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Knitr, Data Analysis, R Programming, Markup Language


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Jul 23, 2017

should be included much more in course 1. it would have been great to know up front how easy it is to mix text and code, not from a reproducibility standpoint, but just to take notes.


Aug 10, 2019

Without taking this course wouldn't have fully understood the importance of reproducible research in data science. Thank you so much. I recommend this course for all data scientists.

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Week 2: Markdown & knitr

Enseigné par

  • Roger D. Peng, PhD

    Roger D. Peng, PhD

    Associate Professor, Biostatistics
  • Jeff Leek, PhD

    Jeff Leek, PhD

    Associate Professor, Biostatistics
  • Brian Caffo, PhD

    Brian Caffo, PhD

    Professor, Biostatistics

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