Introduction to Society I (Lauren Verheijen)

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9 oct. 2019

Great course, very interactive, informative and inspirational. Very well structured with a wealth of additional information available. Thoroughly enjoyed myself doing this course!

24 févr. 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it gave me the needed insights and perspectives for the need for sustainability and how it can be applied to businesses and individual lives.

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Week 3: Society I
This week is the first of two weeks dedicated to those SDGs that relate to Society. We introduce societal challenges such as hunger and poverty, and we look at new business models for healthcare and the transition to sustainable energy.

Enseigné par

  • Gabriele Jacobs

    Prof. Dr.
  • Eva Rood

    Director, Positive Change Initiative
  • Steve Kennedy

    Associate Professor corporate sustainability
  • Rob van Tulder

    Professor of International Business-Society Management
  • Dirk Schoenmaker

    Professor Banking & Finance
  • Mallory Flowers

    Academic researcher
  • Frank Wijen

    Associate Professor
  • Heleen Tiemersma

    PhD Candidate and Research Associate
  • Marta Szymanowska

    Associate Professor
  • Erik van Raaij

  • Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal

    Assistant Professor
  • Tobias Brandt

    Assistant Professor
  • Michaéla Schippers

  • Steef van de Velde

  • René de Koster

  • Ying Zhang

    Associate Professor
  • Ferdinand Jaspers

    Adjunct Professor
  • Anne-Kathrin Klesse

    Assistant Professor
  • Marieke de Wal

    Lead researcher and managing director
  • Amanda Williams

    Senior Researcher
  • Cees van Dam

  • Dianne Bevelander


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