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Robotics: Perception, Université de Pennsylvanie

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How can robots perceive the world and their own movements so that they accomplish navigation and manipulation tasks? In this module, we will study how images and videos acquired by cameras mounted on robots are transformed into representations like features and optical flow. Such 2D representations allow us then to extract 3D information about where the camera is and in which direction the robot moves. You will come to understand how grasping objects is facilitated by the computation of 3D posing of objects and navigation can be accomplished by visual odometry and landmark-based localization....

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par SK

Apr 01, 2018

Outstanding Course! I could always count on Prof.Jianbo to crunch some of the most complex and confusing parts of the course into a much easier understandable language.

par LR

Jan 01, 2019

This is quite challenging course. So far, this is the course with the largest amount of material, I wish the class will be split into two courses.

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113 avis


Apr 10, 2019

Not at all formulated for bachelors

par Bálint - Huba Furdek

Mar 20, 2019

Great !

par dawn

Mar 12, 2019

Thanks to Coursera and Penn, Good lessons of Robotics.

par Martin Zeman

Mar 06, 2019

There were a lot of error in the materials even after all those years. Also the instructor's English is hard to understand sometimes. In addition to that they do a lot of waving around with their hands instead of marking things directly in the pictures.

par Hakeem Kadir

Mar 05, 2019

I was motivated all through the course. Very good content

par Hamid Majidi Balanji

Mar 02, 2019

One of the most usefful courses I have taken by the coursera. Thank you for useful materail covered here.

par Ricardo Alberto Rodriguez

Feb 14, 2019

Need more videos for final weeks, hard to follow last week of the course

par Fredo P. Chavez

Feb 03, 2019

Great Course!

par Aman Bawa

Jan 29, 2019

It was interesting, but damn the lectures are never ending.

par pavana abhiram Sirimamilla

Jan 11, 2019

Great course!. There is a lot of information. It should be a 6 week course!