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This course explores Excel as a tool for solving business problems. In this course you will learn the basic functions of excel through guided demonstration. Each week you will build on your excel skills and be provided an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. Finally, you will have a chance to put your knowledge to work in a final project. Please note, the content in this course was developed using a Windows version of Excel 2013. This course was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with an address at 300 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10017....

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Jan 02, 2019

An amazing course with very interactive video lessons and exercises that made sure that candidates were equipped with good knowledge by the end of the course. Thank You for the opportunity


Apr 12, 2020

This was an amazing course that helped me with the real-life case-based implementation of Excel and its key applications. An insightful course taught was some of the greatest minds of PwC!

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par Rishabh S

Feb 24, 2019

Best course to learn excel from the beginning.

par Doug C

Jan 23, 2019

There's something for everyone in this course. If you are a student, working through this course as early in your career may improve your grades, but will certainly let you produce higher-quality work with less time and struggle on your part. Ditto for entry-level professionals. If you have been doing it longer, like I have, you will be reminded of some important things you have forgotten, but more importantly you will pick up some tips to make future work also higher quality with less work. Highly Recommended.

par Zohair A

Jan 02, 2019

An amazing course with very interactive video lessons and exercises that made sure that candidates were equipped with good knowledge by the end of the course. Thank You for the opportunity

par Muhammad A U S

Nov 05, 2017

The course is phenomenal for the finance professionals especially for the ones who are early in their careers. I would highly recommend this course to business students and professionals.

par Shireen K

Aug 17, 2020

The instructions didn't match the functions many times. Nothing built upon each other - We would learn "IF" functions once and never use them again. The instructions for the final projects were not clear at all. I once spent 50 minutes trying to figure out what to do on a final project just to find out that the instructions were on the answer page (which I don't look at until I'm done). This course was a waste of time considering I found myself looking half the stuff on Harvard Business Review for more information on what a specific function does. Obviously the syntax is important but if I don't know what it does and what it's used for, how am I supposed to know when to use it? Finally, to top it off, this is listed as a beginner course meaning no prerequisites or prior knowledge is needed. However, when beginning week 4, the instructor says that people should have knowledge of statistics before beginning. How is that a beginner course if it's pretty much required to know a bit about stats (and finance) before beginning.

par Harish P J

Dec 28, 2018

For those who are familiar with Excel (at a basic level) and want a hands-on experience with advanced skills in Excel (like myself)--I strongly recommend this course! The best part of this course is the hands-on approach--every module has an accompanying Excel worksheet so that you can work along with the instructor. Followed with exercises for students to do on their own. The solutions provided are very helpful in this process. The end-of-week assignments are actually challenging and exciting.

par Chutian B

Feb 22, 2019

Great for a beginner, especially for those just starting their career life as an intern. Also a wonderful enlightment for data analysis and related fields. I'm considering a more analysis-oriented major after the undergraduate. What should be fixed: Some instructions are so wrong that the forum has given clear tips, but they haven't yet been modified in the course

par Ong W H

Feb 21, 2018

A good course exploring important functions and video will guide learners through easily. However, it is extremely frustrating that the culminating exercises at the end of the week is extremely hard, at times, impossible to follow.

The instructions are unclear and there are mistakes in the answer tab provided. Should learners be unable to follow, they would have to seek help from the forum and we understand that many face similar problems too.

Weekly culminating exercises are the most challenging, yet, the most rewarding. It is a compilation of excel functions to sum up learnings for the week. If PwC can pick up the slack, it would greatly improve the experience of all the learners. Learners can also consolidate their learning and test their understandings.

I was expecting more from PwC, a little disappointed.

par Luis R S Y

May 23, 2019

Es una bien concebido curso para aprender a utilizar Excel de forma más amplia y segura. Las personas que participan son muy profesionales y comparten sus experiencias laborales durante la instrucción.

Los conocimientos que se adquieren pueden se empleados en los diferentes "spreadsheets" de los que ahora disponemos (Libreoffice, Google docs) por dar algunos ejemplos, es muy recomendable el tomar este curso quienes utiizan Excel de forma cotidiana, les aseguro le ampliara y mejorara el aprovechamiento que de este "Software" hacen.

par Nitin J

May 18, 2018

Thank you guys......for equipped us with such a great course for those who are beginners in MS EXCEL.

Course is embedded with quality contents which sums up all the relevant & important things in a short span of time. And at the same time I am greatly influenced by the practical aspects of the course for which you are provided with practical workbooks to practise more.

Great Job Guys.........

par Naga D R J

Aug 24, 2019

This is one of the Best course which taught us truly advanced skills in Excel. The workbooks PWC provided are very helpful for practice and understand the real life case scenarios, Thank you so much PWC for designing such elegant course and also I'm grateful to COURSERA for providing such such quality programs through their platform

par Tong W

Jan 03, 2017

It's a great course with clear instructions and insightful practices. I learnt useful functionalities and tools that could be used in my future career as an accounting professional.

par Danielle I

Aug 24, 2020

The lessons were digestible. The best parts of the course were the practical applications of the lessons.

par Mayank S

Sep 01, 2020

Wonderful course for an excel beginner trying to learn excel for analytics

par Alex M

Jan 12, 2018

Yet another great course by PwC, engaging videos and well built exercises and quizzes.

I have to take a star off for the lack of polish on certain materials. Spelling mistakes were frequent in the written materials, and numerical or formula errors did exist in some exercices of certain excel sheets. To be fair, none of these occurences were major or really disturbing to me, we all make mistakes, and I was noticing them and finding my way around the problems regardless. It's just that you expect more polish when you've gone through some of the other courses PwC offers on this platform (the sound quality on the screen-cap segments not being that great also... )

These things have to be mentioned so the course can be improved, but as of right now it's a solid 4/5 that does exactly what it says. The overall experience is great, you won't be dissapointed.

par Ian R

Dec 05, 2016

This is a pretty good intro to Excel course. It gets a little patchy in Weeks 3 and 4 (it seems like some of the worksheets weren't checked for errors), but it never wastes your time. It's a great way to get an initial feel for how to do commonly-used professional functions in Excel. I'm glad I took it, though I do wish there had been more of a progression. For example, it would have been nice if there was a final, project due at the end that put together a lot more of what was covered rather than just reviewing the few functions learned in Week 4.

par Katarzyna S

May 28, 2018

This is a nicely structured and informative course that fulfills its purpose. It is a good introduction to how to use Excle in more powerful ways; I did not feel like any special knowledge was needed until the last week when the course touched upon statistics and finance (though it provided explanations in a user-friendly fashion). In some videos audio quality is pretty bad; there are also minor mistakes in practise spreadsheets (most of them already pointed out by the community), hence I gave this course 4 stars.

par Christopher Z

Sep 13, 2018

Overall, a great course. I certainly have learned a lot and applied these skills into my professional life. I docked a star because there are certain items that could require some attention in the included excel downloads. For instance, in Week 3's comprehensive problem, the formatting for the pivot tables was off, leading to a lot of frustration. In addition to being asked questions that were not covered in the weekly materials. Like I said, great course, but has a couple of kinks that need to be addressed.

par Fred S

Feb 24, 2017

I learned something new every week and the projects at the end of each week were thoughtful and robust. Overall, well worth the time.

Frustrations - sound quality varied widely and could be frustrating. Would have preferred significantly more examples, was difficult to really grasp some concepts with such limited practice and implementation examples. Found mistakes in some portion of nearly every week's lessons, which makes it challenging to learn new material and one week was particularly sloppy.

par Jingting X

Apr 19, 2019

Very hands-on and clear instructions, being precise and practical. The only reason why I'm not giving 5 stars is that there are many errors in the handouts and excel forms, such as duplication, unmatched answers versus questions, which are all stupid mistakes. Many people are telling the mistakes in the forum yet no updates are made over months.

par Mrinal K

Jun 08, 2020

The course was well structured and amazing student exercises but the audio quality in week 2 and some parts of week 1 was so poor that I had to listen to what the instructor is coveying again and again. But in the next video it was well worth of everything amazing to look how excel works and I am highly impressed by this course

par Cristina P M

Feb 05, 2018

Very good course. Well explained and to the point. If I had to make some comments about improvement, I would say that sometimes the final assignments are not connected to what has been covered during the course. There is big enough gap between what is taught on every week and what is expected from the final activitities.

par Joel B

Mar 26, 2020

I've learned a lot and love the format of short videos and hands on approach. I regret however that this course is getting outdated (2016) and that some excel sheets are full of errors (see Week 3 final) which have been reported more than 2 years ago (see forum) and still not corrected.

par anitha

Feb 18, 2020

It is a very nice course, but in between some of the videos are blur and its difficult to follow and hence difficult to complete assignment. All the videos that has female voice over is clear and formula's are zoomed in but the one with male voice is unclear. video is blur.

par Devi S

Sep 18, 2020

Very useful if you have no basic on using Excel.