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Sous-titres : Anglais, Coréen, Vietnamien, Arabe

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Performance AppraisalHuman Resources (HR)Performance ManagementOrganizational Culture

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Dates limites flexibles

Réinitialisez les dates limites selon votre disponibilité.

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Recommandé : 4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week...


Sous-titres : Anglais, Coréen, Vietnamien, Arabe

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In this module, you will begin your journey into learning about managing employee performance for your organization. We will cover performance management fundamentals and discuss ways to be more strategic in implementing better performance management in your organization. Two key elements that will be useful to people managers in this module are the difference between performance appraisals and performance management and recognizing how performance management can affect your organization.

11 vidéos (Total 76 min), 4 quiz
11 vidéos
1.1.2 About Larry Bourgerie3 min
1.1.3 Linking Performance Management to Financial Outcomes (ROI)5 min
1.1.4 Culture and Performance Management - A Global Perspective3 min
1.2.1 Performance Management and Performance Review; Aren't They the Same Thing?4 min
1.2.2 Purposes and Design Elements of Effective Performance Management9 min
1.2.3 The Impact of Effective Performance Management Both Internally and Externally7 min
1.3.1 Strategic Performance Management Model7 min
1.3.2 Perils of Poorly Implemented Performance Management5 min
1.3.3 Role of Training in Performance Management Strategy6 min
1.3.4 Performance Management's Link to Strategy13 min
4 exercices pour s'entraîner
Managing Employee Performance Overview10 min
Performance Management Fundamentals10 min
Strategy and Performance Management10 min
Developing Performance Management Systems20 min
4 heures pour terminer


In this module we will begin to put structure around performance management. We will discuss the difference between results and behavior and how to describe and identify performance objectives and standards. You will also learn how to identify employee skills and how you can use this to develop performance standards. Finally, you will learn about three ways to measure results and behaviors and the different benefits and limitations each approach offers.

12 vidéos (Total 78 min), 4 quiz
12 vidéos
2.1.2 "Calculating" Performance8 min
2.1.3 The Importance of Defining Performance5 min
2.2.1 Traits, Behaviors, Results - What Is Important?7 min
2.2.2 Performance-Task Skills vs Transferable Skills4 min
2.2.3 Characteristics of Effective Performance Objectives13 min
2.2.4 Developing Performance Standards6 min
2.3.1 Are There Options When I am Measuring Performance6 min
2.3.2 Why Use the Comparative Methods Approach?5 min
2.3.3 Why Use the Absolute Methods Approach?3 min
2.3.4 Why Use the Results Methods Approach?4 min
2.3.5 Combo Method: Menu vs. Buffet5 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
Defining Performance10 min
Measuring Performance and Developing Objectives10 min
Measuring Results and Behavior10 min
3 heures pour terminer


In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of performance reviews. You will learn the steps for conducting an effective performance review, timing and frequency, and how to create individual development plans for your employees. Another key element in this module is feedback; You will learn the components of effective feedback, the advantages and disadvantages of multirater feedback, and why giving feedback is so important. Finally, you'll learn ways to avoid rater bias and elements for best practice in performance reviews.

13 vidéos (Total 99 min), 2 lectures, 4 quiz
13 vidéos
3.1.2 Steps in Conducting an Effective Review15 min
3.1.3 Components of a Review Form2 min
3.1.4 Timing and Frequency of Reviews5 min
3.1.5 Developing an Individual Development Plan4 min
3.2.1 Components of Effective Feedback13 min
3.2.2 What is Multi Rater Feedback?6 min
3.2.3 Pros and Cons of Multirater Feedback8 min
3.2.4 Costs of not Giving Feedback8 min
3.3.1 Identifying Types of General Rating Errors7 min
3.3.2 Rating Errors and Practical Impact5 min
3.3.3 Training to Minimize Manager Bias In the Rating Process4 min
3.3.4 Best Practices to Minimize Legal Exposure4 min
2 lectures
Performance Review TED Talk10 min
NY Times Article on Giving Effective Feedback10 min
4 exercices pour s'entraîner
Effective Reviews10 min
Effective Feedback10 min
Preventing Rater Bias10 min
Tools for Effective Performance Management20 min
2 heures pour terminer


You are now ready to bring things full circle. In this module you will learn how to create a positive performance culture in you organization. You will learn the fundamentals of creating civility in your organizational cultures, as well as ways to identify and correct incivility, which can weaken your organization's performance. Finally, you will learn about building a culture that focuses on values and strengths. A culture that creates and reinforces positive norms and values is a culture that helps your organization grow. It is important to "walk the talk" and model the behaviors of positive performance culture.

11 vidéos (Total 87 min), 4 quiz
11 vidéos
4.1.2 What is Culture?6 min
4.1.3 Fundamentals of Civility -The 3 R's6 min
4.2.1 What is a Culture of Incivility?7 min
4.2.2 Impact of Culture Incivility (Individuals & Teams)8 min
4.2.3 Hard and Soft Costs of Incivility on Organizations7 min
4.2.4 Culture's Impact on Performance Management6 min
4.3.1 Building on Your Values and Strengths8 min
4.3.2 Creating and Reinforcing Performance Norms and Values9 min
4.3.3 Linking Cultural Norms and Behavior into HR and Performance Management Practices11 min
4.3.4."Walk the Talk": Model the Behavior Where You Are11 min
4 exercices pour s'entraîner
Role of Culture in the Organization10 min
The High Cost of Incivility10 min
Creating and Maintaining a Performance Management Culture10 min
Creating a Positive Performance Culture20 min
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Principaux examens pour Managing Employee Performance

par BOJul 1st 2018

Another great course. This course explains and delivers the benefits of having clear goals and objectives that outline who, what, and when of the employee and reduces any surprises to expectations!

par INAug 18th 2018

Excellent course.\n\nVery engaging author and teacher. Amazing coursework - Specifically regarding the Management by Objectives approach. Very intuitive design, and great value for money.



Larry Bourgerie

Senior Lecturer
Carlson School of Management, Department of Work and Organizations

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À propos de la Spécialisation Gestion des ressources humaines : RH pour les responsables du personnel

Do you have people reporting to you that need managing? Or perhaps you want to consider a career in human resources? Or freshen up your HR knowledge? This specialization provides a robust introduction to the key principles, policies, and practices of human resource management. The specialization begins with a foundational course that considers alternative approaches to managing human resources, provides a background to the U.S. legal context in which employees are hired, fired, rewarded, and managed, and outlines the different reasons that people are motivated to work. The remaining three courses tackle three core areas that all managers should understand: hiring employees, evaluating their performance, and rewarding them. Throughout the courses, an accessible, scientific approach is embraced such that best practices and practical tips are informed by research, but presented in accessible, applied ways. Upon completing the specialization, learners will have a deeper understanding of what works in the workplace, including a toolkit of best practices for hiring, managing, and rewarding employees. The specialization will be valuable for managers and entrepreneurs taking on these responsibilities as well as anyone else interested in the fundamental principles of human resource management. The Capstone Project will provide an opportunity to apply this knowledge to a real situation, including your own organization or work unit if desired....
Gestion des ressources humaines : RH pour les responsables du personnel

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