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Computer Vision is one of the most exciting fields in Machine Learning and AI. It has applications in many industries such as self-driving cars, robotics, augmented reality, face detection in law enforcement agencies. In this beginner-friendly course you will understand about computer vision, and will learn about its various applications across many industries. As part of this course you will utilize Python, Watson AI, and OpenCV to process images and interact with image classification models. You will also build, train, and test your own custom image classifiers. This is a hands-on course and involves several labs and exercises. All the labs will be performed on the Cloud and you will be provided access to a Cloud environment completely free of charge. At the end of the course, you will create your own computer vision web app and deploy it to the Cloud. This course does not require any prior Machine Learning or Computer Vision experience, however some knowledge of Python programming language is necessary....

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12 nov. 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learned about OpenCV a bit and added to my small knowledge of Python. The ability to know how to train Watson to do optical recognizition will be invaluable.

19 août 2019

This is one of the best course by IBM. I specifically enjoyed Computer Vision modelling and its related project and also enjoyed the way team put in effort for designing this course.

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par David B

16 sept. 2019

Another course with potential, ruined by a flakey operational platform. IBM Cloud as provisioned in this course is not fit for purpose, end of story. Exercises are often impossible to do because servers, storage or proxies in the IBM cloud are down, and the instructions are not always complete either.

Sadly, the material, though informative at a very high level, is nowhere near detailed enough to actually teach the underlying integration, though you'll be well able to cut, paste and press "Shift-Enter" by the time you finish, even if you have no clue what the code you're executing does.

The title is misleading too - this is a Watson Visual Recogniser course. It describes this product (as a visual classifier) quite well, but it barely touches any of the ideas behind Computer Vision, and doesn't really teach anything at all about OpenCV.

Worth doing for free if you have nothing better to do, but there are better ways to spend your time and money.

par Gaurav M

25 oct. 2019

Course was good but not the content. Almost every lab is broken and people have to wait for the course administrator to respond. At the end we ourselves join the things so that it will work so on one hand its nice that we learn as things are broken but for some people its first hand to programming or IBM Watson and the image they are going to carry will not be nice.

For the coursera I would strongly comment that this course is full of errors and how they placed this course with the monthly subscription be the big question. For me if it be free there will be some relaxation.

par Louis S

4 oct. 2019

Except the week 3, this is only advertising for Watson from IBM.

The third weeks is teaching interesting things about OpenCV and the other week are just saying every minutes how Watson is great but the using could be teach in 5 minutes.

par Ranjan B

24 sept. 2019

This is the first pathetic course experience I have on Course - my assignment has not been reviewed since last 4 days . . .

par Diana M

16 nov. 2019

Too many technical hurdles, too little help, disappointed with the level of support

par Jay P

8 sept. 2019

Labs are quite poorly written and make it very difficult to learn.

par Kane H

5 oct. 2019

Too many bugs in the course to work through.

par mohamed a

28 nov. 2019

most of the codes is not explained , late support to solve it .

par Ehsan M

6 déc. 2019

Very specific to using only Watson; not much math is explained. This course could be great for some audience, but not for me. I need a course that gives me deeper insight.

par John P

9 sept. 2020

The target material for this course is very interesting. The execution of the course is severely lacking. This course is in desperate need of quality control review by someone other than the instructors in order to point out everything that needs to be fixed.

Deprecated commands are used in the jupyter notebooks.

The instructions for the final talk about evaluating furniture, when in reality you're supposed to be evaluating helmets. The "supplied images" for helmet/no-helmet do not appear until AFTER the project is submitted, so anyone who used their own images for helmet/no-helmet technically gets failed for not using the supplied images, which are not supplied up-front.

The instructions for publishing the classification model to the web is full of errors as can be witnessed by the desperate conversations in the forum.

I voluntarily peer-reviewed more than the required (single) final assignment and the more that I reviewed, the more I could see that the above problems are being experienced by many with very little useful resolution from the course overlords.

Please... this entire course... have someone go through it from beginning to end and debug it. The material being covered is GREAT, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. If this had been the first course in the specialization I was taking, I would have given up. It's that bad.

par Rohit B

31 mars 2020

Very good course. The last part of publishing the classifier to the cloud could not work for me. But it was optional for the grading, so was not an issue. I’d have liked it to work though.

This course really opens up your horizons to the world of computer vision. So I’d highly recommend it to you even if you’re not doing the IBM certification as it introduces to a very interesting open source library called OpenCV.

Some (marketing style) material regarding IBM is expected. But I felt it was a bit of an overkill (especially In the first week). Fortunately all down to studying thereafter!


29 avr. 2020

Good Day

I am sincerely grateful and thankful to Coursera for affording me this learning Opportunity in this Covid 19 Lockdown situation .

If I can leverage my learning and apply it in the work situation , I shall consider myself successful .

Thanks and Warm Regards.


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par Advay M

13 août 2020

This course is a perfect starter guide for those interested in Computer Vision. Clear, crisp, and interesting,, this course gives the student all the information they need, re-enforced with examples, and a variety of applications. Neither too hard an complicated, nor to easy and boring, this course is perfectly in the middle, and is an engaging resource for many.

par Adaobi A

7 juin 2020

I never thought I would learn how to build chatbots, classify images, and learning python applicable to AI. This course broke the concepts down and made it so interactive that I could not step away from my computer. I look forward to really applying these acquired skills in real-life scenarios.

par Greeshmanth

16 mai 2020

The course was very innovative and was awesome. There are many problems faced by me during the Final project of course. Though I got help in discussions forum it too many corrections and reloadings. So please try to avoid those for future learners

par Anjum J

26 juil. 2020

Great learning experience with IBM Watson Computer Vision! Highly recommended for beginners and serious AI developers and architects looking to make a mark in the space and extend their research further.

par Mike O

13 nov. 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learned about OpenCV a bit and added to my small knowledge of Python. The ability to know how to train Watson to do optical recognizition will be invaluable.

par Suhas S

19 août 2019

This is one of the best course by IBM. I specifically enjoyed Computer Vision modelling and its related project and also enjoyed the way team put in effort for designing this course.

par Tanisha C

21 juin 2020

It was a great course that I had fun completing.

I thank the instructors and especially the course mentors for their constant and timely support.


Tanisha Cijo.

par Ben W

13 juil. 2019

Although the topic was interesting and the application relatively easy, there were too many obstacles to really enjoy the rollout of the classifier in the cloud.

par Srinivas S R B

2 juil. 2020

Well Explained about each and every tools and how to train and test the models and deploy into the cloud services I had very good expreience in collabrating into IBM

par Sophia J C

14 juil. 2019

Great introduction to Visual Recognition and Computer Vision! Lots of examples are provided for me to grasp the concepts behind complicated applications!

par Gaurab R P

13 juin 2020

The course is well designed. The only issue I have witnessed was during running LAB in Jupyter Notebook, I hope it will be fixed soon.

par Mohit S

6 mai 2020

Very interesting course with very good hands on practice using the labs. Helps to learn very useful, practical skills.

par John N M

9 avr. 2020

The course was great, but there were several technical issues as there have been with the entire IBM AI certification.