Frugal Innovation

In this fourth week, the course elaborates on competitiveness, the third driver that affects local economic development. It discusses the factors that make firms competitive and the role of geography in promoting competitiveness. In the first video Bert Helmsing defines competitiveness and explains how the concept has changed over time, leading to a greater recognition of the importance of space in shaping the competitiveness of firms. The second video discusses innovation, which goes hand in hand with competitiveness. It defines innovation, why it is important, and how to promote innovation in a local economy. The video is prepared by IHS Professor Jan Fransen, specialist on innovation and clusters. The third video introduces the relatively new concept of frugal innovation within the innovation family. Frugal innovations are simple, smart and affordable products, services and systems with low user complexity, high functionality, and high user value for relatively low-income people. The video features ISS Professor Peter Knorringa, director of the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa.

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