Explore Adobe Spark while creating Social Stories Highlights

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Dans ce Projet Guidé gratuit, vous :

Get to know Adobe Spark free tools and features

Use Adobe Spark to create Visual Contents

Create cover images for you Social’s Story Highlights

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1 hour
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By the end of this project, you will learn how to use Adobe Spark to create simple story highlights for your Social Media accounts. You’ll be able to set up an account on Adobe Spark for free and explore its basic functions to create simple Visual Contents ready to be used on your social media. Adobe Spark is an integrated suite of media creation applications for mobile and web developed by Adobe Systems. The free Adobe Spark web app, allows users to create, edit and share their visual story and design visual content that can be used for businesses, education, social media, etc... Users may import pictures using the platform, or use the search tool to find a library Creative Commons licensed images available. Social Stories Highlights are an incredible tool for businesses to showcase and promote their brand. Your highlights live front-and-center on your Instagram profile for example, so they’re perfect for helping new visitors discover what your company is all about. It’s worth spending time planning and strategizing how to use them to your advantage as they can live permanently on your profile. They’re selected collections of Stories that your followers can tap into and watch any time they like. And because of their “highlighted” location in your profile, they’re powerful in order to direct followers to your most valuable and interesting content allowing you to easily curate and showcase the content you want followers to see first. Story Highlights are definitely a creative way to express yourself, show off your products, drive traffic, or market your business. This guided project is for students, graphic designers, content creators or the general public who want to explore Adobe Spark and its tools to create simple Visual Contents ready to be used on Social Media.


Login into Spark.adobe.com free account recommended.

Familiarity with social media stories.

No previous experience needed.

Les compétences que vous développerez

  • Adobe Spark

  • Visual Content

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media

  • Graphic Design

Apprendrez étape par étape

Votre enseignant(e) vous guidera étape par étape, grâce à une vidéo en écran partagé sur votre espace de travail :

  1. Set up and login on Spark

  2. explore dashboard's main features

  3. Set up a custom sized story template

  4. Design a simple story highlight

  5. Create a Story Highlights set

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