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Welcome to the Global Challenges in Business Capstone course! In today’s business world, “global” is all around us. There are very few industries and companies today that are not connected to foreign businesses in some way, whether that’s through suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, customers, employees, partners, or some other affiliation to a foreign country. This capstone was designed for those who enjoy learning-by-doing. In this course, you will travel “with” us to Qingdao, China where we spent time with our industry partner, Doublestar. Your work is to help Doublestar expand its business overseas. They are interested in your ideas and recommendations. Your project in this course is not just a case to solve a challenge that was already solved 10 years ago. This is meeting a real need in real time. Through this process, you will integrate the concepts from the other courses in this specialization. You will learn a framework for helping businesses expand to a foreign market. The framework and tools you use here apply to any business. I hope that this will not only be an awesome learning experience, but that you will put this into practice at some point in your own career.

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