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Certificat partageable
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Commencez dès maintenant et apprenez aux horaires qui vous conviennent.
Dates limites flexibles
Réinitialisez les dates limites selon votre disponibilité.
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Semaine 1

2 heures pour terminer

Course Orientation

2 heures pour terminer
1 vidéo (Total 2 min), 5 lectures, 1 quiz
5 lectures
Syllabus10 min
About the Discussion Forums10 min
Glossary10 min
Updating Your Profile10 min
Social Media10 min
1 exercice pour s'entraîner
Orientation Quiz30 min
6 heures pour terminer

Week 1: Introduction and Who Are You?

6 heures pour terminer
25 vidéos (Total 101 min), 2 lectures, 5 quiz
25 vidéos
1.02: 2MC: Widowed Aunt2 min
1.1.1: What Do You Stand For? What Difference Do You Want to Make?3 min
1.2.1: 2MC - You Pick Two1 min
1.3.1: What Is a Two-Minute Challenge?2 min
1.3.2: 2MC – Inappropriate Email1 min
1.3.3: 2MCs in Real Life7 min
1.3.4: Iteration Makes Perfect – Using 2MCs to Learn and Practice Skills5 min
1.3.5: And the Inappropriate Email? Experts Comment7 min
1.4.1: Articulating Your Values – the Foundation for Your Reputation3 min
1.4.2: 2MC – Retirement Reception1 min
1.4.3: Who Are You, How Do You Know, and Why Does It Matter?4 min
1.4.4: The Beginning – Your Own Values3 min
1.4.5: How Your Reputation is Built on Values – Experts Comment7 min
1.5.1: Drafting a Personal Leadership Credo (PLC)2 min
1.5.2: 2MC – Dream Job, Bad Timing1 min
1.5.3: Putting What You Stand For on Paper3 min
1.5.4: Revisiting and Revising Your PLC6 min
1.5.5 How Your PLC Will Help You - Experts Comment7 min
1.6.1: Gotta Habit1 min
1.6.2: 2MC – Grandma's Sweater1 min
1.6.3: Habits - Act Out Your Values Even If You Are Under Pressure3 min
1.6.4: Turning What You Want to Do into Habits3 min
1.6.5: Habits Reflect Values – Experts Comment7 min
1.7.1: You Pick Two – Experts Comment7 min
2 lectures
Week 1 Overview10 min
Week 1 Resources and References10 min
4 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 1-3 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 1-4 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 1-5 Practice Quiz30 min
Week 1 Graded Quiz30 min

Semaine 2

7 heures pour terminer

Week 2: Opening Up Problems through the Decision-Making Framework (DMF)

7 heures pour terminer
23 vidéos (Total 75 min), 2 lectures, 7 quiz
23 vidéos
2.2.1: 2MC: Puzzling Remarks1 min
2.3.1: A Method - the DMF2 min
2.3.2: 2MC - Stop Light59s
2.3.3: DMF - Steps 1 to 33 min
2.3.4: The First Three Steps: Applied3 min
2.3.5: Why Do We Stop?1 min
2.4.1: More on the DMF1 min
2.4.2: 2MC - Dinner Receipts2 min
2.4.3: DMF - Steps 4 to 62 min
2.4.4: Steps 4 to 6 - Applied3 min
2.4.5: Other Ways to Open Up Problems2 min
2.5.1: The DMF In Action1 min
2.5.2: 2MC - Time Reporting2 min
2.5.3: DMF - Steps 1 to 3 in Action6 min
2.5.4: DMF - Steps 4 to 6 in Action4 min
2.5.5: Anticipate Outcomes to Prevent Problems6 min
2.6.1: Seeing the Invisible Pitfalls1 min
2.6.2: 2MC - Back Date1 min
2.6.3: Making the DMF a Habit5 min
2.6.4: More on Forming Habits7 min
2.6.5: Better Decisions Prevent and Solve Problems5 min
2.7.1:Other Frameworks: Experts Comment3 min
2 lectures
Week 2 Overview10 min
Week 2 Resources and References10 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 2-3 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 2-4 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 2-5 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 2-6 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 2-7 Practice Quiz30 min
Week 2 Graded Quiz30 min

Semaine 3

6 heures pour terminer

Week 3: Career TRAGEDIES: Recognizing and Avoiding Them

6 heures pour terminer
23 vidéos (Total 69 min), 2 lectures, 6 quiz
23 vidéos
3.2.1: 2MC - Office Supplies1 min
3.3.1: Identifying Conflicts with Your Instincts1 min
3.3.2: 2MC - Fare Plus Five2 min
3.3.3: Temptation, Rationalization, and Ambition3 min
3.3.4: Overconfidence3 min
3.3.5: Fare Plus Five - Outcome5 min
3.4.1: Group, Peer, and Authority Pressure1 min
3.4.2: 2MC - Pose as a Customer1 min
3.4.3: How Pressure Arises2 min
3.4.4: What the Research Says - Asch6 min
3.4.5: Outcome … Speaking of Tragedies3 min
3.5.1: Identifying Conflicts with your Feelings1 min
3.5.2: 2MC - Safe Rides1 min
3.5.3: Entitlement5 min
3.5.4: Deception, Incrementalism, and Embarrassment7 min
3.5.5: Catching EDIE in the Act1 min
3.6.1: S Is for Stupid Systems1 min
3.6.2: 2MC - Parking Permit1 min
3.6.3: What Do You Do When You Find One?2 min
3.6.4: Choosing Your Battles3 min
3.6.5: Change Is Possible2 min
3.7.1: TRAGEDIES: Experts Comment8 min
2 lectures
Week 3 Overview10 min
Week 3 Resources and References10 min
5 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 3-3 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 3-4 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 3-5 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 3-6 Practice Quiz30 min
Week 3 Graded Quiz30 min

Semaine 4

7 heures pour terminer

Week 4: Knowing What To Do Isn't Enough – How Do You Say It?

7 heures pour terminer
24 vidéos (Total 90 min), 2 lectures, 6 quiz
24 vidéos
4.2.1: 2MC - Cover for Your Friend1 min
4.3.1: Personal Scripts - Finding the Words2 min
4.3.2: 2MC - Employee Discount1 min
4.3.3: Different Scripts for Different Purposes6 min
4.3.4: Preparing Scripts4 min
4.3.5: Scripts Show Who You Are6 min
4.4.1: Framing and Mindset53s
4.4.2: 2MC - Family Plans1 min
4.4.3: Framing as the Backdrop for Personal Scripts4 min
4.4.4: How You Say It Matters3 min
4.4.5: Family Plans - Outcome1 min
4.5.1: Constructing Your Personal Scripts1 min
4.5.2: 2MC - Video Games1 min
4.5.3: How To Construct an Effective Script5 min
4.5.4: Test Drive - and Listen Out For Others' Scripts5 min
4.5.5: Scripts Alone Don't Fix the Problem3 min
4.6.1: Personal Scripts - Ask the Experts3 min
4.6.2: 2MC: Personal Services1 min
4.6.3: Experts' Suggestions on Creating Personal Scripts4 min
4.6.4: Personal Scripts: Experts' Examples5 min
4.6.5: Experts on the 2MC5 min
4.7.1: Outcome - Cover for Your Friend6 min
Lesson 4.8: Prevent & Solve Problems for Yourself7 min
2 lectures
Week 4 Overview10 min
Week 4 Resources and References10 min
5 exercices pour s'entraîner
Lesson 4-3 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 4-4 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 4-5 Practice Quiz30 min
Lesson 4-6 Practice Quiz30 min
Week 4 Graded Quiz30 min



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À propos du Spécialisation Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work

In this Specialization, Professional IQ: Preventing Solving Problems at Work, learners use real-world dilemmas and ethical problems experienced by professionals around the world to clarify and articulate their personal values as a foundation for the issues they face. Many successful people use these skills every day—and you should too: making strong decisions; recognizing and avoiding career-damaging pitfalls; preventing and resolving conflicts so as to be value-added members of teams; knowing how and when to apologize effectively; knowing how to ask constructive questions that advance work; and honing leadership skills—whether for being influential at work or holding a position of authority. Learners develop a Personal Leadership Credo, as part of a portfolio applying the skills from the course in situations that learners develop themselves. This Specialization features guest speakers from the following organizations: The University of Illinois Community Credit Union; ZipDX; Rosentreter Group; University of Kansas; Studio Helix Medical Exercise and Bodywork, LLC; Advanced Micro Devices; Vedder Price, P.C.; Circuit Court of Cook County; Sierra Training Associates Inc.; and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For the names and biographies of individual guest speakers, please see the "Guest Experts" page within each course....
Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work

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