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This course provides an introduction to International Organizations and the United Nations, and explores how business and management tools can be applied in these settings to achieve better, more effective results. With a focus on cross-sector partnerships in a changing world, the course offers you insights into the inner workings of international organizations and the challenges they face today. It will introduce you to effective, state-of-the art management tools and principles to help you lead change in this world – taught by senior staff of international organizations themselves. This is an introductory course offered by the International Organizations MBA (IO-MBA) of the University of Geneva, an executive program for change-makers in international organizations, NGOs and social ventures....

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5 juil. 2020

This is definite one of the most interesting g course I have ever taken. The instructors are well grounded in the field with lots of experience in International Development and United Nations system.


13 mai 2022

It's an amazing journey with you all. Starting with the introduction by Julian Fleet to the last beautifully taken by Claudia and Cassandra. Thanks a lot. This indeed was an insightful one. Thank you

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12 avr. 2019



par Gazmend G

11 avr. 2019

Excellent course in content and in delivery!

par Benedikt R

14 mai 2021

Overall great course. Unfortunately some of the links in the sections further reading are not valid anymore. Also one of the questions during the lectures is connected with the wrong answer, labelled as correct.

par Sockhwee T

7 juin 2020

This gave me a good structure in thinking about managing international organisations but I rate it 3 stars because my learning was impeded by several links that did not lead to the materials I wanted to review. This is very unfortunate and reflect rather poorly on the management of this online course. I understand that its a task to keep links updated but as a learning organisation I expect nothing less. I therefore decided not to pay for this as I felt I didnt get all that I expected.

par Andrea d C M

19 avr. 2020

More than "Management" the course should be called "Introduction". The information was good and most professors were obviously experts in the field, but it seems that the method could be more fun or creative. The depth of the course is not enough for someone who already has a basic knowledge in the International Organizations area. Some of the links for external texts did not work. I specially liked Professor Romo's module.

par Laura R

30 mars 2021

El contenido de los vídeos era muy bueno y los profesores y oradores han hecho un trabajo espectacular, sin duda; pero la mayoría de los enlaces dejaban bastante que desear: algunos directamente no funcionaban, y otros eran demasiado generales (p.ej. "explora la página de UNICEF" o cosas por ese estilo).

par Barbara B

23 nov. 2020

Le cours est bien structuré, les thèmes abordés pertinents, les professeurs sont des experts dans les matières qu'ils enseignent. A noter que certains liens proposés ne sont pas disponibles et certains contenus pourraient être approfondis

par Olubimpe E

16 oct. 2022

It has been an intensive and interesting few weeks of learning about International Organizations. I have learnt more about the United Nations (UN) and its specialize agencies such as the International labour Organization (ILO), World Health Organization (WHO), etc. I have leant about the structure of the UN, the member countries, its objective for being and how it carries out its various functions.

The shifting context of International Organizations was discussed extensively in relation to hierachies and networks as these also relate to current global challenges such as trade, climate change and internet governance.

The course further dicussed how the Secretary General can create space through strategic alignment and the submissions of two key Management Specialists were reviewed - Michael Porter and John Kotter. The example of Dag Hammrskjold, the second Secretary General of the UN was elaborated upon as a good example of someone who intervened and successfully createdd space during a very trying period and between two powers, China and the US.

I appreciated the topic on Private Public Partnerships (PPP), the drivers such as complex societal challenges, restricted resources and reach of market. The risks were also highlighted such as governance structure potential conflicts of interest and asymteric power relations and lack of transparency. Further thought was given on Partenership Life Cyle and Operational Model from the preparation, Implementation and reveiw and renewal phases.

In preparing a PPP, it is important to have shared vision and purpose, time and capacity, internal support capacity and a welcoming culture.

Finally, the role of marketing and fundraising for international organizations was discussed. The need for build a marketing plan, to manage the Brand which is the IO's identity, the brand process and in fundraising, build a case for support.

i appreciated the emphasis on the government managed IOs because it enabled me to visualize the challenges of bringing nations with different authorizing environments together to collaborate and build a future of sustainable goals that would positively impact billions of people. For profit organizations, the objectives are very clear and concise. There may be deviations but it would not differ too far from the core organizational goals.

However, this course has enabled me to have a better appreciation for the effort it takes for many international organizations to continuously work together with civil societies, governments and businesses to achieve goals.

par Panique M

10 avr. 2022

First of all is to say thank you coursera community and Geneva University for bring to us these valuable skills to where we are!

The course is designed in a very specific and concised format for the fact that it touches all the areas necessary for young manager of a local organization to grow well.

I was motivated to learn this course because I initiated a community led organization in Kakuma Refugee camp called " ThinkWithMe" in short TWM and it website is "" voluntarly implemeting foreign langue acquisition to adult, young peole and backing up primary and secondary formal education and other related projects are pending because of luck of suports.

It is my request and a cry i am lancing to the two partners to help me serve the community here in the camp since theirs skills are fruictful.

Thank you .

par Mohan K S

13 juil. 2020

The Course is wonderfully designed, I got exposure to know the Historical context of International organizations, UN mandate, governance and functions. It helped me to know the global supply chain and trade agreements. It skilled me on following aspects too.

· Public private partnership

· Development the PPP governance structure

· To select the right partners

· Negotiation and brokering of partnership

· Building strategic marketing plan

· Using communication mix

· Media and branding

· Fund raising and developing case support and

Leadership & management

I hope, I will use all my learning in my work and I believe, it is a values addition to my professional career.

par Abhijna P

20 juil. 2020

The course on 'International Organizations Management' offered by the 'University of Geneva' through 'Coursera' is indeed a great course for gaining wonderful insights of the 'International Organizations'. The course touches upon some very important and crucial aspects. The structure of this course in indeed great, but what makes this course awesome is its Faculties. All the faculties in the course are wonderful. They articulate the thoughts so nicely, that the course becomes so easy and interesting. I would really like to thank all the Professors and the whole team of the course. Kudos to you All!

par Afif A

25 avr. 2022

Very interesting course. All the professors and lecturers were excellent in their presentations. The course material is relevant to the topic of the course. The course load needs more than 6 weeks to complete comfortably. Some parts could be given in two weeks rather than one week. The readings are well chosen, but some of them need more time to cover than the time alloted in the course. The management of the online course is successful and easy to handle for students. The followup encourages students to put an extra effort and gives them incentives to complete the course.

par Abdul-Latif I

17 oct. 2021

Very stimulating, educative and simple lecture format. I have learned a lot from this course practically than any other course or program of international relations/politics that I have undertaken. The course syllabus and content are relatable to the job descriptions at the United Nations that I have so far explored. Highly recommend for anyone looking to work in any international organization beyond the UNs itself. Thanks to the faculty members who have steered us throughout the course.

par Augusto G

9 sept. 2020

Excelente inducción e inmersión al mundo de los Organismos Internacionales. Los temas elegidos son extremadamente apropiados y adecuadamente ordenados para el aprendizaje. El staff encargado de impartir las lecturas es de muy alto nivel e incentivan a quienes cursamos el programa a involucrarnos en la misión de los Organismos Internacionales. Ginebra es la capital del multilateralismo y la Universidad de Ginebra es el centro adecuado para profesionalizarnos en este tan importante asunto.

par Makarius I K

23 avr. 2020

It has been a very educative course which has helped to widen my knowledge about the United nations and other international organisations and their management,

I have also gained a lot of skills during the course and I'm very ready to use them to add value to any organisation that I might be given the opportunity to manage,

I also wish to thank the university of Geneva and all the staff for wonderful they have put together in making this course most especially to the lecturers


par Mwiya M

22 mai 2022

The course is very rich and very resourcful in terms of knowledge as well as very helpful in helping to understand what is all about International Organizations and all what is involved in the management.

I am very glad and grateful that I am now equiped with this very vital knowledge and this will not be my last time to take such course as it will help me deepen my career in the International Organizations mangement as well as project management.

Thank you

par James R

23 janv. 2022

It gives me immense honor to complete the International Organizations Management IO MBA under the University of Geneva. I would honestly like to thank the trainers, Professors Gilbert Probst, Sebastian Buckup, Bruce Jenks Stephan Mergenthaler, Cassandra Quintanilla, Lea Stadtler Claudia Gonzalez Romo, Julian Fleet, Tina Ambos for their dedication in teaching and mentoring. I will use this education to the serve humanitarian causes in the United Nations.

par Keithe F B

10 août 2020

International Organizations Management Course gave me fulfilling insights and concepts to understand deeply how international organizations work collaboratively with public sectors and civil societal groups. Moreover, the lessons and courses set by the professors are very significant to one another. I really enjoyed learning with this course and would help me to become more competent and learned as I engage myself in IOs for my future employment/s.

par José M V R

28 déc. 2020

Excelente curso que lo lleva a través de ese mundo inigualable de las organizaciones internacionales, su historia y sus logros, especialmente agradable el tema de la ONU y sus componentes, temas y liderazgo, ademas resultó muy gratificante actualizarse en temas del cambio de contexto en las RRII; en lo personal me resultó fascinante el tema de los PPP, liderazgo en las NNUU y mas aún el tema de Marketing, recolección de fondos y comunicaciones.

par Trisna K

4 mars 2021

Dear all ,

I attended this course during this pandemic crisis to learn about this international organization which I have been always interested to be involved into it. It's my privilage to attend it too. It was so much joy for me to study , home office and supervise my teneegers sons for the homeshooling. My commitment and dedication to complete the assigments have been paid off. Thank you so much to all of you. Till next course.

par Fatima Z

20 déc. 2020

Its the best course, everyone should study this course. Its tells and prepares us for working in United Nations organization or for working in other international organizations. A very good course for those students who have studied international Relations , International Law or other important subjects.

Thanks University of Geneva for providing us with this course.

Thanks coursera for making us learn many courses.

par Lauren C

18 avr. 2020

This was an excellent overview of the key dimensions of international organizations: structure, leadership, multi-sectoral partnerships, fundraising, and cause marketing. The instructors are accomplished practitioners who provide concrete examples of the guiding principles and theories. As a professional seeking to work for an international organization, I gained a great deal of insight and analytical tools.

par kesiena T

27 déc. 2020

This course is fantastic, it is excellent!. It gave me a very good insight of why International Organizations, and how they are being managed, their challenges and opportunities. I also gain fresh insights into the SDG goals, Public Private Partnerships, International Trade, Strategy and leadership, Hierarchies and networks, Marketing, branding, communications, etc. It is a wonderful course!

par Email D

15 juil. 2020

I learned more important theories and informations from this online course. It was attractive journey with professors, speaking visitors , instructors and other with respect. I feel right now I fully understand the work and history of IOs and the a United Nations , which is a helpful for my career and work with both of them ... Thank you for all your efforts and best regards..