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There have many three-dimensional shape of the object in your brain that are wanted to share, but do not know how to express? How to "sketch" the three-dimensional image in your mind? 3D modeling technology can help us construct the most intuitive and understandable three-dimensional model. The use of floor plan interpret the three-dimensional object process-the most direct and effective expression of our ideas. We have designed many paradigms so that people can quickly understand the logic of using 3D CAD software Sketchup and drawing skills, from introduction to advanced, and introduce SketchUp 3D modeling technologies. After completing "3D CAD Fundamental", it is no longer difficult to draw ideas that are beyond imagination with 3D modeling technology! The goal of this course is to construct a three-dimensional model, with the computer as the main teaching material, to enrich the fun paradigm and the complete drawing process. Step-by-step teach you how to use Sketchup's 3D modeling software technology. With the completion of "3D CAD Fundamental", you will be able to realize the 3D objects that exist in the imagination through 3D modeling!...

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9 sept. 2022



6 oct. 2020

Basic is a must. Using Sketchup was overwhelming for me until I enrolled in this course. I am now more capable of exploring and enjoying my creativity with Sketchup. Thank you for a fruitful course.

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par Howie W

10 mars 2020

This would have been a great course. Prof. Kang is a good instructor and the videos are well made. However, there are too many issues with the course.

The Sketchup version used in the videos is outdated. This is manageable if you look up the help document.

There are many errors in the graded quizzes. Some questions are poorly written, as English is not the instructors' first language, to the extent that you need to guess their meanings.

The course is not being managed by anyone. The last time the moderators replied to any thread in the forum was 3 years ago.

Grading relies completely on peer reviews. There are currently only a handful of students pursuing this course. You probably have to wait months for your assignment to receive enough reviews to pass.

Some students might give you unfair random marks and leave no comment. Some might give you a fail just because they have no idea of how to open your file with their version of the software. Coursera support is not helpful in solving this. They would just advise you to re-submit, wait and try your luck again.

I also found a few students plagiarising others' works and there is no course moderator to deal with this.

Coursera says they are trusting that everyone is following the Code of Conduct. Apparently, not everyone is trustworthy.

Anyway, this course if free to enroll and its content quite simple. Try it if you have some time to kill.

par Hovi

5 nov. 2019

The instructor has a terrible pronunciation. There are a lot of measurements missing for assignments. The questions in the quizzes are confusing.

par Stanley N

18 févr. 2019

Short videos. Practical examples and homework exercises. I recommend this course to every aspiring CAD user. It was worth my time. Thanks to the Instructor and Course Administrators.


11 oct. 2019

This is simply the best way to SketchUp. The modules are perfectly planned and the videos are so much simple to understand. Big fan of the professor and National Taiwan University.

par Venkata s k Y

20 août 2019

It was so simple to learn this course. It was all possible with Coursera and NTU. Thank you so much.

par Vaneik E

12 août 2020

The instructor presents the work slowly and very step by step. I very much appreciated the pace at which each lesson is taught.

That said, though not entirely irrelevant to CADding, the quiz covers aspects not taught in the instruction. To add to this, the grammar and the way the questions are asked are confusing. This course will greatly benefit from professional translation services for the quizzes. On several of the questions I took guesses as to what was being asked of me, most of the time I got those answers wrong. I earned a 63% on course that was pretty rudimentary in what was taught. I don't trust that I'm entirely accountable for such a low score.

Because of this I am unenrolling from this course. I have already begun a course elsewhere that seems to be much more intuitive and more than likely a better place for my learning. Should this course redesign it's use of language in it's quizzes, I will be very interested in starting the course again. Like I said, I appreciate the instructor, but the quizzes need some quality control.

Thank you for what I have been able to take away with me. I'm sorry I have to go.

Vaneik Echeverria

par Vuoch Y C

10 juin 2020

An amazing course for beginners like me! I'm so happy getting to learn 3D drawing. This course has helped me fulfill my dream. A well structure course. Clear instruction given by instructor. Prof. Jessy Kang seems so friendly in video and this makes learners feel less pressured learning a new skill. I'm thankful to be able to join this course.

par Ernesto A

27 juin 2018

Great course. Well organized with good didactic material. Very useful and focused on a practical sense. I am enrolled in the second part (CAD application) and I will follow with interest all the courses related to this topic. Thank you very much.

par Abraham M

20 avr. 2020

Great introduction to 3D modelling. The basic and important tools are reviewed in enough depth and the tests and assignments are well develop to put everything to use.

par Deleted A

15 oct. 2019

The content of the course is useful and our teacher Jessy Kang's narrative technique is very good.

Thank you.

par Anteneh G T

8 févr. 2020

Simply great course. Thank you professors and their team, the university and Coursera!

par Suraj S

10 août 2019

It was very nice experience,they taught to many things of 3d fundamental.

par Rubén G

1 sept. 2018

Great tips ang good knowledge aquired

par Wisal K

30 sept. 2019

this helps a lot in creative way

par Aamir M

31 juil. 2018



15 janv. 2019

It's awsome.......

par numan a

10 nov. 2019


par Sameh M E A

21 sept. 2019


par Alessandro

17 août 2020

Course is good, but grading system is bad. I completed my assignments week in advance and I couldn't get a review on time. The worst part that if I look at the overall progress it states I completed everything, but in fact I lack peer review.

par Mark C

23 avr. 2019

Good introductory course for someone with no experience or prior knowledge. There are 1 or 2 errors in assignment specifications though so check assignment forums if you are stuck.

par idesign y

22 juil. 2020

It's an Excellent Course and Flexible and new idea thanks to all and specialist thanks to Prof.dr. Jessy Kang and pls any future course for another engineering program pls mention me or any help to make a program like that in AutoCAD 2D/3D and 3dsMax/V-ray it's my pleasure to be one of your team/staff prof. and take the experience of how can I make courses like that in the future

par Kyle S

27 juil. 2020

This course was really great. I intended to use it as a refresher for previous knowledge and ended up learning way more than I thought. It was challenging but also fun and the instructor has excellent English. My only criticism is that the course covers a lot of drawing techniques, but not any techniques in organizing a model, which is important I think.

par Aneesh K

13 juil. 2020

I had recently taken up this course on 3D fundamentals by Prof. Jessy Kang of National Taiwan University.

The course was very well organized with practical examples and quizzes to challenge the students understanding. I plan to take the course on 3D Applications after this to be able to build 3 D models of buildings efficiently and professionally.

par K R V

17 juil. 2020

I found this course very useful for my journey into BIM using Sketchup. Nice and simply brief practical based videos and materials which helped to understand past and quick. Thank you very much to the instructor and big salute to the team for this best beginner course. (Especially kudos to the Quiz & Peer Review where I found my skills myself)

par Tan S Y

25 juin 2020

The course is interesting and useful if you want guidance on how to use Sketchup. The only downside to this course is the small mistakes in quizzes' questions which include phrasing and lack of information, making it more tedious. However, it is not a problem as you can reattempt the quizzes until you are satisfied. Overall, recommended.