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This course is about how music works. It is about the relationship between the technical and aesthetic details of music. It is also about how developing a meaningful theoretical vocabulary can help you think and talk about musical style, and how learning that vocabulary can expand your appreciation for music. In this course you will learn music theory not by looking at theory itself, but by listening to, looking at, and—yes!—writing your own musical examples. By hearing, seeing, and writing yourself, you will learn about classical, modern, ancient, pop, jazz, and folk styles. Through lectures, relevant examples, and numerous practice assignments, we will examine fundamental aspects of melody. We will move into working with two voices and counterpoint, and finally to three voices and the beginnings of harmonic function. This is an intermediate-level course for musicians and composers who already have some understanding of music theory through previous study. If you are a musician or composer looking to build a deeper understanding of music theory for composing, performing, or improvisation, you have come to the right place. If you are an amateur lover of music or, perhaps, play a musical instrument and want to develop a deeper sense of appreciation for music theory, aesthetics, and history, you are also in the right place!...

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4 juil. 2020

Great survey of Western music. I found it more of an appreciation of listening to music rather than a formal music theory course. There's lots of opportunity to learn different styles of composition.


12 mars 2021

Excellent, challenging course which opens your eyes and ears to many genres of music. Wonderfully presented with humour and concise descriptive explanation. Thank you

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par Reginald F

3 juil. 2020

This is a good addition to Coursera's collection of music theory courses. I would recommend starting with the University of Edinburgh basic theory course, then either this or the National University of Singapore "Write Like Mozart". There's only a little overlap in content and approach between this and WLM -- take both. I would encourage Prof. Lowenstein to follow up with more advanced courses.

par Julia M

28 déc. 2020

This is a superb course which explains the basic concepts underlying music theory and gives you a good overview of music history as well. I studied GCSE and A level music and still learnt plenty. It has improved my ear and changed the way I listen to music. It is a beginners course, however people who cannot sight read might find it hard work.

par Elizabeth T

28 janv. 2021

The best part of this course is evaluating other students' work. I learned an incredible amount by following the instructor's guide to providing feedback to peers. It is also the hardest part, and sometimes frustrating. However, it is what makes this course different and more enriching than any music theory course I've ever taken.

par Maria D A M

3 sept. 2020

I loved this course, so challenging, I learned a lot, differents things, I have many years playing piano, today I played it with a new goal, and seeing concepts that I didnt see before. I am form Mexico, so I know, do re mi fa sol la si do. Is too different to think in C D E F, G A, B. Have to think different. Thankyou!

par veronica h

9 avr. 2020

I loved this course because it is packed with very clearly explained lessons and I really enjoyed every video. The assignments gave me lots of opportunity to practice but they did take me more than 30 minutes to do each one. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into music theory.

par Michael O

14 mars 2021

Not for complete beginners. If you have some basic knowledge of music I think you'll find this course very inspiring and enjoyable to do. It's music history with theory and the instructor makes its fun. I'm very impressed and will go over and refer to this course materials for years to come. It's a great course!

par Cecilia F

26 oct. 2021

I enjoyed this course immensely and learned a lot. The instructor used humor as well as great knowledge of the material and explained everything carefully and thoroughly. I have a long way to go to fully understand music theory and how to write it on paper. Eventually, I may be satisfied with my journey.

par Prabir S

1 juin 2021

This is by far the best on - line course that I have enjoyed at my age (80 years). Mr Marc Lowenstein is fantastic as a teacher and communicator. The course contents ,sequencing , presentation and gradings are very thoughtfully planned and cleverly executed. With profound regards to CaLARTS.

par Daniel D

24 mars 2021

Top course! A wide panoramic of (mostly) Western music from the last 10 centuries. Not just classical: you'll go from the Middle Ages to New Age! It could seriously change the way you look at music, especially "strange" music, like XXth century avant-garde. Great stuff to be learned here.

par Amir M B

8 mars 2021

A beautiful and pleasant flight over the sky of music theory and harmony with lots of colorful points from different forms and genres, this path is also much more pleasant with an awesome instructor such as Marc.

Take this course even if you know music theory very well, trust me.

par Zack

8 août 2020

What's truly special about this course is that it helps you understand music as a whole; not just roman numerals and harmonic function, but how, throughout the ages, musicians had formed these common practice rules and used them to their advantage.

Also, wombat.

par Ben N

30 juin 2019


Shout to Sam L. for the hookup with this class. Learned a lot! I really feel primed for my education and then some! A lot more than I bargained for. And of course I want to get to CalArts even more.. you lovely jerks!


par Paul B

3 mai 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course with a high quality tutor presenting in an interesting style which kept the interest. Although I’m specifically studying jazz piano I found it was highly productive on many fronts - thank you very much !

par Éric T

12 juin 2020

Super interesting course, quite challenging but very rewarding. Marc is a fantastic lecturer! He brilliantly manages to convey his excitement for the topic. I wish there were more courses offered by him on Coursera!!

par Dennis R

24 févr. 2020

Clear and informative. A little background in music theory will make the content easier to understand and apply. The focus is unique and generates thought. Music theory can be fun for everyone. Thanks.

par Joao P N

17 janv. 2021

Professor Marc Lowenstein made me learn music theory and music forms analysis in a very rich and enjoyable way! Marc is a fantastic teacher, I look forward to enroll into another course he may offer.

par Ralitsa N

27 juin 2022

Challenging, enjoyful and funny, all the elements you need to engage with a course content. I recomend it to everybody with an interest into deeper diving into music, with a hand/ears - on approach.

par CMj

14 mai 2022

I had not learned about music theory while I had composed music for two years.

This course is easy to learn for me, who is not bright for music.

It was good time to study with this course.

par Jiawei R Z

14 juil. 2021

This teacher teaches wonderfully and engagingly. This is the most fun I've had learning about music theory thus far in my entire life. What a truly great and unique experience.

par Philip R

28 mars 2020

A very useful and interesting overview to melody and harmony. I loved Marc's sense of humour. It has motivated me to study the subject in more depth.

par Kris S

18 févr. 2021

Terrific - many thanks to Marc and the Calarts team for sharing their passion. Have new found music appreciation, knowledge, ideas and inspiration!

par Mark A

15 juin 2022

I learned so much in the course. Marc is a fantastic instructor. I never thought I could compose all these different styles of music!

par Wang S

17 sept. 2019

I'm Chinese, and not good at English. But with a dict in my hand, I enjoyed a lot in this course. Thanks the teacher very much.

par Octave H

12 oct. 2020

Extraordinary course, with great lessons, even tho english isn't my native language. Really helpful and well made