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Digital technologies are changing business, government and society worldwide. Clearly, they’re opening up new risks and opportunities for every sector of the world economy. Such “futurology” may offer you the big picture, but what does a digital world mean for you, personally? Will you be ready for an automated, AI-assisted, big-data-driven employment future? This course provides you an answer to these questions, and it does so from a unique perspective: by introducing you to the world of intelligence analysis. First, this course explains some of the skills that will command a premium in the digital age, and why. Then, it offers you mental models and practical frameworks developed by the US intelligence community to give you a cognitive edge understanding the digital world. This edge is not about spying or secrets. It’s about better thinking. This analytic toolkit has nothing to do with tired, static MBA-style strategy frameworks. Instead, these tools to help you come to grips with the volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and deception of the digital age. Ultimately, this course makes the case that as the world becomes more digital, your future success depends most of all on asking better questions of both yourself and others. Therefore, it teaches you how to adopt an intelligence analyst’s question-asking mindset. In short, take this course to acquire a sustainable business advantage through clearer, more structured thinking....

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par john m

Jan 16, 2019

IE Business School does it again (also see Critical Perspectives on Management)

Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age non-credit online-course is excellent exposure to better business thinking (adaption, process, strategy ) through a curated presentation of tools & readings sourced from the intelligence gathering industry.

Apart being an excellent recruiting tool, this courses outlines human skills to work on to improve one's integration of A.I .

par Einar A T

Aug 13, 2018

This course is a wonderful introduction into understanding how to leverage the same tools and frameworks that are employed by Intelligence Analysts in order to understand companies and operating models from a different perspective. I enjoyed this course because of the immediate application to my own strategic thinking and toolbox, and I definitely wish to frame that this is a course that should be considered as a 'jumping point' towards much more learning and skills that can be gathered to become further versed in the world of analysis. I see immediate application of the frameworks presented within towards anyone who is looking to understand approaches towards improving their own analysis skills.

par Alexandru F

Sep 18, 2018

This is one of the best courses I have seen so far as a MOOC (not only on Coursera, but out there too). Though it may not seem obvious out front, this is a very valuable course for thinking modelling and shaping.

par Vladimir T

Oct 22, 2018

Very good course. Can add value to any analyst's work. Thanks!


Jun 09, 2019

It was my 1st online course and it was very good for me and I get many things.

par Muhammad A A

Aug 02, 2019

I found it really enlightening and give a lot of insights on how applicable the intelligence analysis as a whole to another sector. While at that, the idea of using Lowenthal's book and other articles is really interesting to put it into another perspective i.e. in business or any other sectors. But I found it really nice to know more about how the applicability of the idea. Thank you!

par Yining S

Nov 18, 2019

Great course and great overview of the field.

par Krisinder K

Nov 24, 2019

This is a really interesting course that brings to you models and frameworks from the intelligence world to help you analyse issues better. The videos are short and sharp, the recommended readings are highly insightful and the assessments through quizzes are suitably challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecturer’s teaching style as well.

par Wellington d A D

Nov 29, 2019


par Maham J

Nov 28, 2019

It was a bit boring but quite helpful. The lectures should be made a bit fun as I know I could've complete the course long before if it was fun.

par Mike Y W

Sep 09, 2018

I really enjoyed this course! It puts into words some very common sense items to improve thinking processes by introducing a set of tools and frameworks to do so. The readings were thought provoking, and directly tied into the video lectures, which were very easy to understand. I'm taking a star off though as I would have liked to see the correct answers to the quizzes, which were still easy albeit somewhat harder than other courses I've taken on Coursera so far.

par Binay

Oct 16, 2018

this is a very different course and does approach the business analysis and intelligence gathering differently. This is useful but the course name may be is misleading . this is not at all about digital age, it talks about how to make better sense of information. I will still recommend this to all managers and business analysts

par Jander A V

Sep 02, 2019

O curso é uma boa introdução sobre o tema. Mas de fato, trata-se mais de senso comum o conteúdo do curto.

par david d j

Nov 25, 2019