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People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. For the first time in history, business leaders can make decisions about their people based on deep analysis of data rather than the traditional methods of personal relationships, decision making based on experience, and risk avoidance. In this brand new course, three of Wharton’s top professors, all pioneers in the field of people analytics, will explore the state-of-the-art techniques used to recruit and retain great people, and demonstrate how these techniques are used at cutting-edge companies. They’ll explain how data and sophisticated analysis is brought to bear on people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration. This course is an introduction to the theory of people analytics, and is not intended to prepare learners to perform complex talent management data analysis. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how and when hard data is used to make soft-skill decisions about hiring and talent development, so that you can position yourself as a strategic partner in your company’s talent management decisions. This course is intended to introduced you to Organizations flourish when the people who work in them flourish. Analytics can help make both happen. This course in People Analytics is designed to help you flourish in your career, too....

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21 déc. 2018

Thank you so much for this very helpful module! I hope you continue to inspire HR professionals around the world to use HR Analytics as an important means to drive organizational-related decisions.


4 oct. 2020

detailed, yet high level enough to bring any specialist into the subject. provides useful information that is beyond people analytics. very recommended or any level/specification HR professional.

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par Mario M F

18 juin 2016

Objectively analyzing the capabilties of people is very important in order to avoid the subjectivity. This provides an equal playing field for everyone. I really appreciate the feedback and techniques we got. I did however feel the Organizatinal Network Analysis was too general, and didn't provide much specific details. But it was a good overall background on the subject.

par YAMI W

17 avr. 2020

worth learning it! great! But i still think it's hard to embark on people analytics with network analysis or collecting data via questionaire which is very tough and costly. To be honest, that applying the academically scientific method to corporate's practical issues is impractical and difficult for normal companies,of course except for consulting industry, and HR.


par Maria F P

18 avr. 2021

The course gives relevant insights into how analytics can be used to enhance talent management. It especially focuses on performance management. the content is high level, the professors are engaging, easy to follow and stimulate critical thinking. While it's an excellent overview on the topic, it doesn't dive deeper into statistics or talent management processes.

par Luis G C

5 août 2020

The ourse is very good and gives good insight into the topic, and I am happy I completed it. I rate it 4 because, even though it is clear that is not a statistics course, and that the learners should have a good statistical background, I think that they should have made a little more effort to relate many concepts to realistic solutions and practical measurements.

par Ahmed M

8 mai 2021

Mr.Cade Masey giving very hard examples like NFL compared to Mrs.Martina and Mr.Mathew, they explain the materials very smoothly without more complexity, please change the NFL example it is really annoying and I searched into discussion forums and I found it is common problem. otherwise this I would like to rate 5 stars and thank you for your great efforts.

par Vidhan S

23 juin 2020

The course does really well on the qualitative aspects and is able to highlight a lot of aspects of people management which can benefit from the use of data analytics. It allows one to think sceptically and rationally about some of the norms and standards of human behaviour involved with people management. Thanks for this opportunity, Coursera!

par Angie

13 mai 2020

Really fine designed introduction to People Analytics. In particular, I appreciated prof. Massey easiness to translate more complex analytical/statistical information into segments of information that were easy to comprehend by any layperson. I learned a lot and this course encourage me to dig deeper into the world of analytics. Well done!

par Rossana M T

21 juin 2017

It is a great program with great content. Very informative and thought provoking in how to evaluate talent and how to deploy analytics in the TA and Talent development areas. I found the applicability of the broader concepts very useful However, given my limited background on analytical tools, the actual deployment becomes more limited.

par Andy Y

24 févr. 2017

Great intro course to People Analytics from a HR perspective. Really like the modules on Talent Acquisition and Collaboration (which is often overlooked when it comes to performance). Would have loved to learn about some of the tools that are available to consultants/HR professionals today to measure people performance.

par Pia E

14 sept. 2020

I learned new things about human resources and how I can use analytic to improve the internal processes, however some ideas were not clear enough in the first and second weeks and the slides were basic and relied too much in the videos. Hopefully they can update the videos to 2020 reality and improve these issues!

par Gautham A

2 août 2017

The course was very thought provoking. I had previously known about the biases and heuristics but this course gave me a different perspective as to how do they manifest themselves in organisational spaces. It could have been better if we are taught a few more technical analyses. Thank you very much for the course.

par Manasa S

1 mars 2020

Thank you so much !! I really enjoyed the session. I really loved the way real-time case studies were taken to help us understand the topics i would also like to thank the way, Professor Martine Haas explained the topic on collaboration in a very simple way with one example in a diverse manner!! thank so much !!

par Henrique B

5 juil. 2020

Awesome topics but I felt them a little bit disconnected. I mean, there are so many different things we should oversight, it is hard to make a sense of how to implement every part together. Teachers should consider elaborating a sum-up week with pratical examples of how to use all this tools together.

par Jason R

27 avr. 2016

Overall excellent.

Constructive feedback: Similar to the Customer Analytics course, I would have found it valuable to learn about vendors that provide some of the services discussed; namely, the top-3 vendors of psychometric data that could fuel the analytics frameworks presented in these modules.

par Sarah R

15 sept. 2016

Aside from being unable to take the quizzes (which seemed to provide very little in the way of testing understanding of the material), the course videos were great, very professional and some good info. Would be good to have project based assignment rather than just regurgitation of main points!

par Jalal A

29 oct. 2020

Excellent insight. Great instructors. Well developed material to explain topics with good examples. Only concern with quite a few of the Quiz questions being difficult to understand; and tricky in a way that does not necessarily test understanding- too complex construction of some questions.

par Mircea G

29 déc. 2015

Great course, both focused and easy to follow. The sports (baseball) world analogies were not always very transparent for those who are not familiar with the field. All in all, a great course; really appreciate all three professors, who covered the material in a very coherent way. Thank you!

par Joanne H

26 févr. 2021

A good introduction into the subject area. It does not give you enough detail on how to actual do the data anaylsis but it provides the insights into where and how. An excellent use of time. The instructors are clear, provide real life examples and seem passionate about the subject area.

par shreyas n

12 avr. 2018

The course helped me understand how people analytics is being used in organizations, something that i never thought of.

Helped me get present to my own biases. It gave me areas to work on and be cognizant of in my company. A lot of practices we do here can now be improved and modified.

par saurabh s

16 oct. 2016

The course serves well for beginners purpose. However I would really appreciate a little more advance level to be introduced as soon as possible to leverage the momentum generated and also to cater to practical needs.

Greater fo

Focus on real life examples and exercises will also help.

par Rida G

15 nov. 2020

This course really helps me to learn new skills, like talent management, learn about people etc. this course was more than my expectations. After this course, I have learned individuals investigation and furthermore to actualize it. It has assist me with progressing in my insight.

par Rodrigo A

20 mars 2021

The course is really good to present an overall understanding of areas to focus on and to suggest ideas of tools to use. I think there could be a week #5 with more hands-on exercises to actually implement some of the suggestions. In general, it's a great course for managers.

par Karin F

17 avr. 2018

This course give a good summery about People Analytics. I think it's just a pity that one does not see in the tests which is the correct answer, if one has chosen the wrong one. The course keeps saying that employees value feedback. That should also be considered here too.

par Sharon L L

11 juin 2021

The course was a bit challenging but I love that it pushed me to the wall and I was able to learn. Being a student still pursuing my masters, this was completely new to me and it has been really insightful and helpful. I learnt a lot and I'm grateful to all my lecturers.

par Ioana-Raluca P

25 août 2021

The course offers an introduction to people analytics. Mostly theory with examples, but without actually showing how to perform analyses on data. It might be a good starting point for those who are trying to figure out whether they want to delve deeper into the subject.