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In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn the basics of web application development with Python using the Flask framework. Through hands on, practical experience, you will go through concepts like creating a Flask Application, using Templates in Flask Applications, using SQLAlchemy and SQLite with Flask, and using Flask and WTForms. You will then apply the concepts to create your first web application with Python and Flask. This course is aimed at learners who are looking to get started with web application development using Python, and have some prior programming experience in the Python programming language. The ideal learner has understanding of Python syntax, HTML syntax, and computer programming concepts. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....

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29 déc. 2020

Very usefull lessons and can be used in real life programming at many projects.\n\nDeep commenting and describing in each part of lession.\n\nI recommend for everyone who want to know python and flask

27 juin 2020

It gave me an good overview of how routes, forms and sqalchemy works in flask. I just felt this project a bit hard, I think because I don't know much about backend yet.

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par RAVI P

25 juil. 2020


par p s

29 juin 2020


par tale p

16 juin 2020


par Albert C

10 févr. 2021

I would recommend this course for two people; anyone who is starting a new Flask Application and needs a quick refresher or anyone who knows how to write good Python and is considering the Flask framework for their next project.

It's a little fast-paced for anyone new to Python and software development. I gave it a four out of five stars because I know there are free of charge sources for creating a Task App in Flask. Maybe if the idea were something other than a task app, I would be inclined to give it a five.

With all that in mind, I gave it a four and not something less because I love the learning environment and the lesson's format. I love that I can easily pause the video, access the terminal, access a complete VM - it even has VIM, and that the files are easy to obtain. It's minimal but extremely effective. I will most likely take another course like this in this format if the content is something I like.

par Yacob H

12 sept. 2020

The teacher was great, I wish I could give it five stars but RHYME is TERRIBLE. Very sluggish and performs poorly. A 1 hour course will take 2 days to complete because the platform is very sluggish. i try to complete it on my own environment so I could follow along while watching but the video automatically pauses. Maybe you want students to use the RHYME. Maybe all the LAGGING will help you to learn. New learning technique I guess.

Coursera you have to listen . I am reading all these comments and they are saying the same thing.

Idea for all your Guided Projects:

-Create an optional section to help user setup the tools needed for the project so they can work on their own machine

-Find something quicker than rhyme. You could even build an editor that looks like VSCode. People are trying to learn, not train their brains to deal with latency.

par Jessica J S

6 oct. 2020

Good course for learn the basics for python and flask, as recomendation probably need to improve a little bit more the rhyme env, since is so slow, also in some parts of the video is not possible to see what is the tutor doing without full screen on video, that make a little bit slower the replication of learn in rhyme env. Thanks a lot for the course and the time

par Duddu v s a h

31 juil. 2020

That was more hands-on and useful too!... I expected a project at the end too but only hands-on work. Still, I learned some new things through this course on the flask. Definitely worth the time for a beginner.

par Amit G

14 juin 2021

This course is good but don't mistake it is not a project of 2 hours, if you play along with the lectures then too it will take around 4 hours. All things so good.

par Galina T

13 juil. 2021

T​he course does require good knowldge of Python. Support from staff (or lack of it) was the reason I was not completely happy with the course.


13 juil. 2020

Flask using python is very powerful and simple to understand. Building web apps using python and fast is amazing. Thanks, fo this project

par Shubham P

1 juil. 2020

Thank you coursera for providing the project on flask and how to build apps using it.It was an amazing experience withe flask enjoyed it.

par Lorenzo D

16 mai 2021

I don't think that the course is for beginner. I had difficulties, but i alreadey can programme and took a Python essential course.

par Zaw Z W

31 juil. 2020

Great Course!! I like that kind of teaching method on hand on practice . It's helped me to get more deep in flask.

par gari j c g

6 août 2020

nice introduction. It won't make you a master, but it will certainly spark your interest.

par Khurram A

19 nov. 2020

To the point, and very insightful for absolute starters in web developement,

par Girish D K

26 juil. 2020

Godd enjoyed learning only for those who know python and html.


8 sept. 2020

Very Nice Course. It will help you to learn flask more.


19 juil. 2020

loved this course and learned a lot

par Akanksha P

9 juil. 2020

It was really useful.

par Mainak k S

8 nov. 2020

It was very helpful.


26 juin 2020

شكرا لكم

par Aniket M

25 juin 2020


par Lavanya A

21 juil. 2020



22 sept. 2020


par Jorge G

25 févr. 2021

I do not recommend taking this type of course, take one and pass it, however after a few days I have tried to review the material, and my surprise is that it asks me to pay again to be able to review the material. Of course coursera gives me a small discount for having already paid it previously. It is very easy to download the videos and difficult to get hold of the material, but with ingenuity it is possible. Then I recommend uploading them to YouTube and keeping them private for when they want to consult (they avoid legal problems and can share with friends), then they can request a refund.