Introduction to Lesson 2b

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The DragonBoard™ 410c is capable of running a variety of different operating systems, that being said you are free to chose the operating system that you find is best fit for you. Now, we understand that there is a diverse user base for this board and would like to cover as much as possible in this lesson so everyone can enjoy it! Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, or prefer Android over Ubuntu, there is a video or two here for you! In this lesson we will help you choose an operating system to best fit for your needs, we will then cover the download, flashing and installation process for all currently available operating systems. Because of the diverse nature of this board we will teach you multiple ways to flash your new operating system and provide a pro's and con's list for the different methods. By the end of this lesson switching between operating system will be easy and exciting for users of all skill levels.

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