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This course is Part 2 of the Social Norms, Social Change series. In this course, we will examine social change, the tools we may use to enact change, and put into practice all we have learned in Part 1. See Social Norms, Social Change Part I at this link: This course covers scripts and schemas, the cognitive structures in which social expectations are embedded, and their relationship with social norms. The course then examines the essentials of norm abandonment, including the relations between personal beliefs and social expectations. We will also evaluate existing intervention strategies, including legal reforms, information campaigns, economic incentives, and group deliberations. Finally, we look at a variety of tools policy makers may use to effect change, highlight the role of trendsetters in social change, and explore the conditions under which they can be successful. The course is a joint Penn-UNICEF project." Please see the following link for a 30% discount on the book that accompanies this course:

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7 oct. 2017

I absolutely loved this course. One issue I would like to point out though is that there are mistakes in the transcripts (for example, instead of trendsetter, the word, transactor appears often).

4 août 2017

This course is outstanding . I love it and i haven't been boring of any section of it..\n\nIt is good to know how can one social norm can effects the community and how can we avoid doing it

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par Manuela P

7 sept. 2019

Great organization of content, would have liked more recent examples and more explanation on the statistical models (I don't have statistical education)

par Winnifred R L

11 juin 2017

I really enjoyed the second part of the Social Norms, Social Change course. It deals in detail with how norms can change or fail to change, examining intragroup dynamics as well as attributes of trendsetters or change agents that make them more likely to initiatite norm change, and to succeed in ther attempt. There is a fascinating "how to" list of ways to initiate social change successfully in Lecture 3, which I look forward to revistiing in more detail. This series of lectures briefly also deals with the persistence of deviant communities, and resistance to norms. I recommend the course strongly.

par Issa M C

19 oct. 2017

well organized, information straight to point, with clear simple examples, eventhough the course was full of terms but it was explained in very simple English.

par Karolin G B

1 juil. 2020

Gostei muito do curso , aprendi muito mais do que esperava . Inclusive , quando acabou fiquei um pouco triste , é um curso que te prende e abre sua mente de uma forma que você quer estar sempre aprendendo mais. Tenho certeza , que ao finalizar esse curso , eu tenho uma visão muito mais realista e eficiente sobre mudanças sociais. Vindo de um país ainda com problemas tão críticos , é de uma enorme importância que nós saibamos como nos comportar e introduzir mudanças que sejam realmente eficientes.

Agradeço a Coursera , a professora Cristina Bicchieri , a Universidade da Pensilvânia , a UNICEF e a todos os parceiros envolvidos por essa incrível oportunidade.

par Tania

12 nov. 2020

I am glad that I stuck with this course. Although it was a challenge to wrap my head around some of the concepts and it all seemed very abstract to me in the first unit, it all came together in part 2 and I see why so much time was spent on the foundational concepts. I think it is great that you can find such high quality academic material on Coursera for free. After all, philosophy is supposed to be applied and this is walking the talk! Cristina is great. I imagine she has facilitated a lot of positive social change in the world, both directly and indirectly. This is a very valuable course.

par Bernardine B

27 mai 2019

This course was a welcome challenge. It opened my eyes to many aspects of society which I was not aware of. I enjoyed it immensely. I enjoyed the lectures and the level of difficulty presented.

My Instructor Cristina Bichieri was excellent in imparting knowledge and made the course very interesting. I would recommend anyone to take this course.

I thank you for affording me the opportunity to take this course and I would not hesitate to take any other course conducted by Cristina.



14 août 2017

The content of the course was quite informative and it conveyed its content clearly. It was a nice overview of what social norms, and social change are without being overwhelming. I recommend this course to anyone interested in how some NGO's like UNICEF work and how they astrive for norm changes within the communities that they work with. It provided great examples and further readings to anyone interested more in the topic.

par Gopinadh K

22 juil. 2021

Being a Social Worker, the course is of immense value to me! Dear My professor Cristina Bicchieri is definitely a world class professor with bountiful knowledge in the subject.I can almost imagine that am sitting in her class and enjoying the outstanding vibrant class.Apart from minor inadvertent errors in the transcripts,the course is an authoritative and excellent one.The course contents are superbly crafted and depicted.

par Saw D C H

17 mai 2020

I would to thank my professor from the bottom of my heart and university for providing this online course. It is really really interesting course for me. I have gained different kinds of knowledge after completing this course. I am thinking to continue my other courses here. Thanks a million!

I have a question. I want to know how to pay and get my certificate. I want to get a certificate. Thank you

par Ghaidaa E S

19 mars 2020

i just think the certificate should be for free especially when someone takes it seriously actively participates and has god grades (please do refer to my last discussion panel participation at the end of week 4) thank you

and thank you for an astonishing fulfilling course easy to use, simple, with intricate concepts explained in well put ways and methods by an efficient lecturer to say the least

par Rajaa B

20 févr. 2018

A fantastic course creating a structure out of observing social norms and methodically implementing social change. The course has an incredible depth its information, especially with its real-life success stories and failures in social change. Immensely enjoyable and highly recommended to anyone interested in social reform and the social sciences.

par Teddra S

1 févr. 2021

I appreciated the written lectures to go back and study, even though the professor delivered the lectures well. I found myself having to rewrite some of the sentences to understand the meanings. Learning new terms and approaches to social psychology was inspiring. Always wanted to know why people do what they do.

par said H

22 juil. 2021

it is most best facilitated course I have ever subscribed in terms of facilitator's vast expertise on the subject, mythologies used. relevancies of case studies used, eloquence and simplicity of facilitators skills all these and more were quite exemplary in all aspect

par Alexander P V

4 juil. 2021

Junto con el Normas Sociales I, es uno de los mejores cursos que he visto para aprender sobre comportamiento social y cómo intervenirlo. Cristina Bicchieri es una gran maestra y su trabajo tiene y continuará teniendo una gran repercusión en las ciencias del comportamiento.

par Diego P L

29 oct. 2017

Accesible language and well ordered contents. Natural continuation of course I. It expands the topic and install new horizons to study and explore. I can see many useful applications, from norm's socioeducation to strategies design for social change. Highly recommendable.

par Rik d G

9 juil. 2017

The course gave me a complete different view on how social change works and what tools you can use to change social norms. The course is very practial and is well illustrated with real life examples. It gave me new ideas I can apply as organizational transformation coach.

par Joshua B

27 avr. 2020

I really enjoyed this course and it speaks volumes to norm adoption, creation, and change. The schemas and scripts breakdown I also found to be quite valuable, so I would highly recommend taking your time and taking lots of notes. Keep a pen and pad close!

par Tricia C

20 avr. 2017

I love the way this class was structured with short videos and readings - the concepts were clearly articulated and easier to absorb in this format. I found the content interesting and very relevant to my work in education, health promotion, and development.

par Gonzalo d C

29 août 2017

I really appreciate the opportunity to had made this course. I think it will be very useful in my work in international development practice. I also take this opportunity to thank Cristina Bicchieri for share her knowledge and for her style to do so.

par Gianluca G

17 févr. 2021

Great course, very useful for development practitioners. I took it to better understand how social norms relate to GBV and to identify a draft Theory of Change to suggest to clients how to design an intervention to contribute to modify social norms.

par Eisha S

8 oct. 2017

I absolutely loved this course. One issue I would like to point out though is that there are mistakes in the transcripts (for example, instead of trendsetter, the word, transactor appears often).

par saria m

5 août 2017

This course is outstanding . I love it and i haven't been boring of any section of it..

It is good to know how can one social norm can effects the community and how can we avoid doing it

par Daniel D M

27 mai 2020

I find the course very significant and helpful to me. But it is great for not only me but also for those who work on and implement a project to tackle social problems.

par Surbhi R

23 nov. 2020

The course is well structured and informative.

I would appreciate if I may get financial aid on social norms, social change II.

Anticipating for a positive response.

par Jana L

10 juin 2020

Very enriching, great follow up to Social Norms, Social change I. It has made me understand better of norms and complex and difficulties of the change.