1.5 LG Interview (Jeongseok Lee)

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What is “Marketing”? In this first lesson you will learn the concept of Marketing and of the components involved in its effective execution. The most important concept and word that is introduced in Video 1.3 is "Noon Nopi" which originates from Korean and means "Eye Level." Marketing will be defined as companies' attempt to match their eye level to those of consumers. In Video 1.4, the 4 main executional tools of marketing, product, price, place and promotion are explained. In Video 1.5, we learn what culture means and how to compare cultures across countries along dimensions that are similar (Etic) and those that are fundamentally different (Emic). The lesson ends with an interview with the Vice President of Brand Management FD, Global Sales and Marketing Company at LG Electronics, Mr. Jeongseok Lee. He explains LG's international marketing strategy and challenges faced such as with innovations created in Nigeria, India and Indonesia.

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