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This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will offer the participants an introduction into the most important classical sociological readings between the 18th and 20th century. Highly influential social science scholars, such as Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim, will be discussed during 8 sessions. Combined with small tests, based on the video’s and recommended readings, the participants will be encouraged to dive deeply into the complex texts and get familiar with classical sociological concepts that are still very relevant today....

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6 janv. 2019

Simple,neat and interesting way of explaining the content. Didn't get bored. Good refreshment if you already know the stuff and good introduction if you are new to sociology. Professor is really nice.


28 oct. 2018

This is a course which helps you understand the origin of Sociology. The content of this course includes all the sociologists who played a great role, also the lectures are delivered in a superb way.

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par Ahmed B

1 avr. 2020

The best presentation and explanation to the classical sociological theories by Professors Don Weenink and Bart van Heerikhuizen. I recommend this course to each one who needs to know what are the structures of a society and the function among its components. I am looking forward to study the second course about the Modern Sociology.

par M M N

5 avr. 2020

Respected Sir/ Madam, Thank you so much. This course provided me great insights and knowledge which is invaluable. My journey during this course is marvellous and it helped a lot because it is same Sociology I took as an optional subject in my Civil Services Examinations. My humble appreciations to this prestigious platform-COURSERA.

par Marcelino O N C

16 sept. 2021

Buenas tardes, quisiera agradecer la oportunidad de acceder al conocimiento en este formato, la sociología un tema intenso y profundo, tan necesario en malla curricular de estudio, para generar transformaciones en la era moderna , sin dudas los teóricos clásicos son el soporte en materia de estudio , investigación y metodología....

par Tahir S

19 juin 2017

I, with all my heart, thank the professor and the team of this MOOC. This was a much needed course and I am looking forward to follow up on the next course launched by the professor. All in all, this course revived my interest in sociology proper and renewed my determination to read the works of "the giants" first hand. Thank you!

par Pedro R G

24 oct. 2015

An excellent introductory course to classic sociological theory.

I'll be eagerly awaiting the modern sociological theory course.

It would be very useful a course about the different sociological perspectives (Functionalism, Structuralism, Critical Theory, Symbolic Interactionism, etc.), their difference at methodologies.

Thank you.

par Maria N C

18 mai 2020

This course was excellent! I enjoyed and loved every chapter of this course. The professor is one of the best professors I've ever had in my life. Amazing explanations, sense of humour, energy and aliveness. He has so much passion about what he's teaching that you end up being fully drawn and wanting to know more of sociology.

par Santiago M

9 avr. 2022

My studies background is Business. Since the Pandemic, I started a beautiful journey to the Human Sciences. Dived in to this course, becuase I read beautiful sociolgy papper about "Power". And What can I say a awesome new universe of wisdom has emerge in my horizon. I am going for contemporary Socioloy!

Be save my Friends.

par Sham K

3 déc. 2015

I denotes the course thoroughly. It was a pleasure to listen to the professor. He instilled a sense of joy in understanding the classical sociological theories. I feel happy that I was exposed to the ideas of some of the greatest thinkers of Western Europe. I look forward to the next course on modern sociological theories.

par Shivam K

6 juil. 2022

As the name suggests it does it does give an in-depth overview of classical sociological thinkers. The professor also seems very articulated. I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to know about these sociological thinkers( most suited for bachelors and masters level students) or in general wants some food for thought.

par Sibi R E

22 oct. 2022

If you're a beginner looking forward to learn more about classical sociology and sociologist then this course is for you.Apart from that it gives you a clear view about the evolution of contemporary sociology from classical sociology . My special thanks to professor Bart van Heerikhizen made this course fun and Easy

par Freddy J M R

3 févr. 2021

Although I admit that keeping up with all the readings was challenging, I must say that this course is beautiful. I've learned so much and I can't help but thank instructor Bart van Heerikhuizen for his enlightening lessons and for opening my eyes. I loved this course and all that I was able to learn from it.

par David B L

6 juin 2020

This course has been really insightful. It gave me a good grounding on Sociology, and how I can apply it in my work in crisis communications. The lectures were very well delivered, and the instructor seemed to really enjoy teaching the subject. I look forward to the next MOOC on Modern Sociological Theory :)

par seham

9 oct. 2018

I'm a freshman Sociology student and I never thought an online course could be beneficial, interesting and enjoyable at the same time like this course was! (I just started week 6). I already made a list of books (90% of them are about Sociology) to buy as the Book Fair in my city is close. Thank you so much.

par Raktima A

25 nov. 2021

If you are a sociology student this is a must course for you. even if you are not a sociology student this course will help you to think differently about your surroundings, your society. thanks, everyone from Coursera to the university of Amsterdam. Hope to see you again both virtually and personally.

par Josh W

29 déc. 2020

Loved the very informative videos and readings. The structure of the course was put together in a clear way and Dr. Heerikhuizen's lectures were both interesting and useful for learning the material. I will look for more courses from both University of Amsterdam and taught by Dr. Heerikhuizen. Thanks!

par Olga

25 janv. 2021

the first course i ever finished on coursera! very helpful, excellent explanations, hilarious (and helpful!) visual material, very engaging. (psst, if you're one of the people who took this and are sad that contemporary sociological theory has not happened yet, go watch philosophy tube on youtube!)

par Yashwanth D

2 sept. 2019

This course has very little content. But the content is structured so well that it is worth to finish of such course than binge through a lot of sources on the internet. Prof.Bart van Heerikhuizen is one of the best professors I have come across. Even though it is an online class, I never felt so.

par Rodrigo d S O

6 oct. 2015

Professor Bart is a really good teacher. Take this course and you will see. I have studied sociology at University of São Paulo, the biggest and the "best" university of Latin America (according to international ranking), since 2009. However, during all this time I never found a Professor like him.

par Хаматдинова А О

1 nov. 2020

The best course in the history of public thought I've ever taken. Everything, from the content aspect to the style of presentation, is admirable. I very much hope for its continuation. P. s. Bart van Heerichuizen and everyone who participated in the development of the course, thank you very much!

par Sayyidah F A

5 juil. 2020

I love this course, I learnt so much along the way with the casualty and simplicity the professor gives on his lectures. I mostly didn't get bored as it's explained by such a fun way. But some of the books are hard to get, even on the internet, and that's the only complaint I had for this course.

par Ricardo O

17 août 2015

Great course. Fresh and competent view of classic sociology. Weekly content is well balanced and the readings are very insightful. This course offers valuable insights about the sociology foundations that are still important today for evaluating social interaction. Thumbs up for a quality MOOC!

par Nalin P

3 oct. 2022

This is my first course the I have completed. Thank you Prof. Bart to explain each theory clearly and interestingly. There are many points that I discovered or just noticed after listening to the lectures. I can see and analyze sociological concepts in different ways I have leaned befores.

par Imix T

19 avr. 2021

Me encantó. El curso te da una introducción a la sociología clásica, a pesar de la brevedad el profesor sabe desarrollar las corrientes de pensamiento de forma que se entiende la relación entra cada una, a demás siempre aterriza los conceptos a situaciones reales históricas y contemporáneas

par Aditya N

24 nov. 2018

Thank you Sir,I am a science graduate but as I am preparing for the Indian Civil Services exam I have opted for sociology as an optional subject and Marx,Weber and Durkheim are part of my syllabus. I want to thank you clearing my concepts. If I clear the exam I will not forget to thank you.

par Mariam J A

11 mai 2020

The course is very informative, and the lecture videos provide sufficient and digestible information. The reference materials are very useful; some of which are the works written by the Classical Sociological Thinkers themselves. This course is fun and informative! Definitely worth taking!