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With this course you will position your own leadership style and grow your resilience In this course, second course of the "Inspirational Leadership" Specialization, you will discover the characteristics of charismatic leadership. You’ll personally learn how to embody these traits through the “Savoir-Relier” (art of connecting and leading with sense) methodology, which covers 3Gs: being Genuine, Generous, and Generative. You will then choose which style of leadership best fits you, why and when so you can adapt to more complex and difficult situations with resilience. In a “Self-Portrait” and “Conversation” with your classmates, you will be able to adjust your own ideas about your leadership styles and strengths, allowing you to increase your self-awareness, improve your relational intelligence, and prepare you to confront crises and resolve conflicts. You will also be better prepared to face difficult situations and make better decisions by relying on both your perception and analytical skills. All these skills will help you create sense in your team so you can lead it better. This course is part of a Specialization on Leadership called “Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense”, so you may want to take the course “Building Your Leadership Skills” prior of taking this course. As where in course 1 “Building Your Leadership Skills” you have mostly worked on your inner-self and on the relation between you and the other, in this course you’ll work on the relationship between you and the group, improving your leadership skills when interacting in a team. Leaders from different organizations and participants of the HEC Paris Leadership Certificate, the program from which this course and specialization is inspired, will share with you their insights about what it takes to become a great leader in a group or team and what they are able to achieve now that they apply The Savoir-Relier methodology....

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10 févr. 2016

The assignments develop good reflection skills and deep thinking. Quality of presenters is very professional and well structured. Very inspirational!


24 févr. 2019

I really enjoyed and loved this course. It is one of the best courses where you can improve your self-awareness, confidence and leadership skill.

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par Pore J

29 févr. 2016

One of the best courses by Coursera . It is substantial promotes my leadership.

par Dr. M K

10 avr. 2019

Good course, effective practical methods, great lectures. Enjoyed it.

par Nader B

27 août 2016

good stuff like the first MOOC thanks valerie

par Sarah B

6 déc. 2017

Very insightful and meaningful.

par Kashif R

15 janv. 2016

A change I am feeling in myself

par Mohamed A S A E S

3 juil. 2022

Was a nice experience


par Akash J

25 déc. 2015

Excellent way of teaching.

par 단지 피

29 mai 2019

Good and Beneficial.


6 févr. 2016

Great Experience

par Gloria H

6 juin 2016

Is very good

par Divya L

22 juil. 2019


par Guillaume B

24 oct. 2016

as already explained in the preceding question, this MOOC is less well built and thus useful than the preceding one, partly due to the lack of time and efforts to present the tools, among which the score, the savoir relier protocol which stays on the whole quite theoretical, and some of the leadership models which are given too short a time for students to really make themselves an opinion about it.

too many interventions from Oriane and references to what was certainly a nice show, would be good to balance testimonies from young students with more development coming from mature managers

this said, on the whole the MOOC stays a very interesting activity, and my last word will be to thank the team and wish for the SR community to become live, as I have found the conversation a very useful and surprising method.

par David Y

3 mai 2021

Please change the way this savoir relier duo has to be done.

Its frustrating that im behind because the website didn't find a peer for me until the day after the submission date of the assignment. And I sent in my request for me peer 4-5 days before. I had everything done and was ahead. Now I find myself having a late assignment because the savoir relier website fails to find a peer for me fast enough.

I dont think this waiting for a peer to have a conversation is effective.

par Nicole M

24 févr. 2020

I liked the reflection and duo interaction, but the videos were not filled with many revelations...

par Dana N

25 févr. 2018

The course is good, however it could be made in a more concise way.

par Mehmet H

13 juin 2019

not so interactive

par Ricardo O

11 déc. 2015

This course (as the previous one) needs some improvements. First learning only relying on videos is not very effective. There are no lecture slides neither consistent addtional resources to grasp seriously the materials. Also the way quizzes are designed is not - in my opinion, very well planned. The videos alone do not give consistent background to approach seriously the quizzes. Also - again in my opinion, I didn't saw a consistent approach to the materials, neither the examples given made any sense. In the last video, there is a mention to the business world and how to apply this savoir relier approach, but in contrast the videos and examples show as examples a situation extreme with an avalanche, use the HEC MBA program as example. I simply don't see how this can relate with the business world as a consistent comparison. I think you should reflect on this.

par Steve

9 mai 2019

Personally, I do not find this module as helpful as the first one. While it does force me to think more about myself, it doesn't propel me forward in my leadership experience. The video content is good, but the course assignments did not help me as much. Between this course and the first course in the specialization, I prefer the first course more.

par Curtis W

13 août 2018


par Bouchenez A

4 févr. 2020

plusieurs semaines à attendre la correction de ses devoirs!!!