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An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society....

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Jun 08, 2018

Through this course, I have learned not only technical financial terms but much deeper meaning of the financial markets which I always wanted to understand. I feel very lucky that I took this course.


Nov 04, 2018

This was really a great experience. A course taught by a valued teach. Enjoyed it all the way though I would have liked more mathematical and theoretical models. But then where do you end in a MOOC ?

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par James R

Apr 23, 2019

This course is virtually worthless. I couldn't follow the lectures, and I have a PhD and have been a tenured professor for almost two decades. The online course is based on snippets taken from face-to-face lectures and breakout sessions, and the result is utter incoherence. The instructor frequently refers to concepts that have not yet been encountered in the online version of the course; makes extensive use of mathematical notations and formulas whose variables are never properly explained; and generally does a poor job of explaining the material. This online version of the Yale course was obviously slapped together with very little thought and production value; it's one of those unsuccessful attempts to bring in revenue on the cheap, creating an online version out of existing face-to-face material, rather than building a real online course from scratch. This was wasted money and time. This attempt to capitalize on the Yale brand is pathetic.

par Andrea S

Mar 21, 2018

Basic 360 degree course on financial markets, recommended even for experienced financial professionals as Prof. Shiller could give you a different perspective on how modern financial economies work.

par Alexander v D

Aug 28, 2017

Great introductory course. Prof. Schiller's enthusiasm and style make it a pleasure to watch. Also the TA's and the group discussions interspersed in the course make it a very personable experience.

par Sanam P

Oct 22, 2017

This course was horrible! The Content was very disoriented and unclear. Videos were distorted, and jumping from one topic to another. There was no sense of continuity. One can not say this was a course from Yale...

par Brendan F

Jan 29, 2019

Terrible lecturer. Maybe he should retire. He can't stay on point. Lectures are unwatchable - except for the beautiful auditorium stage.

par Doan T L

May 26, 2019

It’s a good online course in Finance that I have never learned before. I have gained the basic knowledge of financial markets and their applications in reality. Absolutely right, finance is not just about making money that I thought before joining in this course, and as a popular opinion as well, it is more than that, it has much more meaningful. This course has brought to me the necessary skills to make more rational decisions in my life, in my future career, I think. It’s also helped me to realize how I should work in this sector to serve the right purposes, to make the people living around me to be better. And it’s true that educational finance is very important to everyone. Professor Robert Shiller is an amazing teacher, many thanks to Professor Robert Shiller and Yale’s Financial Markets Course team. I highly recommend taking this course!

par Megumi K

Jun 08, 2018

Through this course, I have learned not only technical financial terms but much deeper meaning of the financial markets which I always wanted to understand. I feel very lucky that I took this course.

par Tiyash B

May 03, 2018

A great introductory level course which is recommended for anyone with a remote interest in finance irrespective of whether they have a background in finance or economics. The strongest point of this course is the simplicity with which it conveys the importance and relevance of finance in today's world. The instructor and his team have taken great care to introduce topics in a manner simple enough for anyone to understand. While the course content may not go very in-depth into how a particular stock market works, or how particular stocks move, it provides great insight into why the stock market is necessary and relevant in our current society and how human behavior and its expression through policy and law can result in both financial progress and also crisis.

If you are reading this review and wondering whether you should take this course or not, let me tell you that i pondered for over a year before actually taking this course since i did not have any background in finance or economics. However, if i could talk to myself a year ago, i would say, 'Just Do It'. If you have some time in your hands, this course can be easily completed within a week. So go ahead, channel your powers of binge-watching, translate it into binge-learning and just start this course. I am certain you will enjoy learning about these new topics at a fundamental level, and can even possibly finish this course within a few days if you are really up for a challenge. All the best to you!

par Emmanuel I

Mar 15, 2019

I enjoyed the course thoroughly, it was a little difficult at first because my background isn't in finance. However, I pushed myself to understand the concepts and principles such that I started to enjoy it. The lectures were really engaging. Now I have foundational understanding of finance upon which I can build my knowledge and also my ability to make informed application.

par Aditya S

Dec 09, 2018

Wonderful course. How I wish it had lasted longer, will be learning the concepts again and re-doing the course. Very fortunate to have learnt from Dr Shiller. Thank you very much Yale and Coursera Team.

par Erik M

Nov 04, 2018

This was really a great experience. A course taught by a valued teach. Enjoyed it all the way though I would have liked more mathematical and theoretical models. But then where do you end in a MOOC ?

par David S B

Dec 09, 2018

Essential course for those who do not have a basic financial background and want to understand the basics of this world. Great professor who know how to explain complicate concepts in an easy way.

par Eli

Sep 18, 2017

This course was aweful! I feel like I didnt learn anything useful. The information is very superficial. The math that is applied at some points is not well explained. The overall course lacks structure and substance. The quizes were just terrible. Please dont waste your time with this.

par Maumau B

Jun 30, 2019

You can never get bored with Professor Shiller. He is very passionate about how things work or how to make it happen, and will convince you that everything in life needed finance. He likes history and is a lifelong learner. I rated 5 stars because he made it simple for people to learn regardless of ages or education.

par Daniel B

Mar 09, 2019

A superb overview of financial markets, with pointers to additional learning materials. I believe this course is useful both from an academic and day-to-day perspective.

par Кирин Р В

Dec 16, 2018

Thanks to the course team and Coursera. Many areas of modern finance were covered and many life examples were given. I really enjoy Professor Shiller lecturing style.

par YU L C

May 17, 2019

very useful for learning how the market works overall and back to the basics as to why financial markets exist and the what purposes the tools should serve.

par Ainel

May 23, 2019

Professor Robert Shiller is the best lecturer I've ever heard! He explains difficult termins using simple examples. THANK YOU Professor!

par R k

May 25, 2019

I am glad to have that best experience with your portal , it helps me alot to explore my knowledge in finance field.

par Stanley W

May 18, 2019

Great course on financial market and benefit to non-financial background personnel.

par Stefano E

Mar 16, 2019

Probably the best financial market course on coursera. Intense and very rich in content. Too much, though. Many topics would require more than a 10 minute video to be properly understood, and some lectures were difficult to follow. I'd probably reduce the content and focus on less topics but giving them more time.

par Sebastián R R

Mar 17, 2018

The course is not that challenging, it could be better, with more challenging tests and assignements.

par John M O C

Mar 03, 2019

My first course in this coursera website. I work in the wealth management unit of a bank in the Philippines. I am familiar already with the financial markets because of my college degree but this course gives the information to me on a different and fresh perspective. I am familiar with most of the topics covered here but I understand more about them since Mr Shiller talks about the historical context and gives many examples to picture the underlying i

par Aviram V

Oct 29, 2019

Excellent course, quite intense and allowed for multiple levels of involvement with the honors quizzes. It is a privilege to learn from Prof. Shiller the exact same material that students at Yale learn, at a fraction of the cost from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the team who put this together and to Yale + Coursera. Highly recommend this to everyone who is related to any form of business.

par Pramod K S

May 26, 2019

Hello everyone

I recommend to you all to join this course because this course will give more knowledge about financial market. It will explain your all theoretical doubt and it help you to achieve financial goal. Thank you so much.