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This course will help lay the foundation of your healthcare data journey and provide you with knowledge and skills necessary to work in the healthcare industry as a data scientist. Healthcare is unique because it is associated with continually evolving and complex processes associated with health management and medical care. We'll learn about the many facets to consider in healthcare and determine the value and growing need for data analysts in healthcare. We'll learn about the Triple Aim and other data-enabled healthcare drivers. We'll cover different concepts and categories of healthcare data and describe how ontologies and related terms such as taxonomy and terminology organize concepts and facilitate computation. We'll discuss the common clinical representations of data in healthcare systems, including ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, drug vocabularies (e.g., RxNorm), and clinical data standards. We’ll discuss the various types of healthcare data and assess the complexity that occurs as you work with pulling in all the different types of data to aid in decisions. We will analyze various types and sources of healthcare data, including clinical, operational claims, and patient generated data as well as differentiate unstructured, semi-structured and structured data within health data contexts. We'll examine the inner workings of data and conceptual harmony offer some solutions to the data integration problem by defining some important concepts, methods, and applications that are important to this domain....

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11 juin 2019

This course is well loaded with information that is useful for data scientists (or intending data scientists) in healthcare. The instructor did a wonderful job.


12 janv. 2020

Excellent introduction to the context of USA medical care state of business from politeconomy point of view.

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par Ann D B

23 mars 2022

The content of the course was good and provided a introduction to concepts in healthcare data analytics. I had expected more focus on concepts related to data modeling and software used in analytics processes, but maybe these topics are addressed in later courses in the series. This is less a criticism of the course itself and more of the Coursera approach in general, but I did not like the peer-reviewed assignments. I didn't mind doing the assignments themselves. I found the assignments somewhat interesting, but I didn't like the fact that obtaining a final grade was dependent on receiving feedback from other learners and waiting for others to submit their reviews. I prefer a course where I can complete the work entirely on my own time. I very much disliked having to log back in day after day to see if anyone had submitted an assignment that I could grade.

par Christine R

12 mai 2020

The weekly modules had great content that was easy to follow. I appreciated the small quizzes in-between the larger end-of-week quiz to make sure that we're on track! Only one comment on peer-review process: I submitted my report on time but I had to extend my deadline since the reviewer gave me feedback more than a week later. I hope this is not a common occurrence and can be a deterrent to signing up for another course.

par fatemeh k

12 sept. 2022

This course is very different than other courses that you took on coursera!

I had issues with peer-graded assignments in this course. We were supposed to upload a pdf file of our work and grade at least 3 assignments. I uploaded my HW and graded 14 assignments and almost all of them were either cheating (uploaded another person's HW) or uploaded a file that was not related to the assignment at all. It looks like most of these people are just scamming Coursera! I waited for a week to get my HW graded and I finally received a grade! Fail! While one grader went through the ruberic and graded my work based on that, there was another person who simply gave me zero on all sections!!! The first question was simply "Did the learner upload a PDF report? " That person gave me zero even on this part! It looks like these people do not want to spend some time grading your work. They just want to open and close 3 people's work to pass the "Review your peers" section! And they simply put zero on everything! Coursera's solution to this problem is really funny! Submit it again!

par Matthias U

26 janv. 2022

Content seems a little bit outdated. A refresh would be good.

par Karishma T

19 mars 2020

A good introductory course into Healthcare and Data Analytics. It would also help to know the differences in detail between various healthcare coding material and what is majorly used and how often they all get refreshed by the International committee.

par Kabakov B

13 janv. 2020

Excellent introduction to the context of USA medical care state of business from politeconomy point of view.


11 avr. 2020

it' s the best experience among all the courses done

par Pushpa T S

31 oct. 2020

This course helped to know about different terminologies used in healthcare. Organizing of both administrative and patient records in specific format, promotes health and helps patient to take necessary precautions. Lot of information about data set is given. This really opens immense opportunity, to provide quality service to patient.

par Rebecca S

25 avr. 2022

Some of this was over my head at frist, but, by the end, i think i was able to put it together. Everything is laid out well and the lectures and slides are greeat. And the best part is all the resources they pointed me towards that i can use in my role

par Erick W

15 juin 2020

Great introduction to Healthcare Data. The final assignment did a thorough job of bringing together the varied topics from the course into one wholistic capstone that enabled students to fully apply what they learned during the course.

par Justice D A

12 juin 2019

This course is well loaded with information that is useful for data scientists (or intending data scientists) in healthcare. The instructor did a wonderful job.

par Igor S

19 août 2020

A very good course about healthcare data introduction. Maybe a structure of peer graded assignment would be a little bit differently arranged.

par Teimuraz M

27 déc. 2022

Very good as an introduction. You have to keep going for more advanced concepts and knowledge.

par JP

17 oct. 2022

Great course. Some formatting issues made quizzes hard to read, but overall great intro.

par 島田千春

5 juin 2021

This is good course to learn the challenge of RWD. Thank you so much.

par Brittany A

19 mai 2020

Thank you for keeping me on my clothes in this class

par Safeer M K

6 août 2020

Great introduction to Healthcare Data

par AQUINO, A M (

27 sept. 2020

Perfectly paced, well-informative

par Maxwell W

21 juil. 2019

Good introduction

par Ferdian B W

11 oct. 2020

Good explanation

par Nikhil S

13 juin 2020

Just amazing

par The I N

24 août 2019

Great Course

par Mona A A

4 juil. 2020


par Michael G

14 nov. 2020

The course provided an interesting approach to healthcare data literacy and I definitely learned a few things. The end project was extensive and it did properly summarize the concepts taught throughout the course. The discussions were interesting and I think if there were less questions, there may be more student participation. Overall, I would say the class was worth it.

par Shib B

20 mars 2019

Overall I liked the course. I am giving 4 star due to issue with lack of forum responses. Did not look any TA was assigned to the program.