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Dates limites flexibles

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Course Preview and Intro

Join Jim Barton on a leadership journey...that quickly becomes tougher than expected!

3 vidéos (Total 12 min), 4 lectures
3 vidéos
Introduction to the Course6 min
Introduction to the Dramatized Episodes3 min
4 lectures
Background Info about SMA and Jim Barton10 min
Jeffrey Pfeffer: What Most People Don't Know About Leadership10 min
Invitation to a brief questionnaire10 min
Link to the "Meet and Greet" Forum10 min
1 heures pour terminer

Taking on a New Leadership Role

So you've been presented with a new leadership "opportunity"...should you accept it? Should Jim Barton have taken this job? How would YOU decide?

2 vidéos (Total 10 min), 4 lectures, 1 quiz
2 vidéos
Episode 1: Jim Barton's First Day as CEO (Day 1)9 min
4 lectures
Hiring a new CEO10 min
Reading: Making it to the top10 min
Questions for reflection and forum discussion10 min
Learner suggestions: Questions to ask (or try to find answers to) before accepting a leadership "opportunity"10 min
1 exercices pour s'entraîner
Choosing or Becoming a New Leader12 min
2 heures pour terminer

Getting Oriented and Assessing Your Team

As a new leader, the first order of business is to survey the landscape, get your bearings, and figure out what's really going on. Perhaps the most crucial part of that is assessing the team you've inherited. Who will be an ally in what you need to accomplish? Who will be an obstacle? Who should stay, and who should go? How will YOU decide?

4 vidéos (Total 36 min), 6 lectures, 2 quiz
4 vidéos
Episode 2: Meeting the CFO (Day 3)12 min
Episode 3: Touring the SMA Plant (Day 4)9 min
Episode 4: Meeting the Head of Engineering (Day 4)13 min
6 lectures
A New Leader's First 100 Days10 min
SMA's Income Statement10 min
Reports from a Boeing Factory10 min
To-Do list for Today's CEO10 min
Reflection and discussion: Assessing Barton's team10 min
A Vital Task: Getting Your Team Right10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Assessing the Head of Engineering2 min
Getting Started as a New Leader8 min
2 heures pour terminer

Communication in an Age of Super Transparency

In an age of social media and super hackers, leaders have to worry more than ever about secrets getting out, making hard decisions under scrutiny, and people misinterpreting what the company and its leaders are doing. Thanks primarily to the advance of technology, the organizational activities have never been more transparent. How should a leader take this new 21st century reality into account? Do past communications and PR approaches need to change? How would YOU do it?

6 vidéos (Total 52 min), 5 lectures, 2 quiz
6 vidéos
Episode 5: Kohler's Philosophy of Disclosure (Day 8)5 min
Episode 6: The Gala (Day 8)9 min
Part 1 of Living and Leading in an Era of Super Transparency8 min
Part 2 of Living and Leading in an Era of Super Transparency10 min
Part 3 of Living and Leading in an Era of Super Transparency16 min
5 lectures
How Capitalism Can Thrive in a Transparent World10 min
Dan Geer: "We are all intelligence officers now"10 min
Links to check out for Super Transparency Lecture10 min
Reflection and discussion: Advising Barton on transparency10 min
Learner recommendations: How to address social media challenges10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Approaches to Communication2 min
The Era of Super Transparency8 min
2 heures pour terminer

Leading Collaboration

When you're building something as complicated as an airplane, people have to work together. As a leader, it's a part of your job to populate teams, develop relationships, orchestrate process, and set up conducive environments to maximize the effectiveness of collaborative work. How is this done? How would YOU accomplish it?

6 vidéos (Total 37 min), 7 lectures, 3 quiz
6 vidéos
Introduction to the topic of leading collaboration3 min
Leading Collaboration at IDEO8 min
Leading Collaboration at Mass Animation9 min
Collaborative Leadership5 min
Episode 7: Old Friends (Day 13)9 min
7 lectures
Video of IDEO's collaboration, "The Deep Dive"10 min
Reflection10 min
Mass Animation10 min
Reflection and discussion: Collaboration at IDEO and Mass Animation10 min
What is "Collaborative Leadership"?10 min
Introduction to Dramatized Episode #710 min
Reflection and discussion: Advising Barton on collaboration10 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
Determining the right context for collaboration2 min
Diagnosis2 min
Collaborative Leadership8 min
2 heures pour terminer

Motivating and Inspiring

A leader must be able to move other people -- potentially in directions those others do not wish to go. A very important part of a leader's role, then, is to motivate people -- to somehow provide the impulse to move others in a particular direction. Indeed, a leader often needs to get people moving together, in a similar direction. But there are different ways of doing this. Incentives, for example, operate differently than inspiration, and the two might not work equally well in a particular circumstance. How should the 21st century leader motivate people? What would YOU do?

5 vidéos (Total 52 min), 5 lectures, 2 quiz
5 vidéos
Episode 8: The Merit Pay System (Day 24)17 min
Motivating, Inspiring, and Other Ways Leaders Get People Moving in a Particular Direction: Introduction7 min
Motivating and Inspiring etc.: Economic models and their problems14 min
Motivating and Inspiring etc.: What are the alternatives to incentives?11 min
5 lectures
Introduction to Episode #810 min
Motivation in Literature 110 min
Motivation in Literature 210 min
Readings and Video10 min
Reflection and discussion: Motivating people10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
What do you think?2 min
Motivating, Inspiring, and Leadership10 min
2 heures pour terminer

Effective Governance

A leader operates within a framework that outlines her or his responsibilities, range of authority, and access to resources -- we call such frameworks "governance." Governance empowers a leader but also looks over her or his shoulder. A precondition for effectiveness as a leader is having a foundation of sound governance. And although it can be rather tricky, leaders sometimes have to try to make changes to the governance framework within which they work. If you're a CEO and you decide you have an ineffective board of directors -- to whom you report -- what would YOU do?

7 vidéos (Total 36 min), 5 lectures, 1 quiz
7 vidéos
Episode 9: Barton's First Board Meeting Day 31)11 min
Episode 10: Sleeping with the Press (Day 31)5 min
Episode 11: "A Sensitive Matter" (Day 45)1 min
Episode 12: "Reconfiguring the Board of Directors" (Day 45)11 min
Episode 13: The Reconfiguration Process (Day 93)2 min
Episode 14: Reconfiguration Accomplished (Day 135)2 min
5 lectures
What does a board of directors do?10 min
Introduction to Episodes 9 and 1010 min
Reflection10 min
What makes for an effective board of directors?10 min
Reflection and discussion: Creating a better Board of Directors10 min
1 exercices pour s'entraîner
Effective Governance8 min
1 heures pour terminer

Leading Change

Convincing people to change their ways might be THE hardest job a leader has to do. And if getting people to change is hard, getting groups -- who work together in the old ways and reinforce each other's sense of "the way it's always been" -- is even harder. But if you're going to transform a company, you're going to have to change things, in a big way. How would YOU go about it?

3 vidéos (Total 7 min), 2 lectures, 2 quiz
3 vidéos
Episode 15: Talking Shop (Day 48 and Day 118)3 min
Episode 16: Design Delay (Day 68)2 min
2 lectures
Leading change in organizations10 min
Reflection and discussion: Assessing Barton's performance10 min
2 exercices pour s'entraîner
Assessing Barton as a Change Leader2 min
Leading Change4 min
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