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Agile teams use “just enough” planning and an incremental approach to accomplishing the work of the team. Every project and every team uses a custom agile methodology. This course discusses common foundational principles and practices used by agile methodologies, providing the student a flexible set of tools to use in any role (e.g. product owner, scrum master, project manager, team member) on any agile team. This course mainly discusses agile and lean principles, the kanban and scrum agile methodologies, and uses Atlassian Jira Software Cloud as the main software tool to apply hands-on learning of the topics. The course includes instruction on "classic" Jira projects as well as the new "next-gen" Jira projects. Students can use the free plan of Atlassian Jira Software Cloud to complete the hands-on labs associated with this course. By the time you have completed this course, you will have a strong foundational understanding of agile principles and practices, and strong hands-on experience with Atlassian Jira Software Cloud. You will be the site administrator for your Jira account, so you will be able to perform basic administration tasks on your site. You should be able to continuously configure your Jira project(s) to match your team's custom agile methodology. You can watch the videos and take the quizzes from your phone if you want, but the hands-on labs using Atlassian Jira Software Cloud require you to have a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. This course tries to be as concise as possible. It will probably take you about 6-12 hours to go through, but your mileage may vary. It is highly encouraged that you apply what you learn to managing personal agile projects after the course is complete....

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14 avr. 2019

The Course is good and well structured. It has really strengthened my understanding about the use of Jira, I will recommend this course to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Agile and Jira

21 juil. 2020

I found this course very comprehensive. Beginners can learn foundation knowledge and concepts of Agile along-with Jira . Above all labs are well-designed and give learners hand-on experience of Jira

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par Jilly M

9 sept. 2019

A little too basic with the Agile methodology and not up to date with current UX in Jira, so that made it a bit confusing. Was happy to learn of some features I didn't know about, and next gen projects are great!

par Меруерт Т

14 sept. 2020

The course has some useful info if you're a beginner. However, it is a little boring and dragged out. Not very interactive. So I recommend to up the speed while listening.

par Arash F

28 juin 2019

Too much detail provided for how to navigate Jira. It becomes really boring but may serve a certain audience. The rest of the course was really helpful.

par Vishweshwaran R

9 juin 2019

what could have done better is, explain the concepts and a video presentation on how the concepts are applied, would have made it more engaging.

par Lee J X

20 avr. 2020

Abit dry and difficult to follow. Better to have a face and live movements of Jira demonstration.

par Christopher L

12 mai 2020

A basic course that covers the fundamentals of both Jira and Agile Methodologies.

par Ankur C

17 sept. 2020

Expected some more with the Visual Charts such as Burndowns

par Subob H S

26 mai 2020

not really interactive and quite sleepy

par Nikoloz T

13 mai 2020

Well, it is not bad start for being Agile and learn about Scrum and Kanban methods. I thank a lot all the team who worked on this course. I learned many many new things for me. Despite the lots of information that were new for me the course from my point of view could have been structured a little bit better. Instead of using Slides, it would be much better to record a video. I have an impression that this course provides a cold information regarding the program, but it does not motivates you to continue to learn it. The lecturer speaks dully, with no enthusiasm. The best practice that I recommend would be to do everything along the slides, otherwise you will be lost during the video. I really liked the lab part, as you use hands-on skills. To grade this course I give 2 stars, as there was really given an effort and spent time to create all materials, they are structured ok, not good. And spirit of the course is not there. Still I amv very very thankful for all you have done! I learned quite a lot and fell more or less comfortable with the Jira program now! Thank you! Nikoloz

par Pietro R

27 oct. 2020

Interesting entry-level alternative to the expensive Atlassian certification. I'm sorry to say that the tone of voice in this course is so monotonous that it's hard to stay focused. The course leader seems to often just read the slides. The rhythm of the delivery is a killer and too much time is spent on self-explanatory points. I would advise the course creator to see the "death by PowerPoint" presentation, and use more striking images, make more practical examples showing pictures of ---> actual projects <--- and the best practice on how to manage Jira. Nevertheless, I'm very happy to have taken this course and I'll consider to buy the badge.


28 avr. 2020

Terrible robot voice :(

par Dr K K C

27 mai 2020


par Anchit R

23 mai 2020

Very monotonous, not interesting!

par Christopher B

15 janv. 2021

This is probably the best-taught course I've taken on Coursera. You don't just learn the individual tools of the program and then wonder how it works as a whole. You constantly learn how these tools work on a big picture level. The labs are great and really get you to play with all the functions and explore how they work and what you can do. There are questions to answer throughout the videos, so you are constantly getting feedback and seeing how well you are learning everything. I'm not in software development, but I was looking to get into QA or QC for software or gaming, and Jira was the one qualification I didn't have to get the job. So now I can put this on my Resume' and have a chance to get those jobs. So even if you don't have a programming background, you can easily learn the material because of how well this course is taught. I would recommend this course to everyone. And even if you aren't looking to get a job in tech, there are many practical applications to your own life that this program makes easier to manage. So glad I took this course.

par Qaunain M

4 janv. 2021

Great course that goes into proper detail showing you advanced elements of how to use, customise and configure Jira for software development teams and processes. The course is broken down into 4 modules, each with 5 or more lectures, covering around 10 topics with multiple choice questions that pop-up multiple times throughout the video. There is also 1-2+ labs per each lecture so you get a proper hands-on experience in the topics shown in the videos. There's also a test at the end of each module where you need to score 80% or more and a final hands-on project on the last module.

par Anna W

7 oct. 2020

I came into this course as someone who used the basics of Jira in their every day job (self taught) but was about to take on a more administrative role. I found weeks 3 and 4 most helpful.

The course has a good mix of early on basics which will help form a good foundation knowledge of Jira and its functions. Then it goes into more depth which would suit someone with administrator or project overseer-type responsibilities.

Steve Byrnes has narrated the videos clearly and explains at an adequate pace so that the student doesn't feel rushed or bored.

par Margaret C

30 avr. 2020

This has been an awesome course and Steve Byrnes was very responsive to questions and issues in the discussion forum. I started out with very little tool knowledge and even less confidence in my ability to learn Jira on my own. This class has really helped me improve my ability to confidently use to do various things. With that said, I'm so excited that I was able to complete the final project without ever looking at m notes. Success!! Thanks, Steve.

par Liliana V

25 sept. 2020

This is a very nice and useful introduction to the Agile methodology with a great tool such as Atlassian Jira. I have never used before but now I'm using for work and I'm quite happy to have a way to track my work planning. About the course, it's well designed, the videos and hands-on sections are well connected and give you the feeling that you're learning applicable stuff. I now understand why this methodology is so used currently.

par Ji S L

20 août 2019

Excellent course with relevant materials for configuring Jira boards. I find myself referring back to these materials, and the readings are very helpful in making sure that I understand the lectures & can eventually create my own project boards. I particularly enjoyed the lectures on Agile Methods as they provide an excellent overview of various project management techniques with a sufficient amount of repetitive content.

par Alexander S

15 nov. 2020

I went through all modules and found it very interesting and professionally prepared. Steve (mentor) is very well prepared profi and modules just go one after another in well balances consequence. Easy to learn and make labs. Nice feature to pop up small quiz while in the "middle" of videos ;) Complete with 91% Thank you for sharing knowledge at this difficult time

par Баранов Г А

16 sept. 2019

Все понравилось. Из возможных улучшений - хотелось бы более сложных заданий на лабораторных работах + примеров использования из реальных Agile-команд / Everything is fine. A little potential improvement would be to add a bit more diffucult tasks in labs and also give a number of examples from real -life Agile teams. Thanks a lot to the author of this course.

par Andrejs V

7 déc. 2018

One of the high standard and fatastic courses - recent addition to labs is a great way to learn and improve skills, absolutelly fantastic! The course is designed so smart and exactly how is needed in order to get knowledge and skills. I'd prefer to see a course designed for intermediate and advanced level as well, it will help a lot. Thanks to creators.

par Sandip S S

10 juin 2020

This was great course to learn Agile with Jira. This course has covered everything starting from basics to advance. Every feature is well described and explained. Questions asked during the video learning help us to be focused and don't loss during learning. Assessments after every module help us being motivated to learn upcoming modules.

par Vinay M

26 juil. 2020

Very well designed and explained. Steve was also great in the forums and helped me in creating swim lanes for Epics. he has a nice way of explaining which makes things so simple although they are not.

Module labs were well designed and helped me understand the concepts the I might have missed out during the presentation slides.


par Chad W

28 juil. 2020

A very brief but thorough course about how to use Jira. It was exactly what I wanted. The configuring issues part in Week 3 was confusing for a hot minute but other than that, I understood everything easily. I did also have a problem with adding a new user in week 4 but it may just be some error on my end that I could not figure out.