Spécialisation Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

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Spécialisation Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

Explore a Career as a Software Engineer. Learn the basics of programming and software development

À propos de cette Spécialisation

Take your first step towards a career in software development with this introduction to Java—one of the most in-demand programming languages and the foundation of the Android operating system. Designed for beginners, this Specialization will teach you core programming concepts and equip you to write programs to solve complex problems. In addition, you will gain the foundational skills a software engineer needs to solve real-world problems, from designing algorithms to testing and debugging your programs.

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Beginner Specialization.
No prior experience required.
  1. COURS 1

    Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

    4 weeks of study, 3-7 hours/week
    English, Serbian

    À propos du cours

    Learn foundational programming concepts (e.g., functions, for loops, conditional statements) and how to solve problems like a programmer. In addition, learn basic web development as you build web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By the en
  2. COURS 2

    Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software

    4 weeks of study, 4-8 hours/week
    English, Turkish

    À propos du cours

    Learn to code in Java and improve your programming and problem-solving skills. You will learn to design algorithms as well as develop and debug programs. Using custom open-source classes, you will write programs that access and transform images, w
  3. COURS 3

    Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data

    4 weeks of study, 4-8 hours/week
    English, Korean

    À propos du cours

    Build on the software engineering skills you learned in “Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software” by learning new data structures. Use these data structures to build more complex programs that use Java’s object-oriented features. At the en
  4. COURS 4

    Java Programming: Principles of Software Design

    4 weeks of study, 4-8 hours/week
    English, Korean

    À propos du cours

    Solve real world problems with Java using multiple classes. Learn how to create programming solutions that scale using Java interfaces. Recognize that software engineering is more than writing code - it also involves logical thinking and de
  5. COURS 5

    Java Programming: Build a Recommendation System

    Session à venir : Nov 5
    4 weeks of study, 3-6 hours/week

    À propos du Projet Final

    Ever wonder how Netflix decides what movies to recommend for you? Or how Amazon recommends books? We can get a feel for how it works by building a simplified recommender of our own! In this capstone, you will show off your problem sol


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