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In this course, you will learn how you can use imagery and imagery interventions to help with symptom management and healing, as well as to enhance overall health and wellbeing. You will experience a variety of imagery interventions and evaluate how they might be helpful in providing relief or enhancing quality of life. By the end of the course, you will know how to assess if guided imagery is appropriate in specific situations or with specific patients. You will be able to find and evaluate guided imagery scripts and recordings you might use. Most importantly, you will learn how to write and record effective guided imagery scripts of your own for specific needs at work or in your personal life. Continuing Education Credit This course has been designed to meet Minnesota Board of Nursing continuing education requirements for 14.5 contact hours and may be eligible for CE credit from other professional boards that allow self-documenting of continuing education activities. It is your responsibility to check with your regulatory board to confirm this course meets your local requirements and, if necessary, to provide them with the certificate of completion you get if you pay for and fulfill all the requirements of this course....

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14 sept. 2020

Its a Very powerful Course.It can be a blessing for the patients of depression ,Anxiety and pain.Instructor is wonderful. very practical and theoretically sound and engaging


30 déc. 2020

I found this course to be exceptional , great skills to be learned .Cant wait to start the next course in this specialization . Exceptional Teaching by Susan Thompson

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par Daniel M

3 juin 2020

I liked this course very much and i will definitely recommend it. It gave me a different perspective on meditation and more confidence when i learned how much more applications it has. The most interesting and challenging thing was the final peer-review project where we had to create and record a our own guided imagery session.

par Nicola J

1 mars 2019

Fabulous course which I found of great personal benefit. I have started to use guided imagery and found that I am able to relax more which makes my muscles less tense that all helps with pain management. I thoroughly recommend this course. My thanks to the educators and course organisers.

par Ana N

14 janv. 2020

This course gives you the basic and essential tools to create your own recordings for guided imagery. I think that if you complete it you will feel secure to make your own recordings and also to explain to your patients/clients/... what guided imagery is and how it works.

par Kim B

11 mai 2020

This course was positive and uplifting. The instructor made you feel you could really put together your own guided imagery. I never thought I could, so, thank you!

par Melinda

23 janv. 2020

I really enjoyed the course. The content was interactive and engaging. I learned skills that I can incorporate in my daily life as well as my job.

par Laura M

30 sept. 2020

I really enjoyed this course and feel as though the guided imagery I completed was good for a first and I look forward to completing more

par Catalina S B

4 avr. 2019

This course will give you extremely valuable tools that could change your life, the health and quality of life of those around you.

par melissa r

26 août 2019

I loved this course. The teacher was effective and obviously skilled in her field.

par Christine

13 oct. 2019

A wonderful experience and amazing new information.

par M T R

11 avr. 2022

I​ took this course with the idea to help myself. interestingly, during those 6 weeks courses, each week I discovered the purpose and the benefit of Imagery on my mental health. All my life, I was daydreaming and my mind wandered around here and there wildly. 

After taking this course, I am able to structure my day dreaming, focusing to benefit myself and my mental health. I am glad that I follow the course instructions, step by step applying to address the daily discomfort I am facing. 

T​he content of the course is a door opening. After finishing , I need to explore my creativity, do more research, and keep journaling to gain more skills and experiences. This week, I began to experience shifting behavior and self insurance. 

T​hanks to Instructor Susan Thompson for sharing your  knowledge.

par Balwinder K

5 juin 2020

I feel so fortunate to have this course taught by the best in the world. I am normally very stingy to complement just for the sake. Having learned it from Ms. Susan Thompson was another experience. She seems to be so grounded herself, and delivers all the information like channeling from cosmos. I was in trance thru out whole course like she was not teaching, but guiding with images. Looks like she knows Guided Imagery from 360 degrees angles. I would love to have more courses taught by her.

par Eliza A

18 mai 2020

Fantastic course, absolutely recommend, it will cover the research for Guided Imagery as well to back up the proven benefits of this tool. Also the preparation for course work and doing assessments for other learners are great practical tasks. Course is wonderful as it makes you to answer lots of questions to make you sure that you have understood everything correctly. I'm happy for being part of this experience. Excellent.

par Aqueelah R

11 oct. 2020

I really have gained a great deal from this course. I now understand how-to judge botanicals and how to determine what botanicals to purchase. I also now have criteria with regard to making a distinction between botanicals sold over the internet and elsewhere. In addition, I know the sources where I can gain an understanding of the botanical, its use, its safety recommendations.

par Meri I K

30 nov. 2020

Enlightening. I would appreciate some more information as to how brain functions in response to guided imagery, now I will gladly research about it myself. I discovered plenty of useful resources that I will certainly use again. Also, the chance to practice creating a guided imagery recording myself was really great, as well as to listen to the recordings of peers.

par Evaluation R

5 nov. 2019

Susan Thompson, DNP, is a fantastic instructor! In general, the course was low stress, yet so much knowledge and skills were gained. The only complaint is that it takes an eternity to get projects peer-reviewed. This seems to be a common problem with Coursera because of the wide range in the level of focus/commitment and pace of learners.

par Matilde M

17 mai 2020

Beautifully taught course. The teacher was able to explain in an accurate and concise way the entire experience of practicing Guided Imagery. Wonderful course for anyone wishing to pursue Guided Imagery in a professional environment. The tests and peer-reviewed projects are wonderfully designed. 100% recommend.

par Spencer B

3 sept. 2020

Even though I was familiar with the practice of guided imagery, I did not have the background to how it works and how to create a script for a specific situation. This course supplied me with the needed experience to feel motivated to continue on.

par Salomé D

3 mai 2020

Excellent course! I struggled a bit at the beginning because guided imagery was very foreign to me but I enjoyed learning about it. And most importantly, I had such a great time writing my own script, I LOVED IT! Thank you!

par Diana A H V

26 avr. 2021

I learnt a lot about the use of imagery in a health context. As a professional who has used this technique to improve performance, it was fantastic to see other uses of the technique and develop this kind of scripts.

par Nandini D

22 juin 2020

Systematically explains to the learner the "what" and "why" of guided meditation. Imparts confidence to learner by setting up doable assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and was able to apply it immediately.

par jacqueline k

15 mai 2020

I highly recommend taking this Guided Imagery course! I will learned far more than Initially expected and felt the content, resources, and workshop Incredibly valuable for both my personal and professional life.

par Muhammad E B B

14 sept. 2020

Its a Very powerful Course.It can be a blessing for the patients of depression ,Anxiety and pain.Instructor is wonderful. very practical and theoretically sound and engaging

par Fatima L

31 déc. 2020

I found this course to be exceptional , great skills to be learned .Cant wait to start the next course in this specialization . Exceptional Teaching by Susan Thompson

par Kamila Ś

17 sept. 2020

A great course for people who want to learn in a few clear modules how to prepare an effective guided imagery session. Great for both personal and professional goals.

par Connie P

14 avr. 2021

I found the Guided Imagery course to be very informative. The pacing worked well for my schedule. The instructor was knowledgeable and inspiring.