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Statistical InferenceStatistical AnalysisStatistical Hypothesis Testing

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Dates limites flexibles

Réinitialisez les dates limites selon votre disponibilité.

Approx. 17 heures pour terminer

Recommandé : 4 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week...


Sous-titres : Anglais

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Course Orientation

In the course orientation, you will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course.

2 vidéos (Total 7 min), 6 lectures, 1 quiz
2 vidéos
Excel Data Analysis Toolpak1 min
6 lectures
Syllabus10 min
About the Discussion Forums4 min
Glossary15 min
Using Excel for this Course10 min
Updating Your Profile10 min
Social Media4 min
1 exercice pour s'entraîner
Orientation Quiz10 min
4 heures pour terminer

Module 1: Hypothesis Testing

Watch any infomercial and you hear many outrageous promises. Use this cream and your skin will look 80% firmer! Use this supplement and you will lose 10 pounds in the first 10 days! Are they telling you the truth? Are they all lying? The only way to know the answer to any of these questions is to scientifically test the claim being made – that is what we call hypothesis testing and what we will learn in this module.

11 vidéos (Total 80 min), 2 lectures, 6 quiz
11 vidéos
1-2.1. Analyzing the Result8 min
1-3.1. Two-Tail Test for Mean10 min
1-3.2. Two-Tail Test for Mean in Excel4 min
1-4.1. One-Tail Test for Mean5 min
1-4.2. Left-Tail Test for Mean in Excel3 min
1-4.3. Right-Tail Test for Mean in Excel6 min
1-5.1. Testing the Proportion12 min
1-5.2. Left-Tail Test for Proportion in Excel5 min
1-5.3. Right-Tail Test for Proportion in Excel3 min
1-5.4. Two-Tail Test for Proportion in Excel5 min
2 lectures
Module 1 Overview3 min
Module 1 Readings1 h
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 1-1 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 1-2 Practice Quiz6 min
Lesson 1-3 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 1-4 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 1-5 Practice Quiz15 min
Module 1 Quiz30 min
6 heures pour terminer

Module 2: Statistical Inference Based on Two Samples

Does the medicine a person is taking to treat his condition really work better than a sugar pill? Is the new chip-enabled credit card more secure than the magnetic card? How do you know whether the claims being made about anything being “better than” or “faster than” a competitor are true? In this module we will learn to make this comparison.

11 vidéos (Total 93 min), 2 lectures, 7 quiz
11 vidéos
2-1.2. Testing for No Difference in Means in Excel9 min
2-1.3. Two-Tail Mean Test for Two Samples and Calculating the Confidence Interval in Excel6 min
2-2.1. One-Tail Test of the Means9 min
2-2.2. One-Tail Test of the Means in Excel5 min
2-3.1. Testing for a Specific Value in Means6 min
2-4.1. Paired Tests9 min
2-4.2. Paired Test in Excel7 min
2-5.1. Test of Proportions11 min
2-5.2. One-Tail Test of Proportions for Two Samples in Excel6 min
2-5.3. Two-Tail Test of Proportions for Two Samples in Excel3 min
2 lectures
Module 2 Overview3 min
Module 2 Readings1 h
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 2-1 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 2-2 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 2-3 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 2-4 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 2-5 Practice Quiz15 min
Module 2 Quiz30 min
4 heures pour terminer

Module 3: Simple Linear Regression

Does your job involve a lot of sitting? If so, you are at higher risk of coronary heart disease. How do I know this? We got to know the relationship between coronary heart disease and sitting when researchers studied a cohort of London bus drivers and bus conductors from 1947 to 1972. If you want to know more, then read on!

9 vidéos (Total 70 min), 2 lectures, 6 quiz
9 vidéos
3-2.1. Least Square Methods7 min
3-2.2. Least Square Method in Excel3 min
3-3.1. Assessing the Regression Model10 min
3-3.2. Testing the Significance in Excel4 min
3-4.1. Using the Model10 min
3-4.2. Simple Linear Regression: Excel Output Analysis7 min
3-5.1. Model Assumptions and Limitations8 min
3-5.2. Residual Analysis in Excel4 min
2 lectures
Module 3 Overview3 min
Module 3 Readings1 h
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 3-1 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 3-2 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 3-3 Practice Quiz4 min
Lesson 3-4 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 3-5 Practice Quiz15 min
Module 3 Quiz30 min
3 heures pour terminer

Module 4: Multiple Linear Regression

You are trying to predict next month’s sales numbers. You know that dozens, maybe even hundreds, of things like the weather, competitor’s promotions, rumors, etc. can impact the number. You talk to five people and each one has an idea about what makes the biggest impact, and the only thing they offer is “trust me.” Do you wish there was a better way of doing this rather than relying on blind faith? Well, there is. We can use Multiple Regression to sort through this mess and bring the focus to factors that really do matter.

7 vidéos (Total 56 min), 2 lectures, 4 quiz
7 vidéos
4-1.2. Developing Multiple Regression Model in Excel6 min
4-1.3. Multiple Regression: Excel Output Analysis5 min
4-2.1. Qualitative Data – Two Categories12 min
4-2.2. Dummy Variable in Excel – Two Categories6 min
4-3.1. Qualitative Data – Many Categories6 min
4-3.2. Dummy Variable in Excel – Many Categories5 min
2 lectures
Module 4 Overview3 min
Module 4 Readings1 h
4 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 4-1 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 4-2 Practice Quiz15 min
Lesson 4-3 Practice Quiz15 min
Module 4 Quiz30 min
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par SGMay 20th 2017

Very good introductory Statistics course. The topic selection is very pertinent to meet the need of a manager to analyze data and to make decision. Quality of teaching is GREAT.

par MCOct 6th 2016

Really great course! With a little bit of data you can explain anything! The course is really easy to understand with great and interesting examples! Thanks a lot!



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University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign College of Business Department of Business Administration

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