2-1 Introduction: What do urban infrastructure managers do?

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Welcome to the 2nd block: an Introduction to Principles of Urban Infrastructure Management. In this block, we first answer the question: “What do urban infrastructure managers do?” (2-1), and then we study how to manage different stakeholders and their associated performance objectives (2-2). Next, we will learn about the main dimensions for urban infrastructure management (2-3), the main schools of thought in managing urban infrastructure systems (2-4), and we will finish with an interview with Mr. Christoph Rothballer, from Boston Consulting Group (2-5). Once you have watched the five videos in this block, you may want to visit the discussion forums where you can express your doubts and debate the contents of the lectures. In the 2nd block reading, you will find a summary of the lecture content, and a dramatic illustrative case study that explores the challenges in supplying drinking water in Detroit. Finally, asses your knowledge of the block’s concepts in the quiz “What did I learn in Block 2?”, and answer the Short Answer Assignment 2 to explore how the concepts apply to your city.

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