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Using Python to Access Web Data, Université du Michigan

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This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. This course will cover Chapters 11-13 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-10 of the textbook and the first two courses in this specialization. These topics include variables and expressions, conditional execution (loops, branching, and try/except), functions, Python data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, and tuples), and manipulating files. This course covers Python 3....
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par JM

Dec 03, 2016

I have not found an easy way to learn how to code with python language. Mentor are really helpful and Dr Chuck is one of the most self explain professor that I have met in my three university career.

par AG

Sep 13, 2017

The course teaches the basics of how to interact with the internet using Python. The course is simple, well explained, has great interviews with people who were part of the creation of the internet.

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par Mihir

Feb 21, 2019

Very interesting things learnt by end of this course. The structure of course is very well built, how each concept is introduced and built upon is very easy to follow.

par Nikolai Klekovkin

Feb 20, 2019

Great course!

par Atal Sureka

Feb 19, 2019

Overall it was an "Okay" experience.

par Ana Luísa de Melo Roberto

Feb 19, 2019

I love the short lecture videos, as well as the worked exercises one. They are very insightful. I also find it interesting that the professor takes time to explain other concepts like the HTTP protocol, xml, json and APIs. I just got a little frustrated about the amount of times we are just asked to copy and paste some sample code without understanding how it works (e.g. ssl, api keys).

par Patrick Michaelis

Feb 19, 2019

Im loving this class and learning so much!

par Brett Slattery

Feb 19, 2019

Dr Chuck is great. There seemed to be a pretty big leap from the examples and the assignments though. Thoroughly enjoyed the class though.

par Ololade Esther Oladoyin

Feb 19, 2019


par Huiying Cai

Feb 18, 2019

Useful, clear and interesting~

par Yao Guo

Feb 18, 2019


par Amin Ahmadi

Feb 18, 2019

I needed some help with one assignment (which had completely arcane problem statement). Assistance was nowhere to be found. The teaching assistants are terrible and rude.