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Shortest Paths Revisited, NP-Complete Problems and What To Do About Them, Université de Stanford

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The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: shortest paths (Bellman-Ford, Floyd-Warshall, Johnson), NP-completeness and what it means for the algorithm designer, and strategies for coping with computationally intractable problems (analysis of heuristics, local search)....

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par AA

Feb 28, 2017

This challenging course improves understanding of algorithms and is intellectually stimulating. I learnt the theory behind algorithms and how they are applied to solve real world problems.

par AS

Aug 23, 2018

This is the most challenging course in this specialization. Assignments as well as test questions require good amount of thinking.\n\nOne of the best courses I did on Coursera.

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54 avis

par Yuanzhan Wang

May 19, 2019

Great course. The videos are very instructive.

par Yinchu Dong

Mar 30, 2019

Well... I cannot believe I did it!!! Love this course!

par Saurav Mehta

Mar 23, 2019

good course give deep insight of algorithms esp knapsack, nearest neighbor algorithm

par Aleksandar

Mar 05, 2019

Significantly more challenging when compared to the courses 1 to 3. ) I highly recommend this course, but people who are about to take this course should be aware that they will probably have to spend a bit more time.

par Astefanoaie Nicolae Stelian

Feb 26, 2019

Nice course, a lot of information in short time. I think is need more time than 4 weeks to finish this course.

par Charles Havez

Feb 19, 2019

The examinations are sometimes very challenging, but at least you learn a lot of things !

Completing this course will definitely make you improve a lot your skills in programming.

par Jemaal Knox

Feb 17, 2019

Tim has done a real fantastic job distilling the conceptual and mathematical proofs of some of the most prolific computational algorithms that drive our technological society today. Even though I'm a seasoned programmer, I am now more comfortable discussing algorithmic analysis and design far beyond what I learned during my undergrad studies.

par Dilyan Marinov

Feb 06, 2019

Very challenging, but worthwhile.

par Anton Berezin

Jan 19, 2019

Tim, thank you very much!

par bangchuan liu

Jan 07, 2019

this course is harder than other 3 courses, but it is very worth to take it.