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The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: greedy algorithms (scheduling, minimum spanning trees, clustering, Huffman codes) and dynamic programming (knapsack, sequence alignment, optimal search trees)....

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29 juin 2018

Tim Roughgarden is a fantastic teacher! He really cares about explaining in a simple manner and also give you useful hints and advices to dive deeper in all the topics of the course. Thanks, Tim!


26 avr. 2020

I learned more about Greedy Algorithms and Algorithms to compute MST's and their importance on real world problems. Also I got to start to understand Dynamic Programming in a way I didn't before.

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par Kelvin

11 nov. 2017

This course is really challenging compared to previous courses. Problems introduced in Dynamic Programming are harder than I expected and course books they recommended will be needed to understand better about the lecturers of this course.

par Timi

23 janv. 2021

This course has the most intuitive explanation of dynamic programming that I've ever seen. Tim sometimes speaks too fast, but if you slow down the video and take the time to understand what he's saying, you'll learn a lot.

par Rodolphe L

15 mars 2018

I thought this course was kind of harder than the 2 previous one in the specialization (mainly the problems sets which require way more thinking)

It's a very good quality course to strenghten the basics, but in depth.

par Huimin M

10 janv. 2021

This course is very useful in deeply understanding the algorithm design and complexity. The problem set is actually very challenging to me. I would say it is the most challenging so far. So go take it.

par Aria B

23 avr. 2020

Like the other courses in this specialization, the material is interesting and coherent. The pace is not fast enough to get lost and not so slow to insult your intelligence. I enjoyed it a lot!

par --

18 avr. 2021

Great course, sometimes hard to understand, especially when teacher uses figures of speech. I want more practical assignments like for sequence alignment and kruskal implementation.

par Shubham C

31 déc. 2020

Best (not one of the best) course available on web to learn theoretical algorithms. You will love it. Enjoy new journey and perspect to view and analyze algorithms. Loved it damn!

par Jephte E

27 déc. 2019

I am very confident in the skills I learned. I have read some books on algorithms but this course makes the application so clear regardless of your programing language.

par Neil S

14 mars 2020

Very well explained and I learned a lot from the course. Recommended to anyone for learning Algorithms. Some of the problem sets make you think outside the box.

par Charles H

29 janv. 2019

Some assigments are really difficult. Often I was glad to read some tips in the forum. But the course is definitely challenging and makes you learn many things.

par Dustin Z

30 janv. 2021

A very good and challenging course. A great introduction to dynamic programming with many examples to practice and learn multiple programming paradigms.

par 谷心洋

11 mars 2020

Great course overall, but the problem sets are short of answers or explanations, so sometimes I feel really hard to understander some questions.

par Alexey Z

11 mars 2020

A bit more difficult course comparing to the first two parts. Be prepared to spend more times on problem solving and programming assignments.

par Johnathan F

14 janv. 2018

I love Tim's excitement for algorithms. He really stands out as a quality teacher in his selection of content, explanations and enthusiasm.

par Shiv K

16 oct. 2017

Fantastic course that covered a good variety of content in sufficient details and delves into the fundamentals without sacrificing clarity.

par Ameen J

9 févr. 2017

I love how clear the videos (and notes) are and re-watching them really helped a lot! I wish there was more discussion on the forms though!

par Subodh C

23 sept. 2017

A more explanatory answer sheet would be helpful. Might need to be secured via limited time login session to avoid leaking on the web.

par Quentin A

6 mai 2017

Outstanding course. Prof. Roughgarden is enthusiastic. The lectures, programming problems, and readings build a solid understanding.

par Cole F

11 mars 2018

More difficult than previous sections of the course, but thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to the final iteration of this series!

par Yosef A

4 févr. 2021

This course has wonderful lectures coupled with challenging but rewarding homework problems. It was a wonderful learning experience.

par Qinghua Z

23 nov. 2017

I like this course, though some programming assignments takes me much time. It worth doing it. I learn a lot from this course.

par Ricardo D

31 déc. 2018

Great Pace - good examples - always going to the point - clear and providing good info in regards to the subject in study.

par Brande G

3 juil. 2018

A great course, likewise the other courses in the series. It is probably the best series of algorithmic thinking courses.

par Sriram V

6 sept. 2020

This specialization gets harder and harder. But the instructor is amazing and the course is designed beautifully.

par Genyu Z

21 août 2019

It's nice. Teacher can give me inspirations from different point of views, which teaches me a lot. Thanks!