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The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: shortest paths (Bellman-Ford, Floyd-Warshall, Johnson), NP-completeness and what it means for the algorithm designer, and strategies for coping with computationally intractable problems (analysis of heuristics, local search)....

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27 févr. 2017

This challenging course improves understanding of algorithms and is intellectually stimulating. I learnt the theory behind algorithms and how they are applied to solve real world problems.

22 août 2018

This is the most challenging course in this specialization. Assignments as well as test questions require good amount of thinking.\n\nOne of the best courses I did on Coursera.

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par Yusuke U

23 déc. 2018

There were countless challenging and stressful moments during this specialization for me because I didn't have any CS knowledge or experience before. But, all in all, it totally worth it, a lot of learning and aha moments involved while torturing myself. I definitely recommend this course to everyone who want to dip their toes into CS world.

par Cindy T

31 mai 2018

This was definitely a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience. The lectures were top notch. In fact I was taking another algorithms course at the time, but I felt it lacked the necessary proofs and in my opinion just jumped to the conclusion. I tried listening to the lectures from this course and immediately switched over. The projects also trained me to use efficient data structures and be aware of memory management. The quizzes also required in depth understanding of the material, while the discussion forums provided lots useful hints in that regard. Overall, it's definitely a good use of time and I'm glad I completed the entire specialization!

par Jakub C

1 juil. 2018

A very nice introduction to algorithms from a high-level mathematical perspective. This course is great for building intuition about key concepts. Highly recommended. I did the Princeton algorithms course first. Both are great. The first tests one more on the implementation side and requires Java. This course is more focused on theory and a great complement. Too bad there is not a Part 5, 6, ….

par Nelson L W

27 mai 2017

I´ve done all 4 courses on the Algorithms series from Stanford, and I have to say this is a top notch, very high standing course on the subject. Tim Roughgarden is an incredible teacher/instructor, the material is excelent and the assignements are challenging yet very useful and engaging. Funny how this course made me wish going back to college even at my age. Will definetely follow up with similar courses if I can find them in Coursera.

par GongPing

7 sept. 2017

The lectures gives much more information than previous 3-courses. And I often found I need extra practices (on-line alg interview problems) and reading (CLRS, e.g.) to grasp the course materials. The programming assignments are also more demanding. However, after finishing this course, I believe I have achieved better and deeper understanding of Algorithm design and analysis than I could imaged before taking this final NP course. And I am looking forward to learn more from Professor Tim Roughguarden's 'a second course on Algorithm' on youtube. Thank you very much, professor! Your knowledge and passion is totally incredible! And Thank you very much for fellow students on the discussion forums. It has been a great pleasure to learn with you all :)

par Subodh C

25 sept. 2017

Need more explanatory answer sets.

par Besher A M

31 déc. 2019

Very challenging course, but it's very rewarding and highly recommended for anyone looking to learn more about algorithms.

I don't have a CS background, so I really appreciated the knowledge that I gained from the course. It helped me build the intuition to reason about algorithms and learn how to design/use them, which is something I was sorely lacking before.

par Jemaal K

16 févr. 2019

Tim has done a real fantastic job distilling the conceptual and mathematical proofs of some of the most prolific computational algorithms that drive our technological society today. Even though I'm a seasoned programmer, I am now more comfortable discussing algorithmic analysis and design far beyond what I learned during my undergrad studies.

par Yixian H

2 janv. 2020

That should be the best algorithm course i have ever known -- way better than what I take in a graduate school. The discussion form is very useful -- every time there is some guy figure out a brilliant solution to conquer the problem. Thanks Prof. Roughgarden for the wonderful experience he brings to us!

par Yuxing C

10 avr. 2020

This is an extremely good course. I feel very passionate about algorithms after finishing this course. I'm a master student at CMU and I think this course suits me better than some of our core courses. I'm that kind of person who very much enjoys thinking a problem through myself and it is amazing how professor Tim Roughgarden delivers the material in both progressive and informative ways. The discussion forum is also amazing but sometimes the solution is too obvious to find. Overall, I enjoy this course so much that I feel like I don't have a passion for other parts of computer science. I will definitely take it if there is an advanced version coming. Thanks, professor!

par Christopher P

2 août 2020

The fourth installment of Professor Roughgarden's Coursera Algorithms course provides a solid overview of the all-pairs-shortest-paths problem and does a nice job of introducing NP-complete problems. Special emphasis is given to the classic traveling-salesman problem as well as an excellent overview of the local-search algorithm paradigm. As a bonus, the companion text "Algorithms Illuminated Part 4: Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems" was published in July 2020, and provides in-depth material supporting the course.

par Mikhail K

5 avr. 2020

This course and all specialization from 4 courses was really interesting and constantly motivated me to study algorithms carefully with close attention to details. Thanks to this course I have got very important and useful knowledge in my professional area and also have got deep understanding how to write implementations of algorithms more effectively. I would like to say "Thank you!" to the teacher Tim Roughgarden for this interesting course and for his series of books "Algorithms Illuminated".

par Sergey T

2 août 2020

I liked this course, thank you very much! It was an exciting and challenging journey which I have already tried almost 6 years ago, and now I finished it off :)

I must say it's a pity that we didn't cover any of those linear programming and, say, max-flow algorithms in this specialization. I learned very much, especially on how to build correct and, even more, optimally implemented programming solutions. Maybe, later? If so, I would LOVE to come again!

par Richard P

7 janv. 2018

This has been a tough but very rewarding learning experience, and that includes the entire series of four courses. You learn to really appreciate Tim, who is the instructor, for his passion and care about teaching the material to his students. The homework assignments can be a lot of work, but also can be quite interesting. The discussion forums are very helpful for the assignments. Thanks for the great learning experience and the wonderful effort.

par Sriram V

6 sept. 2020

This was the hardest course in this specialization. But the quality of the course material and the instructor's way of explaining kept me engaged and motivated. The problems and the programming assignments were significantly harder than the earlier courses in this specialization - but it felt that much more satisfying after completing the course. Special thanks to Prof. Roughgarden for creating such an amazing course. :-)

par Katrina C

17 avr. 2020

Awesome course and specialization overall, I learned so much, not just about the algorithms themselves either but about python via my attempts at implementing the algorithms and data structures. And it was awesome how this course built upon previous topics covered throughout the specialization, and code I wrote way back in course 2 on week 1 was extremely helpful! I had a lot of fun in this specialization!

par Xiaokang W

23 juil. 2017

I really love this course. What the professor said was just to the points he wanted to convey and no not-related sentences. He controlled extremely well about to what level of details to unfold. Last but not least, he adds complexity of problems gradually. I saw he taught a follow-up course at Stanford and I can watch the videos on Youtube. If the course were on Coursera, I would take it.

par jeremy j

3 avr. 2020

Very nice course, carefully designed and Prof Tim clearly explained the main material. Most of the homeworks are strightforward to implement, while some of them required you to think hard for several days. In general I learned a lot from this course, definately recommanded.

par Toshikazu Y

31 oct. 2019

Great specialization to learn algorithms from zero to hero. Having a mathematical background, I found the explanations and the proofs in the lectures crystal clear throughout the entire specialization. Some quizzes and programming exercises were challenging but enjoyable.

par Ryan J S

9 juin 2020

Excellent course, especially for a person without a computer science tertiary education. Having finished the course and the specialisation I can say that it is definitely worth all the blood sweat and tears required to make it through the content.

par Richard H

13 août 2017

Very challenging, but it just shows that you should never give up and keep believing in yourself! Thanks Prof. Tim for this excellent course. I do feel smarter than when I started, and had fun too (most of the time)!

par John W

19 nov. 2017

It took me a while to get through all four of these courses, but definitely worth the effort! Really stretched my brain, and I feel like I could have gotten even more had I spent more time on the theoretical bits.

par Ravishankar J

14 août 2017

A great course with great assignments. Assignments really test your implementation skills as well as research skills. One should really use forums to ask doubts and give answers to solve these assignments.

par Abhit

28 févr. 2017

This challenging course improves understanding of algorithms and is intellectually stimulating. I learnt the theory behind algorithms and how they are applied to solve real world problems.

par Charles H

19 févr. 2019

The examinations are sometimes very challenging, but at least you learn a lot of things !

Completing this course will definitely make you improve a lot your skills in programming.