Choosing an Objective for a Facebook Ad Campaign

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Dans ce Projet Guidé, vous :

You will be able to identify the difference between the Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

You will be able to choose the right Ad Campaign Objective to make his brand's/Client's goals

Y​ou will create all 11 types of Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives and identify the Major differences between

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By the end of this project, you will be able to choose the right Facebook Ad Campaign Objective for your brand using the Facebook Business Manager’s “Ads Manager”. Throughout this project, you will be able to identify all 11 types of Facebook Ad Campaign objectives and the difference between them. This will help you easily identify the right objective needed for your brand’s Ad Campaign on Facebook. This guided project is for intermediate level learners who know how to use Facebook’s Ads Manager to create Ads but don’t know which objective to choose from when running their Ad Campaigns. We are going to use Facebook Business Manager which is the business arm for Facebook. This platform helps you create Ads, Analyze and create your audiences, Ad business information to your pages and many more. When running Ads, Facebook Business Manager is a better platform than just boosting through the Facebook directly as it gives us access to more objectives and data to run our Ad Campaign in the best way possible.

Les compétences que vous développerez

  • Advertising
  • Facebook Business Manager

Apprendrez étape par étape

Votre enseignant(e) vous guidera étape par étape, grâce à une vidéo en écran partagé sur votre espace de travail :

  1. Identifying the difference between the Awareness, Consideration and Conversion stages for an Ad Campaign Objective

  2. Choosing between the Brand Awareness and Reach Ad Campaign Objective

  3. Creating a Traffic Campaign and add your website’s link as a CTA for Ad receivers to click on

  4. Running Engagement, Page Likes and Event Responses Campaigns

  5. Using App Installs and Video Views Campaign Objectives

  6. Running Messages and Lead Generation Campaigns

  7. Using the different Conversion Campaign Objectives “Conversions, Catalogue Sales, and Store Traffic”

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Votre enseignant(e) vous guide étape par étape dans une vidéo en écran partagé

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Foire Aux Questions

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