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In this course, you'll explore the basic structure of a web application, and how a web browser interacts with a web server. You'll be introduced to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request/response cycle, including GET/POST/Redirect. You'll also gain an introductory understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as the overall structure of a Django application. We will explore the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for web applications and how it relates to Django. You will learn how to deploy a Django application using a service like PythonAnywhere so that it is available over the Internet. This is the first course in the Django for Everybody specialization. It is recommended that you complete the Python for Everybody specialization or an equivalent learning experience before beginning this series....

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16 oct. 2020

This course is very approachable even if you don't know Python or Django or other coding languages. It's a nice gentle introduction back into course work as well. Perfect if you have limited time.


4 juil. 2022

Amazing Course!! Go for it if you want to learn Django and Everything right from the bottom kevel! As always the faculty is an amazing and a lively person that you can feel instantly conected to!

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par SureshKumar S

8 sept. 2020


par Jared H

13 juil. 2022

I enjoyed the instructor and found this to be an appropriate speed for someone unfamiliar with django but competent in python.

I tried this course a while back but the lesson guidance on specific to appeared to be invalid. When revisiting the class, it was clear the lesson had been updated to accomodate more recent versions of django and python. While my initial experience was frustrating, it is reassuring to know that content is being maintained.

par Marci S

20 août 2020

I think the assignments and real-world practices are ingenious! The course is well-planned and provided experiences that I appreciate so much. The instructor explains concepts very well and provides background information that helps to anchor the concepts into my mind's schema. Thank you for a wonderful course experience! I look forward to the rest of the courses in this Django Specialization.

par Malingas A C

4 sept. 2021

Recorri à COURSERA numa fase de procura de um novo desafio profissional e participei no programa de CURSOS INTEGRADOS. Este programa permitiu-me fazer uma avaliação em várias dimensões pessoais, fundamental para o meu desenvolvimento enquanto profissional. Dotou me de competências e ferramentas para me relançar no mercado de trabalho Parabéns coursera pelo lindo trabalho. Malingas Cumbane cpts.

par khadijah b

12 oct. 2020

This was my first time taking a Django course, therefore i was not confident I would be able to finish the course. However, the Instructor was very calm, thorough and interesting enough to make me regain my confidence and complete the course. i definitely feel motivated enough to take the other web development courses in this specialization. Thank you and I am immensely Grateful

par Quoleshna Z E

2 janv. 2021

This teacher is the best. He's approachable, knowledgeable about the history of the software development. The additional resources and information lend a richer understanding of what we're learning, and also help to stir up more excitement. You can sense the professor's enthusiasm in passing forward what he's learned over the years.

par Pankaj P

26 oct. 2020

Dr. Chuck is awesome. His knowledge in different fields like Python, Network, SQL, PHP is very fantastic. his way of teaching is fantastic, he carries the lecture from bottom to top so smoothly. Only because of him, i have continued to study different python courses.

Thanks Dr. Chuck. !! You are my hero. !!

par Ameya S

13 oct. 2020

During this specialization not only I learnt django but also design patterns in web, industry standards and other advance concept. This course surely will take you from beginner to a intermediate level Django developer. I thank Dr. Chuck for this specialization. I expect more courses from Dr. Chuck.

par Bart C

27 août 2020

Great course. I love python, and I have always wondered how to use it for web development. Charles Severance is a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor.I found this course a little too easy if you already have python experience, but the history of the internet component is really cool.

par Yergali B

24 nov. 2020

Overall, this course provides basic levels of web development and a little experience with Django. This is similar to the entry-level or elementary level for the web development. This course was good both as a review and a reminder of the basics of the web development. thanks

par Markus Z

25 sept. 2020

Not much playing around with Django. But I think it's definitly good starting with basics. Quiz and Assignment are really fair. The lectures are very nice. Listening to Chuck is fun and beside the pure knowledge you get to know something about the good old days :-)

par Chelsea W

20 mars 2021

Excellent instructor! He was engaging and the lesson are in a digestible length. Also, there was a lot of thought that went into how this course is designed which helped to make it easier to complete as you can focus on the lesson and not fight with auto graders.

par Satyam G

30 avr. 2021

This is just my starting, the course is too much beginners friendly i recommend everyone to have a look at it even if they are not from tech backgrounds, the things are explained very well , i am looking forward to become a good web developer in future

par ahmad y

6 avr. 2022

Hello This course was very good for me. Of course, I already had a little knowledge about the lessons, but the basic training and the excellent exams and my own exercises helped me to learn the basics from all those who helped me in this way. thanks

par Yalchin M

30 juil. 2020

Everything was excellent. I just got bored in CSS and HTML part but this is not because of lack of quality of course but because of my personal preference. I recommend everyone to take this course for web development.

P.S Loved the dog in week 5)

par Khush R

11 déc. 2021

This is a very beginner friendly course. The instructor is one of the best online teachers I have come across and what he teaches is very clear and precise.

If you have good knowledge of HTML and CSS, I would recommend you to skip this course.

par Kateryna R

17 nov. 2020

This is a great introductory course. I'm glad it helped me remember some HTML&CSS basics. However, you should understand that it mostly prepares you for the other courses in the specialization and doesn't explain much about Django itself.

par Fabian d A G

15 juil. 2021

Excellent course that provides a hands-on introduction to web technologies like HTTP, HTML, CSS, SQL and the famous Python web framework Django. Well-paced, interesting assignments, detailed lectures all presented by a great instructor!

par Joseph C N N

16 nov. 2020

grave à ce cours, jai augmenté mes capacités dans le domaine des technologies internet. je remercie les instructeurs et les autre participants qui ont rendu toute cette période d'apprentissage mémorable et flexible


18 août 2020

self paced and very well explained, also, very uselfull course material and very interactive. I learned new things. I'll recommend it for people who is willing to review some of html, css and trying to learn django

par Ahmad A

8 mars 2021

Excellent course. Even you have very little knowledge about Python, the course will take you to end with the style of the tutor and the knowledge it will provide. I learned a lot and am is very much satisfied.

par Alfons T C

3 sept. 2020

Professor Severance takes the time to show how to do things in walk-through videos. His explanations are clear, his pace is right and his assignments provide a very good opportunity to consolidate learnings.

par Bala S

17 mai 2021

I'm really grateful for Coursera for offering me this course as it helps me in covering the basics of how the network works, Django, HTML, CSS and SQL and I'm very motivated to dive deep into these topics.

par Navneet

19 oct. 2020

it is really a excellent course. This course helps me a lot in building a concept . The best part is that you have to perform practical after every week. This thing help me to learn concept with practical.

par Amal R

10 janv. 2021

I really loved taking up this course. The lectures were easily understandable and I was able to take up the course at my own pace. The resource materials was too good. I enjoyed this course thoroughly.