics...). Reflection about personal case and lifestyle. Informative and fun.

par Ali B

23 févr. 2022

Excellent course, i learned a lot of features lnked to bacteria and their impact on the many health factors and vice versa, human know a lot now but still unknow is still very large, scientific approach to one's microbium influencers will be usefull to navigate the future with healthy behavours

par craig k

17 juil. 2017

I truly enjoyed this course. It wasnt to heavy, but i did manage to learn a lot more of the technical aspects of sequencing and so forth that i was completely naive to. As a Nutritionist i am passionate about the GUT and our individual Microbiota and this was just awesome. Thank you team!

par Polly

30 juin 2020

Excellent course to take if interested in the microbiome or going onto study this further in a medical world. I have used it as a plant based chef and nutritionist who is fascinated by the microbiome and how it plays such a vital part in our health. Totally recommend the course.


22 juin 2020

I totally enjoyed learning this course .All the faculties are so much experienced and well explaining each and every concepts.If you are interested in revealing the mystery inside your gut ,just go through this .I am also eagerly waiting for new courses from the same University

par Pauline E

25 févr. 2016

Unsuspectedly fascinating world to explore with solid connections to real world and immediate health issues. Potential for groundbreaking medical advances positively explosive. Loved the course, appreciated the information and has led me to a new-found interest.

par Ekaterina

14 déc. 2016

Great introductory course! I had no doubt that there was a connection between what we eat and our health, but I had very little to no idea how much microbes are involved in our being. I enjoyed this course very much and will recommend it to others!

Thank you!