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The Business Analytics Capstone Project gives you the opportunity to apply what you've learned about how to make data-driven decisions to a real business challenge faced by global technology companies like Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. At the end of this Capstone, you'll be able to ask the right questions of the data, and know how to use data effectively to address business challenges of your own. You’ll understand how cutting-edge businesses use data to optimize marketing, maximize revenue, make operations efficient, and make hiring and management decisions so that you can apply these strategies to your own company or business. Designed with Yahoo to give you invaluable experience in evaluating and creating data-driven decisions, the Business Analytics Capstone Project provides the chance for you to devise a plan of action for optimizing data itself to provide key insights and analysis, and to describe the interaction between key financial and non-financial indicators. Once you complete your analysis, you'll be better prepared to make better data-driven business decisions of your own....

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Oct 30, 2019

It's the excellent for Business Analytics, this like a test all of knowledge that we have learned for Business Analytics Specialization course and can be sure that we can be put in real.


Jan 26, 2017

I took this together with 4 other modules in the Business Analytics Specialisation. I like the case study in which I am able to apply what I learn to real world issues.

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par Rashmi K

May 04, 2018

Why should my course completion be held back because other participants are not available to review my submission and provide feedback...this is very unfair and I feel complete wastage of my money.

The submissions should have been reviewed by professors and there should have been a SLA for review like 2 days, 3 days etc. This otherwise seems like a open ended program, depending on the whims and mercy of other candidates!

par Grant I

Aug 24, 2017

I have a passionate dislike for peer graded assignments. There is nothing worse than having to redo an assignment two or three times because your 'peers' lack the language skills or understanding of your submission to grade it appropriately. If this were a free course I would happily accept peer grading as a cost of education. But for a paid course, to have someone who is in the process of learning the material grade my understanding of it is unacceptable. Peer graded assignments are actually the reason I will be discontinuing my Coursera specializations and search for an alternative source of online e

par Andre T S

Nov 22, 2018

I think may be a little bit more description about what are the requirements are needed to enroll in courses as customer analytics which the learners should have a good statistics skills.

par Raman K

Apr 20, 2017

The course provides a case. We have to identify the problem. I appreciated the fact that how I define a problem decides on how I propose to address it. A different definition leads to altogether different steps! The course also provides a good template and sufficient guidelines to help us develop a strategy to address the problem we have defined. Finally , we have to think about how we can test if our strategy is viable. We are also guided to think about the changes that might be necessary in our organization in terms of structure, KPIs, skills etc. Given the nature of this capstone project one cannot expect it to be too specific and have a heavy application of analytics. What it does is provide you with a good idea of how to put all that you have learned in each of the specializations in a comprenesive manner, and that how these ideas fit together to create a big picture. If you are looking at complex number crunching excerices then you will not find it here. If you are looking for excerices that will make you think and think and think then you will be quite satisfied. I am!

par 刘峰

Mar 20, 2019

I am very grateful for the learning and practice that I can give to this graduation project, which has made me gain a lot in strategic decision-making and business analysis.

par Orlando C

Dec 11, 2017

If you apply yourself fully to the capstone project you will get a lot out of it. It is indeed true that the project is dated. The problem and solutions of adblocking are known. So at a minimum you will have a head-start. The research and development of your strategy, and applying the analytics skills you have learnt is where the real work is and would parallel the sort of rigor that would go into a real world situation strategic deck.

Of course it would be ideal if the project was assessed by a Wharton professor. However, that would significantly change the cost structure.

I was disappointed by the quality of work submitted by others. I expected more rigor from folks that completed the previous courses in the series.

par Andrew N

Aug 24, 2017

While some of the courses were more difficult than others, I was overall impressed with the certification. Highly recommended for any business generalist looking for a basic introduction to the analytics field.

par Falcone A

Apr 26, 2016

Very hand-on. It let you think on your own and apply concepts previously studied. The review process may be improved.

par Federico C

Apr 25, 2019

Great ending to the specialization. Great way of applying content. Really interesting example!

par Daniel C

May 13, 2019

An awesome experience for sharing all learned knowledge with classmates!

par Mohamed M

Feb 06, 2019

Excellent course, grading through p2p is. very good idea

par Silvio A G B

Apr 19, 2019


par Andrey S

Sep 11, 2018

Excellent course!!! Strongly recommended!

par Kostas K

Nov 22, 2018

I really enjoyed the capstone project.

par ANUJ K Y

Feb 13, 2019


par Evgeniy G

May 08, 2016

I think that to reviewed by classmates is nbot the best way to get an education. Anyway - thank you

par Shivani A

Sep 27, 2018

Good project to cover all the lessons learned so far..

par Vu H G

May 08, 2016

The peer review is not a good idea for this course. I expected to have valuable inputs from Wharton staff to my submission.

par Muhammad H

Oct 17, 2019

I have learnt a lot in this course, including Customer, Operation, Accounting and people Analytics. As a Practitioner of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, I was enjoyed throughout this course and really would like to recommend this course to all Data lovers, who like to play around with a great knowledge of Business Analytics.


Jun 01, 2018


par Santosh J

Dec 27, 2017

A good experience/exercise to recap and practice what you have learned.

The peer review should be confidential, i.e. not to revel the name of the person who reviewed it . It can affect/bias when the same person is reviewing the peer to who revised it and they disagree.

par Srividya

Jun 22, 2017

The Capstone project gave an opportunity to apply thoughts and do thorough research on various learning from the specialization.The course is well structured and application exercises attached to the case study helps you to apply the concepts learnt practically.

par Jeeva N

Sep 30, 2017

Thank you very much for the great project assignments and final project. This course very informational and the instructors are well presented course in simplified and more interactive way for easier adoption. Thank you very much Coursera Team.

par Joseph N

Apr 12, 2017

The Business Analytics Capstone provided you the opportunity to apply the learning from all the previous courses from Business Analytics in a very practical way to solve a case. This is very reflective of a real world problem.

par Wendy S

Sep 22, 2017

This course, and series of courses, helped to expand my knowledge of analytic and helped me look at my own work in a more logical way with tools that will help me make data based decisions and analysis.