How to Use the Lean Canvas to Validate Your Business Model

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Dans ce Projet Guidé, vous :

Identify the customers and their problems which the current providers in the market have not addressed

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by offering your customers better solutions than the existing ones

Determine your performance as you pivot and iterate with the canvas to derive ideal business model

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By the end of this guided project, you will be able to use the Lean Canvas to test your startup business model hypothesis, and validate the key assumptions. The Lean Canvas serves as a tactical planning tool to guide entrepreneurs in navigating their way from ideation to building a successful business. The Lean Canvas is created especially for entrepreneurs to make it easier for the founders to work their way around the most critical aspects of starting a business. These steps range from identifying the customers and their problems, to designing a unique value propulsion that focuses on the solution; from there to mapping out channels to reach the customers, to pinpointing key performance metrics; then to analyzing the revenue streams and cost structure; and finally, to striving for unfair advantage. For us to practically demonstrate how the model works, we will use a spreadsheet to analyze a startup Social Venture. Examples from the case study would empower you to use the model to analyze your startup idea or any other company of your choice. Lean Canvas is entrepreneur-focused, but equally useful for everyone involved in introducing a new product or idea to the market. At the end of the project, you will be able to use the Lean Canvas to brainstorm possible business models, prioritize where to start, and track ongoing learning.

Les compétences que vous développerez

  • Leadership

  • Innovation

  • Business Strategy

  • Entrepreneurship

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  1. Task 1: Introduction: By the end of this task, you will explain the Lean Canvas

  2. Task 2: Problem: By the end of this task, you will articulate problems of the customer

  3. Task 3: Customer Segment: By the end of this task, you will determine the customer segment

  4. Task 4: Unique Value Proposition: By the end of this task, you will propose your values

  5. Task 5: Solution and Channels: By the end of this task, you will state the solution and the channels

  6. Task 6: Revenue and Cost: By the end of this task, you will enumerate the revenue streams and the cost structure

  7. Task 7: Metrics and Advantage: By the end of this task, you will determine the key matrices and the unfair advantage

  8. Task 8: Iteration: By the end of this task, you will innovate with the canvas

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